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VCX-100 Light Freighter

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1 hour ago, HappyDaze said:

In Edge, to get the bonus, the ship must be classified as a Capitla Ship. Silhouette isn't the deciding factor, instead it's based off of what header the ship falls under. The basic Gozanti-class Armed Transport is not a Capital Ship because it falls under the "Freighters and Transports" header, and so does the VCX-100.

CR90 is and is not listed under the capital tag, same for the victory, Nebulon-B, etc …

So I am not that sure that the header itself is the classification.  Now AoR uses Gunships, Battleships, Cruisers, etc, all classified within the Anaxes War College System as capitals, starting with the smallest, the Gunship and Corvettes, which included armed transports like the YV-929 Armed Transport. This might still disclude the VCX-100, but does certainly include the Gozanti-Class Armed Transport Cruiser, it is under the Cruiser Header. 

*shrugs* I definitely assume that capitals are simply silhouette 5 and up ships, because that is the break point for the changes in maneuvers and actions avaible as well, because just going with the header leads to some insanely odd inconsistencies. 


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Insanely odd? How about the fact that the point defense (Starfighter Defense, EotE CRB, p. 267) rules never made it past the Edge core. It's like they want them to disappear but FFG rarely removes anything once it's in print. This leads to the developers frequently saying what's in the book is correct even when it's obviously borked.

That's not to say that your solution of applying it to all Sil 5+ ships isn't a good idea. The other option is to omit the Starfighter Defense rules entirely (as AoR and FaD appear to have done). I would prefer either of these to the more arbitrary method I mentioned (the "Is it under the Capital Ship heading?" qualifier).

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