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New UFS Trades

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Hey folks, heres what I'm after:


Stand Off x2,
Bryan Fury x1,
Heihachi Mishima x1,
Heir To The Storm x4,
Paid to Protect x3,
Shadow War x3,
Sophitia x1,
The Newcomers x4,

Ultra Rares:

Quick Exit x3,
Full Moon Disembowel x3,


Xianghua x1,
Taki x1,
Mitsurugi x4,
Seeking Perfection x2,
Steel Slicer x4,
Together Again x3,
Strange Fashion x4,
Killer Andriod x2,


Carefree x3,
Looking for a Thrill x3,
Nimbus x1,
The Strength Within x9,
For The Money x5,
King of The Ring x1,
Rivalry With a Bear x7,

Heres what I have:


Summoning Evil x1,
The Peacefull Way x1,
Quest of Souls x1,
Jin Kazama x2
Astrid x1,
Kilik x1,
Kisheri x4,

Ultra Rares:

Ostreinsburg Castle Throne Room x2,
Rekki Maru and Mekki Maru x1,
Kulutues x2,
Valentine x1,
Wolfkrine Monument x1,
Raging Gnome x1,
Hades Destroyer x1,
Playful Slice x1,
Bloody Funeral x1,
Ninja Tactics x1,


Astaroth x3,
Paul Phoenix x1,
Ostrheinsburg Castle Twilight x1,
Tower of Rememberance - Ancient Gate x1,
Valkyria's Shield x1,
Aura of Strength x1,
Crawling Stance x1,
Howling Spirirts x3,
Triple Botta in Tempo x1,
Double Face Kick x1,
Researching Anywhere x3,
Anger Towards a God x1,
Lost Partner x1,
Knows Her Objective x1,

Starter Exclusives:

Cervantes x2,
Tieh Li, Iron Thunder x2,
Shadow Flare x2,
Dragon Punch x2,
Cross Madness x1,
Reavers Axe x2, 


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I don't think "The Newcomers" has even been given out yet mate, I suspect it'll be in either Jan or Feb's prize support.

Are you going to be aqlong on Thursday, I'll bring my trades with me.


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