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Interface Port and Inquiry?

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Does this make sense to anyone?  Interface Port states:

The Acolyte now has a mechanical port implanted in his body,

commonly in the rear of the neck, which can be connected to

machines via a data cable. This allows the user faster and smoother

access to the valuable information within, and grants a +10 bonus

to Common Lore, Inquiry, or Tech-Use tests whilst connected to

a relevant mechanism or data spool.


Inquiry states:

Inquiry is used to gain information by asking questions,

stimulating conversation, or simply eavesdropping—all essential for

unraveling heresies and identifying those who would act against



Now under the degrees of difficulty for Awareness it has:

–30: Noticing an assassin in a darkened room or searching through

planetary-wide records for a small voidship’s manifest.


So shouldn't Interface Port give a +10 to Awareness when searching databases/records via machinery?  Or am I wrong here?


~ alemander

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I'd likely have my players use Scrutiny or Inquiry for a 'searching records' roll anyways, so I would be more likely to say the Awareness section is incorrect.  Unless you're having the players roll to see if they spot a blue tab in a sea or purple ones while gazing over thousands of open file-drawers.  

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I'm under the impression that the inquiry check bonus is more to do with "asking" the cogitator questions leading to finding the desired info, while the example under awareness is a matter of finding a physical record (although I probably would use scrutiny as an alternative in that situation (well really, I'd offer the player either, but scrutiny would offer a better bonus)).


Really I'd just give the player a +10 bonus for any situation where they would be able to do the task without the interface port, but that their attempt is made easier because they have one.

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