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Um, oops?

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So, finally picked this up.  Love it a whole bunch.  So, here I am, day two of owning it, setting up some solo games as everyone is heading out the door to school.  My daughter is eating her cereal and watching me, (as I have taken over the dining room table).  Well doesn't she pick up one of the monster tokens and almost immediately drop it in her cereal bowl... full of milk....


I immediately tell her to rinse it off and wrap it in paper towel to try and dry it off before it separates.  Dang it.  I just bought this.


So, moving forward, anyone know how to fix one of these things after it gets dropped in a bowl of milk?

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Really?  I knew they were amazing at replacing stuff that you rec'd damaged, but, didn't know they would replace stuff that you damaged thru your own stupidity, (or, more accurately, your childrens clumsiness).  Didn't even think to try and talk to them.  Thanks.

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I (...) didn't know they would replace stuff that you damaged thru your own stupidity

They sometimes do, but I think this option should not be abused.

Lately I hear it pretty often "You've damaged your game? No problem, just ask FFG for replacement!" If this is going to happen to often, eventually Asmodee will need to tighten the replacement policy and this may hurt both the clumsy/stupid players and the genuinely unlucky.


(or, more accurately, your childrens clumsiness)

It depends. How old is your daughter? If she's just few years old that was to be expected.

But even if she's an adult, then accidents happen to everyone (or, at least, everyone I know). We're not perfect and that's hardly anyone's fault.

However, as an adult, you surely had the time to become aware that accidents may happen. No liquids on the same table = No danger of spilling them or throwing components into them.

You could have prevented this and eliminate clumsiness from the equation.

Now, if you'll have to make effort to find someone with spare parts (they are available on BGG and Ebay, from what I've heard) or find another proxy, then I'm pretty certain that you'll be much more careful in the future.

On the other hand, if FFG just hands you a new token, you won't have as good incentive to learn on your mistake.

I think you should take the responsibility for your oversight and not ask FFG. There are other options.

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