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Ideas for 3d map -- suggestions welcomed

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I've been thinking about using the MageKnight Dungeons 3D walls and floor tiles to create a 3D map for Tannhäuser.

My idea is to simply create rooms and corridors and put them together in any way that I want.  For the colored circles I've thought that the best option would be to get some transparent circles and then paint their circumferences in the different colors that are needed.

Now, I have to 2 questions:

  • does anyone knows how the guys that make maps determine the paths and colors that will be used, especially how to split the circles in 2 or 3 colors?
  • does anyone have an idea about how you could make or get a transparent circle in the right size for the miniature bases?


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Colours are random as far as I can tell. No two or more intersecting paths can have the same colour.

Circles are a set distance apart. Not sure what this exactly is ?

Colour splits of circles are determined by line of sight. Standing in the centre of a room you would be able to most if not all of the circles depending on room layout but standing in the corridor or hallway you would not see the corners etc . The number of intersecting paths determine number of colour splits of a circle.

Have a look at Sundance's thread about the Foix Bunker for a good example - rooms with alcoves/dividing walls will have more than one path colour in them eg Sleeping quarters depnding observation point but open rooms like the office will have only have one basic colour. Then you have to remember about staning outside looking in. You can suffer from path bindness looking at a map for too long - it is an idea to get some proof readers to check you've not missed any paths. 

If you're planning on making each piece/room random like Space Hulk / Doom tiles your best bet would be to make the transparent overlays with open circles that you can colour yourself with overhead projector dry wipe pens using OHP transparencies you've preprinted and then cut to fit each room. The only problem with this is it makes initial setting up very long winded - the reason I gave up on this idea - players get very board and frustrated waiting or you spend a long time setting up before they get there and you usually miss some path somewhere - I know I did.

Miah999 created some block tiles based on Avalon Hill's Betrayal At House On The Hill and Rackham's Hybrid which are available on Plageman's  Black Sheep Archive blacksheep.eclipsenoire.net/main.php which is probably an easier way to go.

Hope this helps in someway and I've not put you off too much.

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Thanks for the explanations on colors that's really helpful.

I've already got the hybrid tiles (as I own and love that game) and even printed some additional maps but this is a project I'm really interested in developing as a way of using my MK:Dungeons 3d pieces, as they were a hefty investment that I haven't used as much as I'd like to.

The projector tranparencies seem like a great idea so I'll be givin it a try, but instead of using sheets cut out to the room's size I'll be cutting out the circles so I can put them as I wish.

Really apprecciated, great help.

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