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Coyote Walks

[TP] Children of the Weeping Mother

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Refreshing work! 


I especially appreciated how the Crane persevered through persecution, preserving both their honor and Lady Doji's Tears through the generations. :'( 


The collaboration between the Crane and the Scorpion (could the Master of Networks be anything else?) was a cool touch as well. 


I also liked how the Tears did not prevent Ujirou from cutting down Jin, and that the decision to refrain from doing so came from the samurai himself. In my head, this mercy, utilitarian though it was, allowed the Tears to do its work. 


When Jin revealed he was the First Lieutenant of the Daidoji Capital Group, it reminded me fiercely of the scene in Cloud Atlas when Hae-Joo Im reveals he is a member of Union, the rebel organization in that world. :) 

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