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Brief Adventure Module Reviews (FFG / WEG / WotC)

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Hey all - after going through all of Wookiepedia to compile the list of relevant books for an Edge of the Empire campaign, I then pouring through the materials looking for adventure modules / hooks / plots / outlines. While I'm still in the early stages, I've been taking notes to help me think through which I'd like to include and the best order. Since I've been taking the notes anyway, I thought I'd post them here in case useful for the community.


To start, here's my scribble after reading the WEG book No Disintegrations.





Source: No Disintegrations


Synopsis: This adventure involves the capture of Ort Hoogra-D’en, an elusive terrorist whose bombs have claimed the lives of hundreds of Imperial citizens. Hoogra-D’en attacks with spore bombs, biochemical weapons of his own design.


Location: Celanon, an Imperial-allied agriworld and trading center ruled by the Nalroni in the Outer Rim, but could take place in any cluster of systems where there isn’t a lot of Rebel activity.


Hook: Plot assumes that the players have tracked another bounty to Celanon and the hunt has ended unsuccessfully. Assumes PCs are running low on credits.


Good for: Edge of the Empire (Bounty Hunters primarily)


View: Short railroad of a bounty hunting mission to find a Ho’Din terrorist who has been using spore bombs to kill innocent Imperial citizens. Neither the NPCs nor the locations are particularly inspiring, though the final battle between Imperial forces and the Ho’Din’s mercenaries paints a decent picture. This plain vanilla adventure may be useful in an episodic set of adventures to help other adventures with plot twists stand out in the eyes of the players.


Rating: Below Average (2.0 / 5.0)





Source: No Disintegrations


Synopsis: The PCs are hired to rescue Brinaloy N’Vaari, the fiancée of Provincial Governor A’jidre Skrigatov (“Skrig”). Brinaloy has gone into hiding because she is facing threats and attacks from a Rodian gangster named Malkoi, who wants to unseat Skrig in upcoming local elections.


Location: Le Yer, a small resort town on Abregado-Rae. Abregado-Rae is a shabby, sparsely populated manufacturing world in the core. It’s known for an active smuggler community.


Hook: Plot assumes that the players are in the resort town of Le Yer after successfully or unsuccessfully tracking down some other bounty, such as an errant smuggler wanted for dumping a cargo of spice. A police officer approaches the PCs and informs them that they have a warrant for their arrest.


Good for: Edge of the Empire (Bounty Hunters), but anyone could be pressed into Skrig’s service.


View: Little adventure tree rescue mission. Nothing particularly stands out as memorable, and Brinaloy in disguise isn’t very compelling. There is an emphasis on forcing the players into Skrig’s service under numerous threats and impounding of their starship, which seems too much to me at first, but later as I understood what a bad guy he was, makes it a little better. The highlight of the adventure is the Rodian gangsters and the independent bounty hunter (that could become a recurring character) having a three-way fireifght.


Rating: Below Average (2.5 / 5.0)





Source: No Disintegrations


Synopsis: The PCs are given a “hot tip” by an old acquaintance, Jerik Snivas, on an upcoming bounty for a dangerous gunman, Tern Ashandruk. The PCs take the tip and travel to the abandoned jungle planet of Seregar. After doing some searching of the rural encampment, they make their way to Ashandruk’s hideout in an abandoned mining facility, only to be ambushed! The PCs have been set up by Snivas in order to collect the bounty on their own heads.


Location: Kwenn Station. Kween Station serves as a gateway to the Outer Rim Territories and a great deal of business travels through it. Despite the Imperial naval base and repair facility located there, a surprising amount of black market activity takes place on the station’s lower levels.


Hook: Assumes one of the characters (preferably the bounty hunter) is wanted by Imperial authorities already, or one or more of the characters has angered a crime lord, who has placed a private bounty on the hunters head. Seems reasonable since basically all PCs do is stir up the Empire and local crime bosses. The PCs are approached by an old friend, Jerik Snivas, a onetime IOCI officer turned licensed expeditor, a man who matches bounty hunters with potential bounties. Snivas offers the PCs a special deal on a job.


Good for: Edge of the Empire (Bounty Hunters) who have made a past enemy or are wanted by the Empire.


