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Sorry to say that....

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In the old forum is the following topic:

"The FFG Forums have migrated to the new fantasyflightgames.com website. They are completely integrated with the website for the best possible forum experience.

These forums will stay active for two weeks, at which time they will be locked into read-only mode.

They will stay live until December 31, 2008, after which time they will be turned off.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. "

The old descent forum were about  2231 topics with 29254 messages.
Now we have about 150 topics an 1000 mesages. What exactly was migrated? This foum is not useable at all, the search function is
barely existent and the performance more than poor.
I guess that most of your audience is 14 years and older. So get rid of the graphics and bring up a performant forum. You games live
from all the players, an we love to discuss. But you turned of the platform to discuss on.

The whole site is too slow and the missing "advanced" search option hurts...

Kind regards


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Pretty much all that migrated was the link

As much as I love the LOOK of the new site, it is defintely a downgrade in terms of functionality.  It takes at least 20-30 seconds for a page to load, and the fact that you have what appears to be a limited time window for making edits to your own posts is strange.

I'm hoping that its the fact that the site is still fairly new means that improvements will come.

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yeah, new forums are $uck....dump these PLEEZE and either go back to old software or get another forum software please.  there's no PMs here, no email notifications, slow load times...(had to load 300+ objects on a Descent page for crying out loud - eye candy is one thing but there comes a time when you ask - "whats the point?")

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pushing this thread, seems relevant to me.

the new forum is...ehrm "nice" to look at, but useless without all the old threats and (un-)answered questions.

is there no posibility to copy the old threats into the new forum?

another suggestion is mirroring the old forum (works with different softwares), so you can keep a "copy" on your computer to look up old topics.


and btw: WHY does this foum always open the forum-overview after replying to a post? this really, really sucks. is it not possible to open the topic i´ve just been answering instead of catapulting me like 4 pages back?

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Chernobyl said:

You know, I can't even find a webmaster link to make a proper complaint to FFG about the new websaite software.  I'd REALLY like it if they went back to the old stuff.


Try the "User Support" or "Contact" link at the bottom of the page  gran_risa.gif

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whatever said:



Just like any FFG games, it's all about eye candy, not functionality....

Try AGoT. The units aren't quite small wooden cubes, but they are close. happy.gif

(although it actually looks better that way, imo).

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Just bumping this post.  I've written to FFG via their contact page, but maybe they'll see it again here.

It's nice that the forums and website are much faster now (faster servers? Or less visitors after the initial rush?)

But I respectfully agree with others here that we need Email notifications and an advanced search.

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For those people with concerns, they should mail the webmaster.  I did last night.

"As a buyer of many FFG games and supporter of FFG in general, I find I have to write to you about the new website, specifically the forum.

The new website looks good.

But thats about it. You have introduced the new forums without proper testing and they do not work as forums should. A lot of the old functionality has been removed and this is essential.

1. The biggest problem. There is no way to mark a thread so that you get told when there is a reply. This means that I am constantly having to log onto the site and look through pages of threads across different games to find out if someone posted a reply to my topic. This is ridiculous.
2. All of the formatting options in posting is gone. This is very bad.
3. Ability to edit your own post only after 5 minutes? This is nowhere near lon g enough
4. The whole points thing. I''ve got 26 now. 25 randomly for joining and 1 more for adding a friend. Some people have a few hundred. I have been very active on the forums, posting lots and replying to people but still no points. Are you aware that people are just making friends with random people just to get points?
5. Mouseover some of the icons are showing in a foreign language that I dont recognise.
6. When a thread goes over multiple pages, the initial post appears as the first subject on each page. This makes it very difficult to follow what is going on. No other forum system I have ever seen does this, because it is a very bad idea.

Why did you remove the old forums which worked perfectly well with new ones which do not work at all properly without proper testing?"


I got a reply within a few hours:


Hello Paul, 


Thank you for your comments and input. The issues that you have raised are being worked on by the FFG web team and by our partners at Edge Entertainment, who designed the site. We are making every effort to make our new forums attractive and functional. Many of the functions you mention are on our "to do list" and will hopefully be fully functional very soon. We will certainly make an announcement when it is ready. 


Regarding the points system: most of the points come from beginning threads and friending other users. 


Thank you again for your continued patience and support. 


Thank you,



Jaffer Batica

Marketing Coordinator

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