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Move... into a lightsaber

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What I am trying to do is prepare you for the inevitable "but I have the control upgrade now".

Edit: I could definitely have been more clear about that a couple of posts ago, it's my fault too for being vague.


And just now I can follow you. :)  (already was wondering why you came up with the adversary talent for the minion :lol: )


Ok then everything is clear to me!



thanks @ all for the good Advices and for strengthing my resolve!

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I have a few house rules in place that I feel allows the Move ability to play nicely with RAW.


1. To do any sort of damage with the Move force power, you must have the Hurl control upgrade. This is the explicit purpose of the that upgrade: to do damage with the Move power.

2. To hurl one mook into another, you must activate 1 magnitude upgrade (as well as using the auto-fire rules). This is the explicit purpose of that upgrade: to deal damage to multiple targets.

3. Lifting a mook up and dropping them will simply deal their silhouette x 10 damage. I admit that this is not realistic. However, you're still using the hurl upgrade to deal damage - you're just giving it a different narrative spin.

4. You're welcome to throw your lightsaber (or any other weapon) at a mook, but it's still going to only deal its silhouette x 10 in damage. Again, you're using the hurl upgrade with a different flavor text. (no need to generate pips to return the saber. It's all flavor text).


in other words, house rules #3, #4, and the situation described in the OP would all just be different ways to describe the hurl upgrade.

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you could just go with a narrative action here.

I know what the PC is trying to do here, He/She is trying to reenact https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZMTsUUsfPE

now that said this would be worth some major conflict to me

not sure how the lightsaber held him up :P

anyway in this instance the trooper was held in what ever power she was using, and there where no other combats at the time.

so she had all the time in the world to put this off

how I would have run this


1. PC uses bind with darkside points

2. Narrate the movement then lightsaber attack with bonus dice

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