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Hi guys!

This is the post for grudge matches in The Next Armada Event On Vassal.

As the first line reads, do NOT post grudge matches until they open on Sunday June 19th GMT 0001. I've started this thread now so that you all know it's here, but grudges posted before the date/time listed above will not be valid. :)

When the appointed hour rolls around, here's what you do:

  • Throw out a challenge to one of the players listed below. This player will be your opponent for round one.

... um, that's it, really. Be as flowery as you like (let your hate flow through you) so we know exactly why it is you want to beat the player you're challenging. :)


Important things to note:

- Only one grudge match challenge per player! This means you can only post one challenge, and you can only accept one challenge (this will be the first valid challenge made against you on this thread).

- Grudge match challenges cannot be denied! (honour demands you answer the challenge in blood)

- If you challenge a player who has already been challenged, your challenge will be invalid. As such, you have free license to challenge another, as-yet-unchallenged player. (five "challenge"s in one sentence - that's some good copy right there :P )

- Any player who does not make/receive a grudge match challenge will be paired randomly with another unchallenged player as their round one opponent. Round two onwards, all pairings will be made using the Swiss ranking system.

- Players who join the tournament after Sunday June 19th GMT 0001 will not be eligible to make or accept grudge matches.

- Grudge match challenges can be made until Tuesday June 21st GMT 0001. Challenges made after this time will be invalid.


Below are your players for this tournament. As grudge matches are declared, I will update the list to reflect this.

Remember: round one begins Wednesday June 22nd GMT 0001.


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  • Lyraeus vs Gowtah
  • Pilot no55389 vs ClonTurin
  • Daht vs Viperous
  • moodswing5537 vs CaribbeanNinja
  • Ardaedhel vs Deadshane



  1. Doobleg
  2. MattShadowlord
  3. CaribbeanNinja
  4. Ginkapo (right? :) )
  5. Miedomeda
  6. Roquax
  7. Pilot no55389
  8. pt106
  9. tgall
  10. NebulonB
  11. Ardaedhel
  12. Zanos
  13. Matt Antilles
  14. Lyraeus
  15. Gowtah
  16. Khaymann
  17. SkyCake
  18. WGNF911
  19. LTD
  20. Deadshane
  21. Captain ICT
  22. ClonTurin
  23. WhatsArmadaWithYouu
  24. KovuTalli
  25. Viperous
  26. Vogons
  27. Sanguinary Dan
  28. Rekkon
  29. moodswing5537
  30. TrenchRunner
  31. JJs Juggernaut
  32. emfrank72
  33. Truthiness
  34. Darth Veggie
  35. beefcake4000
  36. Aresius
  37. Hartleys276
  38. Lord Preyer
  39. thecactusman17
  40. Daht
  41. Lord Dorn
  42. Mala
  43. itzSteve
  44. PartyPotato
  45. Irokenics
  46. Dorrin314
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Reserved for grudge match declaration


(this is fine right? I can edit this later?) 


This is fine. :)


Please note that, should there be conflicting challenges (eg two people challenge the same person), the time of the post/edit will determine who got theirs in first, rather than the order they appear on this thread.


(just wanted to clarify that - feel free to reserve your challenge post, but know that you can still beat the guy two posts up to the punch) ;)

Edited by doobleg

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I am calling out the unholy abomination that is #22, the ClonTurin.

This unspeakably grotesque amalgam is a blight upon our fair star fields; spice miners lament when they hear its call; smugglers dump their cargo to run faster when it approaches.

I vow to face the corrupted and gruesomely twisted form that the beast has chosen to manifest in the hopes that others may avoid its build-naming wrath!

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I challenge Viperous  #25 because we can both be kind to each other on Vassal newness, and squadrons are for wussies.


Vassal newness?!??!!! I've participated in 2 vassal tournaments already :D and possibly by an extraordinary piece of luck I beat the Vassal World Cup finalist (Madaghmire) in the last competition.


It's just I haven't had much time for it lately...


I am forced to accept your challenge!

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