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Apologies, Thanks, And Farewell

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@AngryAlbatross I will! Thank you. And keep listening to those voices, i always found them to be good company.

@Stoneface thanks dude. Via con Dios.

@rubberduck. Your welcome! And thank you! Do you have a towel I could borrow?

@GamerGuy1984 thanks for asking, but let's not. I'm leaving on a good note here. I want to keep it that way. LOL

@ozmodon I've been playing at the local store all along, and doing all those other things. Competition was just a way of testing my self. A way of asking myself if my ideas had merit. Having seen that one last time, I'm ready to go. There's other things to go work on for sure, thanks for the advice. See you man.

@chucknuckle suffice to say that alot of the non standard play has been affected by the things that I'm leaving the standard format for. Sad to say there wasn't a safe haven in this storm. Thanks for the advice though. See you next time.

@Fuzzywookie GG o7

@heychadwick thanks bro. Seen you around for awhile. Tried doing that man, didn't work, all the guys I play with tried helping but there wasn't much to be done. I appreciate you though.

@Vorpal Sword. WOAH buddy but but we go back a ways eh? Forgot alpha squadron. And Turr(d) Phenir best pilot, glad you remembered him. And think you, I already got some things in mind to occupy me. Take care of these guys while I'm gone yeah? Peace.

@stellar 7 welcome back! And so long. Changing of the guard right here LOL

@OneKelvin don't worry! I'm not bringing it back, but I promise, not a scratch on her! LOL. Thanks for the gif man, that made the thread classy as f***. See you dude.

@Wilhelm Screamer. Oh brother, what are we to do with you. Always falling down on the job and stuff, sheesh. LOL. Hey I always wanted to say this but could you modify your signature to be like three lines of aaaaaa instead of one big one? I read alot on my mobile and it confuses the formatting and shrinks the screen so I have to muck around with the zoom. Thanks bro, later!

@thebrettski thanks dude, you too.

@parakitor come on man, no crying here! I'm the one losing out on this deal. Snap to! Salute! Hand shake, bro hug, fist bump. And gangster walk on!

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Best of luck.

Whatever the reasons are, I understand

This Regionals coming up will likely be my last (unless I won, which I won't)

I too been highly considering stepping away.

Sometimes there are just now important things in life that need to be taken care of.

All I can say is hope it's nothing serious, and best of luck

May the schwarts be with you

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Probably smart to keep your stuff for now, just in case you get the opportunity to enter a vastly different world with casual players doing epic and coop stuff. Maybe some day you'll get the itch again. Parting ways with a hobby always is a descision that hurts in some way. Either circumstances prevent you from doing what you love or you have to admit to yourself that what you love has changed and you won't enjoy it as much as you used to. Thank you for making this not a rage-post, but rather a genuine good bye.

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It wasn't a decision that I made just today off the spur of the moment. Several of you have seen posts by me in the past months stating this would be it. And to be fair to the Jumpmasters, I only saw two actual JMs in all my five matches. There's been a long dry spell of me having fun in this game. I went (falcon+wedge)win-(2xJM+slaver)loss-(scum good stuff)loss-(crack swarm+OL)win-(Dash+Chopper)win, with a revision to my fifth game to make it a loss by concession. Now walking around between matches I can tell you by round three today there was only ONE JM on the bottom ten tables, and in round three that guy was playing his third game EVER by the way, so welcome him if he comes to the forums please. At the same time, The top twenty tables had at least one JM and averaged three between both players by my quick count.

This decision has been a long time coming, since early wave five really, if not four. And thank you for your suggestions, but I have already taken a break and come back. There's a time for these things and mine has come. It's bittersweet. But it feels right. And I can already feel my stress level dropping ha-ha!

And that will be the absolute last time I'm going to comment on the reasons. Bad enough I said that much LOL.

No problem, was just curious why. I know Game Burnout is common to EVERY table top game. You play and play and play and after a while the "Specialty" of the experience wears off and it becomes bland and mundane. As others suggest take a 3-6 month or even a year break and come back. That break can give you a very fresh and enjoyable look on a game that felt worn at the time. 


May the Force be with you.

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@ashley so say we all

@Spider what are you doing? Why are you waving your hand around like that? Why do I want to send my stuff to someone in the mail? Thanks dude.

@swedge I did play at the local store and grow the game for a long time. I started the group at my store and built it from nothing to a dozen regulars and another dozen irregulars. I ran the tournaments and promotional events for over a year. But I don't have any desire to encourage players towards a product that I believe has become inferior in its design. I've begun recommending other games like Imperial Assault Campaign and Solarium in their place. But thanks for the thought dude we go back a ways and I respect your opinion. Peace!

@RedAce love you too bro. But don't spend too much time scanning for my name, there's already nothing to come back to. LOL take care dude.

@s1n Nope, it's going on a shelf. Someday some kids can play with it. Later!

@danthrax You saw that eh? Yeah, he appreciated it, I checked in on him the following day. Sadly one of the other players from my squadron stomped him pretty good in round one and then he lost round two. But he was enjoying himself. Peace!

@Krynn007 I see your Schwartz is just as big as mine! Yeah there's other stuff too do for sure. Nothing bad though. Good luck in your gaming to dude, even if it's not the Wing of X. See ya!

@Admiral Deathrain thanks dude. Nice to know some one out there gets it. Good luck!

@droz69 thanks, and smooth sailing.

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Why would you stop doing something you enjoy?

I know right?  Threats that my palms would spring hair and I'd go blind weren't a deterrent for me.


Well I had to step away from playing bass for a while because I almost ruined my right arm...luckily I did and am back in action now. If I hadn't, I would have been forced to give up music entirely at some point.

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