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Professor Tanhauser

Deathwatch sees the light of reason.

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Because I liked the AM in 40k (BTW did you know that the term 'tech priest' was first used by isaac Asimov in his foundation nnovel?) I got the DH book 'lathe worlds'. (And liked it a lot, thank you FFG!)

It has a DH adventure in it called 'the light of reason' that i like and want to adapt to DW. Yes iIkknow that it was set in a different sector than the DW setting so I. Moved the lathe worlds and associated characters to the Jericho sector. (And the chaos gods think they're so high and mighty...)

As to the startup Ican see the order of tthe dragon getting wind of what's going on and deciding to let DW handle it for whatever reasons they have. So basically a kt is sent to investigate.

Things are complicated by the fact the AM has 'suggested' a techmarine be part of the team and he be cconsulted by tthe team leader because the AM believes that powerful tech may be at hand and a tech maribe may be able to evaluate it to deternine whetherr it shouild be desdtroyed or savrd for study. The Inquisition is concerned and advised the team keabder he mmaybe suspicious if tthe. Tech marine since he has been trained by the AM and his loyalty could be suspect...

So if you're familiar with 'the light of reason' do.you have any ideas on adapting it to DW? Make thebase security ttougher? Make it look like the techmarine should guard the device as it may be useful? Have an npc like master of the forge xerill go along who.mmay havean aagenda Or have ssoe CSM show up with their own plans for tthe new machine?

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I regret I don't know the adventure, but I'd like to try and help.


Perhaps porting into Deathwatch could be as simple as:

1) Admech gets wind of device/item/location and take it to the DW "doing thier duty" so to speak

2) Admech has meeting with a Techmarine who has obviously a sympathetic ear

3) Techmarine knows someone who owes him a favour and says "give me this mission" then he's a VIP for the team, they'll need him for opening doors etc

4) Inquisitor/Kill Team handler is suspicious because of AM ties or finds evidence the KT is being manipulated (but turns up a little late?)

5) Beef up security at any installation about to be attacked by Marines - they're marines! :D

6) Big battle!

7) Have the AM turn up later and say - "this is ours" and put the Techmarine's "divided" loyalty to the test.  Does he betray the KT, does he refuse the AM?


You could work it so the techmarine is suspected by others outside the KT, but the KT leader has some respect for him - perhaps he fixed something for them....?  He's a Marine after all (if his chapter swings that way)


My two pennies worth...

(PS you double post because you have obviously impressed the machine spirit ;) )



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