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Road to Legend Bug Report

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I did the 2nd mission in the Nerkehall campaign (the one for Kaplan). I was asked to gather tile 70, but I don't have MoB or have it turned on. It never had me use the tile, but did ask me to gather it.

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I think there are in fact 2 bugs in this quest ("In a manor of speaking") regarding the tile selection, but I don't think it's related to tile 70 or even Mists of Bilehall. This quest has an alternate layout which should be used i you own Manor of Ravens (Tiles 70-77), but even the "default" layout (which should only require tiles of the base game (1-30) and Shadows of Nerekhall (50-69) calls for a Manor of Ravens tile. Here is the text in question:


SOC_Q_IAMOS_TILES,"Set aside tiles 3, 7, 23, 26, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 59, 60, 62, 72."

This is the "default" layout, so using tile 72 is definitely wrong here.


SOC_Q_IAMOS_TILES_ALT,"Set aside tiles 23, 26, 51, 52, 53, 55, 59, 60, 62, 71, 72, 73, 74, 76, and 77."

This is the alternate layout, which is fine.


The tiles used in the quest itself however should be fine. These tiles are placed while playing the default layout:


SOC_Q_IAMOS_ROOM_1,"Place 3A, 7A, 23A, 26A, 52A, 53A, 54A, 1 Entrance, 2 end caps, 1 extender, 1 transition, 1 door, and 1 portcullis."

SOC_Q_IAMOS_ROOM_2,"Place 56A, 57A, 2 locked doors, and 1 door."

SOC_Q_IAMOS_ROOM_3,"Place 55B, 59B, 60B, 62B, 3 end caps, and 1 entrance."

So the tiles 51 and 72 are never used when setting up the map, and could be removed from the list of tiles.


When playing with the alternate layout, the following tiles are used:


SOC_Q_IAMOS_ROOM_1_ALT,"Place 23A, 26A, 52A, 53A, 72A, 73A, 74A, 76A, 1 Entrance, 2 end caps, 1 door, and 1 portcullis."

SOC_Q_IAMOS_ROOM_2_ALT,"Place 71B, 76B, 77B, 3 end caps, and 1 door."

SOC_Q_IAMOS_ROOM_3_ALT,"Place 51B, 55B, 60B, 62B, 3 end caps, 1 transition, and 1 entrance."

Everything checks out here.


There are however other instances of quests which call for tiles which aren't used in the setup ("The Treasure of Davin Throm" comes to mind).



Q_TTODT_ALL_TILES,"Set aside tiles 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 16, 21, 23, and 28."


But only a fraction of these tiles is really needed:


Q_TTODT_INTRO_TILES,"Place 2B, 8B, 1 end cap, and 1 door."

Q_TTODT_BRIDGE_TILES,"Place 4B, 5B, 1 end cap, and 1 door."

Q_TTODT_TOP_TILES,"Place 12B, and 1 door."

Q_TTODT_CENTER_TILES,"[..]Place 9B, 21B, 1 end cap, and 1 Exit."

As you can see, tiles 3, 16, 23 and 28 are never used. I'd guess this quest was originally planned either to be larger, or have differing layouts depending on the what the heroes choose at the beginning.


By the way: There is another issue that still persists since the release of the campaign "Seeds of Corruption":

The dialogue option:


SOC_Q_FTS_ENTER_NEREKHALL_KAPLAN_STORY_HEXER,"What do the voices say? [Hexer]"

is always greyed out, even if the is a hexer present.

Edited by DerDelphi

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It’s been a while since I’ve played, but inconsistencies between the tile listing and the tiles used happened surprisingly often. A tile wasn’t used, or was used but wasn’t listed, etc. It isn’t too unusual.

@DerDelphi I’m kinda disappointed to learn that the Hexer dialogue is bugged. I always see that option and think that it must be special, since the Hexer struggles a bit compared to other mages. Similar to how the Spiritspeaker’s travel event is surprisingly powerful.

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