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2016 Nationals Results

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This thread is to discuss anything related to the 2016 X-wing Nationals level tournaments. This includes any tournament where the winner gets a first-round bye for Worlds, so includes country-specific tournaments like at Origins (United States Championships), as well as region-based tournaments such as Gen Con (North American Championships).


I'll compile a list of National Tournaments dates and locations, and the Top Cut results as they are posted here and on List Juggler.


Good luck and Fly Casual!



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United States Nationals

Day, Month








List Juggler: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=1801





  • Duncan Howard
    • Fel + PtL + SD + AT + title
    • Inquisitor + PtL + title + AT
    • Omicron Group Pilot + Palpatine + Sensor Jammer


  • Jeff Berling
    • Dengar + Punishing One + Lone Wolf + R5-P8 + Glitterstim + Plasma Torpedoes + Zuckuss + Counter-Measures
    • Manaroo + Feedback Array + Push the Limit + Unhinged Astromech + Engine Upgrade + Recon Specialist


North American Nationals


Flight 1: ??? Players

Flight 2: ??? Players



  • Marcel M (#6 Swiss)
    • Contracted Scout + Deadeye + Plasma Torpedo + Extra Munitions + OCR4 + Intel Agent + Guidance Chips
    • Contracted Scout + Deadeye + Proton Torpedo + Extra Munitions + OCR4 + Boba Fett + Guidance Chips
    • Trandoshan Slaver + Dengar + Zuckuss + 4-LOM



  • Francois F (#4 Swiss)
    • 2x Lothal Rebel + autoblaster turret
    • Gold + Autoblaster turret

Top 4

  • Daniel Hars (#1 Swiss)
    • Biggs
    • Corran
    • Wes
  • Kyle Adams (#7 Swiss)
    • Adv sensor bro bots

Top 8

  • James K (#2 Swiss)
    • Palp
    • Carnor
    • Ryad
  • Ron B (#3 Swiss)
    • Palp
    • Inquisitor
    • Soontir
  • Dion M (#5 Swiss)
    • Dengaroo with feed back and r5p8 on manaroo
  • Chris A (#8 Swiss)
    • 4 TLT Ywings
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What is the nationals prizekit anyway?

What I've heard from Franch: "Apparently AA Bossk, top 16 acrylic Conner net , top 8 templates, top 4 coins . Moar coins, just what we want! "

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Sorry if this is the wrong spot to ask, but is there a link to a stream for nationals?


As far as I know there is no stream, as there isn't a good enough internet connection available.  I'm bringing recording equipment up for Flight 2 and the cut, so if all goes well we'll at least have the games recorded.  If anyone knows a way to get a halfway decent internet connection to get a stream running at the event I'll gladly get it set up.

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Bossk looking fancy as fu...

Remember.. pinkies out when you carve up your enemies/prey. You're a respectable Trandoshan.


Trandoshans have 3 digits, the outside digits work like thumbs. Check out Bossk when he is with the other hunters meeting with Vader, his outside digit is sticking out in the same way as here.

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Is it just me, or did it look like Bossk was on the phone (ordering a wookie pizza perhaps)?


Conner Net templates, if only I could get to AU Nationals (and was good enough to make top 16...)!

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