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A change of character is good..

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Over the past few weeks I have been playing high hand low health characters like, Padma, Kisheri and Amy. I was looking to make a deck with someone that had well.. higher health and luckily I cam across a playset of Jin Kazama's, then I remembered my old Padma chaos stun deck, and then I decided to try the deck with Jin and from what I can see the deck is veryt similar to what Padma was and what Jin is..



3x Jin


3x Autumns Kiss
3x Path of the Master


4x Soul Stealing


4x Execution Technique First Rite
3x Evil Mist
3x Two Deadly Rings Technique
4x Shadow Flare
4x Spinning Demon


4x For the Money
3x Maniacal Laughter
3x Soltary Assassin
2x Dread Pirate
3x Mischima Family Bloodline
3x Mischima Zaibatsu Leader
3x Mercilles Fighter
3x The Hunt is On
2x Controller of Souls
2x Chasing after the Power

Before you say 'Why Shadow Flare' I have always liked this card and with Jin's cc boost and the amount of stun attacks in the deck, it helps alot when I go in for the kill and there tapped out and have -1or2 to there cc..

Using Autumns Kiss to give all my attacks at 3 or less dmg multiple 2 with Jin's dmg boost on all of them will hurt more than normal..

Please Comment on the deck thanks..

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needs more quick exit.

F with Jin, QE ready Jin, F with Jin etc.

thats of course after i have got my playset, then you can get yours!lengua.gif


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