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Two questions about Firelands

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1. Wasteland: (a) This was drawn on the Oasis along with another card. We discarded the other card that was drawn at the same time. Correct?

(b) Does it stay on the space? Does it affect any future cards that are drawn on the same space or adjacent spaces?


2. Suleiman's Seal: Is this a card that you can take with you and use at a later date, or does it only affect the space where you draw it? If the former, what is the point of the discard instruction on the card?

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1) Wasteland: War has devastated this space and its denizens have long since fled.When encountered, discard all other faceup Adventure cards on this space and on each adjacent space.


The FAQ answer for Earthquake is key here:


Q: If a character draws the Earthquake along with another
Adventure Card, is the other card also affected by the
A: No. The Earthquake only affects cards which are already
faceup on the board when it is drawn.


And it only effects other cards adjacent when encountered. Basically it like not placing drawn adventurer cards on the space until after all the cards drawn are or have been encountered or had the chance to be encountered.


2) Suleiman's Seal: You may automatically defeat a Spirit or Elemental in your space. If you do, place this card on the Temple space. If you cannot, discard it instead.
You cannot take this card from the Temple unless you pay 1 fate.


Its a Magic object the character can use once you encounter a Spirit or Elemental in your space. So its a later date card.

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I understand the ruling on earthquake was from the FAQ, and so should apply in similar situations, but I question the logic behind it.

As per the rulebook Adventure Cards section:

"Most of the spaces on the Talisman board instruct players to draw one or more Adventure Cards. When drawn, Adventure Cards are taken from the top of the Adventure deck and placed, faceup, in the space where they are encountered".

Therefore, the cards should be placed on the space before encountering (unless their instructions say they should be placed on another space). If you encounter the wasteland, or earthquake, before the other recently drawn adventure cards on the space, I don't understand why they would be immune.

I guess the purpose of the FAQ in this case is to allow their intent (when they designed the card) to override the actual rules? Or am I missing something?


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