View: I really like the intro hook to how this adventure gets introduced, and how the PCs pay for the “hot tip” on a new bounty, rather than the usual “PCs get paid for XYZ” hook. The Storrd Township doesn’t have a lot of detail to it, which could cause some complications, but the Crosswind Saloon is a rich cantina atmosphere with a number of interesting NPCs. At one point, the players will have to gamble with a grifter, Tendler Vek, in order to get important information on Ashandruk’s whereabouts, which makes for a fun encounter. The end of the adventure falls a little flat when the PCs are ambushed so that may need more customization else it will end with little more than a firefight.


Rating: Average (3.5 / 5.0)




Source: No Disintegrations


Synopsis: The PCs are hired to retrieve a fabled artifact believed to be in the possession of a prominent businessman and suspected crime kingpin.


Location: The adventure is set in the city of Iritsa on the planet Chazwa. Chazwa, with its breathable atmosphere and mild climate, is a trading world at the heart of the Empire. The planet has a bustling shipping industry because of its prime location on star routes.


Hook: There are a number of hooks for how the characters hear about the bounty, but it’s assumed that the PCs have heard about some of the dealings on planet in some way, and are heading to Landing Bay 29 at the starport without any other information. A strange alien from an undiscovered planet claims that the local Chazwa politician, Hahz Fallone, secretly enslaved her planet and stole a priceless artifact important to her culture.


Good for: This adventure works for any group of PCs.


View: This adventure is the weakest I’ve read to date. The plot doesn’t fit the Star Wars feel, and the plot of the adventure is ridiculous and it would be difficult for my PCs to suspend disbelief. Further, nothing that happens during the adventure seems particularly fun. There is a plot twist in the end, but it’s neither shocking nor interesting, likely leaving the PCs unfulfilled. Don’t bother with this one.


Rating: Poor (1.0 / 5.0)





Source: No Disintegrations


Synopsis: The PCs are hired to track down Narloch of Giju, a prominent herglic gambler. Rather than rely on battle armor or combat ability, the character must use cunning and investigative skills to succeed in this mission.


Location: Vandalar City, Reaper’s World. The Corporate Sector did a mass-harvesting of the world’s resources, pushing Reaper’s World into an Ice Age. The PCs will travel to numerous planets in the sector, and also the famed Wheel space station.


Hook: Game begins media res, in hot persuit of the swoop gang Hurt Vectors. After those are easily handled, the PCs get a commlink message from Vox, a well-known information broker, offering another job.


Good for: Edge of the Empire (Bounty Hunters)


View: I’ll start off by saying that I’m not a big fan of Herglic’s, so started off biased towards this adventure, but by the end, I thought that this was a great adventure and definitely the best published in this book. Elusive is a site-based adventure where the PCs are tracking a Herglic gambler (who is actually a mid-level crime boss and runs Jabba the Hutt’s gambling interests in this sector) across a number of unique locations. Particularly interesting will be the sabacc tournament and droid gladiatorial matches in the Wheel space station and the Trophy Chase, a sporting event played on the back of large flying beasts (nephs), on Dalos IV. While the adventure will need significant additional details and planned scenes, there are terrific bones here for a very cool bounty hunting operation that fits the Star Wars feel. Plus, there is a minor but significant role played by Boussh, the Ubese bounty hunter from RotJ.


Rating: Very Good (4.0 / 5.0)



No Disintegrations Plot Hooks


While not adventures, there are a number of bounty postings published in the back of the book as plot hooks for GMs to develop their own bounty hunting missions. Two stand out as particularly interesting:


Theol Dunoche – a charming freighter captain wanted for theft of 25 kg of ryll spice and the kidnapping of two twi’lek women. The plot twist is that in actuality, Theol actually recued the the young twi’leks who were supposed to be sold into slavery by Voorg the Thandicant. There is a tie-in to Platt’s Starport Guide (pg 135-160) and Wanted by Cracken (pg 52).


Haisha Su Bnist – a petty thief and information broker, now wanted for murder of an imperial storm trooper whom she killed while resisting arrest. She has escaped off-world and is believed to she desires cybernetic implants to improve her reflexes. There isn’t much to this adventure seed but there is a lot to work with, plus the confrontation with a femme fatale with cybernetically increased reflexes would be very cool. GM must also decide –why- does she want the implants to begin with?


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Here are my notes from Far Orbit Project. While I liked the premise of the campaign, I think it really left something to be desired. With the right GM and a lot of work, I think the arc could really shine, but I didn't see it as written. Also not a lot to steal and use in a different campaign.




