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The Emperor Wants You!

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FEBRUARY 1st 2018 (updated)

from 1PM TO 6PM (Eastern Standard) ONLINE --- Contact INFO @ the bottom...

Beginning yet ongoing DH2 Campaign looking for just "1 more" motivated / knowledgeable players!

Hail and or Howdy

If your reading this and looking to game - you've come to the right place!


Schedule: Saturdays 1pm to 6pm (eastern standard time)

Environment: Virtual - online via Fantasy Grounds + Discord

Demographics: All the players ATM all older than 21 - each is an experienced PNP RPG player and half are DMs/GMs + our latest player is very 40k knowledge!
NOTE: I am "NOT" a good GM for Power Gamers - I openly admit that so please keep in mind before considering.

Specifics of Play: We play we a modified version of what you'll find in the book - if you follow my posts you'll get a gist of how we do but to explain;

- Combat is done in a Grid/Map via Fantasy Grounds

- Discord; as much as I hear about all the other types of chat mechanisms out there - its free simple and most people have it / one of our players needs it to voice over his phone...

Expected the unexpected / common tropes include
- Horror
- The Unknown (sometimes I will just never let you know - let awe and wonder inspire)
- The Weird and Strange (think... the twilight zone or Lovecraft)
- Violence (as is 40k we seek a visceral experience)
- Adult Themes (not the focus in most cases / but dressing of the setting)

So far I've run the game system for 4 years (REAL LIFE)

Off the top of my head that's what comes to mind - our house rules are play tested and work well for what we do - the idea being a 33/33/33 split is the goal when I GM (combat, role-play, and puzzle solving or situational solutions)...

If this sounds like something you'd like to get into with us - let's chat - view my profile for my contact details -I would like to have a conversation with any perspective players before committing to action! It a two way street of expectancy so I wanana deliver a gripping and visceral experience - in return I seek to be surprised, shocked, and amazed by your acts!

For the Emperor


P.S. I'm on Discord throughout the week - generally I leave it open while I'm at work (from 10am to 6pm eastern standard)


Group NAME: 40kRPG-GrimEclipse
Discord NAME: MorbidDon

Edited by MorbidDon
Update / Refresh GAME DATE

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