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If your favourite pilot did a faction swap...

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Where would you want them to go, in what ship and why? They keep their PS and ability, don't worry about cost!


Well, I'll not lie.  Darth Vader has always been one of my favourite characters.  He scared me pretty good as a kid, especially the part in ROTJ when he shows up on Dagobah, but really it's Luke... I never understood that part fully until later on in life and then I could appreciate a good villain and anyways...


I'd put Vader in with Scum.  I don't think he would be able, or would want to join up with another government after that whole Sith/Empire fiasco, so that leaves Scum.  But which ship?  Well I'm thinking the former Dark Lord is going to rock the Starviper.  And hell yeah he'll take the title!  2 actions, FCS, torpedoes and glitterstim?  Autothrusters on Vader?  You know you've all dreamt about it...  Plus, it's probably the coolest ship he could fly.

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Well, the obvious one (since he ends up in Rogue Squadron) is Soontir Fel in an X-wing.


Push The Limit, BB-8 and Engine Upgrade would be a pretty fearsome combination. Dial in a green move, barrel roll, boost, gain a free focus, perform the green move, target lock. 

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If swap pilot to other ships we get many many many stupid hilarious things popping-up :

IG-88B in a YT-2400 (praise the "outirder's gunner")
Scum Boba Fett in the Falcon or a Decimator
Kavil on a JM5K Punishing One / Falcon / YT-2400 (5 dices HLC ^^) / Decimator
Tur Phennir in a Firespray (or a Starviper maybe)
Talonbane in a decimator
Imp Kath in a Outrider+Mango 
Leebo on a YV666 or a JM5K (for a greedo+determination wombo-combo)
And Moralo Eval in the firespray could be nice in both scum & imp :)

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