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RLeader177 I have a question about your home rule set of careers and specs.  Is this just a re-organization and re-naming, or do you have edits to the individual specs as well, such as skill changes or talent changes?  I think I like what you did with the organization and names, but just want to know if I need to comb through them for other edits.  I did notice that the version uploaded here has a blank sheet for an Explorer-Navigator.  I assume this will be a new spec or a force-less edit of the Seeker-Navigator.  Have you finished that by chance?

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Here they are! All the specs from both Rise of the Separatists, and Collapse of the Republic

CW specs in red and blue

CW specs in green and tan

CW specs in grayscale

The links on page one of this post have been updated as well. As always, please holler out any typos, errors, discrepancies, and errata'd so I can update them as needed.

Thank you very much for your patience and love. Enjoy!



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