Source: Far Orbit Project


Synopsis: A delegation from the Far Orbit, a recently-defected imperial vessel (PCs), must rendezvous with an Alliance contact on Star Forge Station (to finalize the terms of their letter of marque). The crew must locate the hidden shadowport in the heart of a seething nebula while under the guns of several pirate Starfighters. After boarding the station, the characters must make contact with the Alliance agent. During the negotiation, several of the human privateers are drawn into a brawl with alien pirates. The characters then have time to explore the station. Later, Captain Vedij begins to select new spacers for the crew of Far Orbit. Once aboard the starship, tension between ex-Imperials and the scruffy pirates lead to a brawl and other problems.


Location: StarForge station, a hidden illegal base and one of the most successful shadowports in civilized space.


Hook: The PC ship, the Far Orbit, has mutinied from the Empire. It travels to the shadowport StarForge Station to sign a privateering letter of marque with the Alliance and take on crew.


Good for: None. This adventure is pretty crafted towards the campaign plot for the Far Orbit Project


View: This adventure seems like a decent kickoff to the Far Orbit campaign, this adventure isn’t usable as is for a typical Star Wars game. The highlight of this adventure is StarForge Station, a usable shadowport location (with an fun scene trying to find the darned thing in an asteroid belt) to slot in whenever you need such a thing.


Rating: Below average (2.5 / 5.0)





Source: Far Orbit Project


Synopsis: The Far Orbit (PCs) locate an easy target. During the raid, the crew discovers the location of a convoy worth millions of credits. The crew plans to infiltrate the convoy and prepare to hijack it. The Far Orbit then enters the convoy and must contend with the Imperial escort frigate New Star.


Location: Anywhere in space


Hook: PCs, disguised as an Imperial customs ship, come across a freighter, which then leads them to a larger convoy of freighters that they can plunder.


Good for: None. Like the proceeding adventure, this adventure only works for the Far Orbit Project.


View: Seems like a fun adventure to get PCs in the mood of impersonating Imperial officers and hijacking cargo. The adventure is predicated on the PCs controlling an Imperial ship, so not of a lot of use in a typical Star Wars game.


Rating: Below average (2.5 / 5.0)





Source: Far Orbit Project


Synopsis: The Far Orbit (PCs) intercepts an Imperial transmission, pinpointing the location of Imperial Advisor Coh Veshiv (who is touring the Ringali Shell). The Far Orbit attempts to infiltrate Veshiv’s convoy under the guns of a Corellian corvette and a Golan III Space Platform. PCs convince the Advisor to travel on the Far Orbit. Once aboard, the crew must deal with Veshiv’s crack Stormtrooper bodyguards, the Corellian corvette Empire Forever and a Golan III space platform.


Location: Space (at specific jump coordinates)


Hook: PCs, under the guise of an imperial transport ship, go to a defined pick-up location to capture Imperial advisor Coh Veshiv.


Good for: None. This adventure only works for the Far Orbit Project.


View: This adventure seemed flat, and very similar to the other adventures in this section where PC impersonate an imperial frigate to do something in the interest of the Alliance. Like the two adventures before this one, the adventure is predicated on the PCs controlling an Imperial ship, so there isn’t a lot of use for this adventure in the normal course of a Star Wars campaign.


Rating: Below Average (1.5 / 5.0)





Source: Far Orbit Project


Synopsis: The Far Orbit (PCs) intercepts a news transmission detailing the savage pirate attacks by Venslas Beeli, who claims to be an Alliance privateer. Vedij decides to hunt down Beeli and end his reign of terror. The PCs launch a hunt for Beeli until a pattern in his raids is discovered. Vedij plans his assault on the pirate. The PCs assault the pirate in his lair and face confrontation with a small pirate fleet.


Location: Space


Hook: A pirate, under imperial control, is pretending to be an Alliance privateer vessel to create propaganda for the Empire. PCs decide to put an end to his villainy.


Good for: Edge of Rebellion (alliance members wanting to protect their image in the Imperial media)


View: This is more of a longer adventure hook than an adventure itself. Not a lot here to work with and seems rather flat.


Rating: Poor (1.0 / 5.0)





Source: Far Orbit Project


Synopsis: The Far Orbit (PCs) encounters a poorly-defended freighter with a valuable cargo. During the boarding action, the privateers face a rude surprise: a contingent of veteran Stormtroopers. The Imperial forces attempt a counter-boarding action and a running battle across the PC ship erupts.


Location: Space


Hook: PCs are looking to raid a solitary freighter.


Good for: Well-known pirates wanted by the Imperial Navy.


View: This adventure is a simple boarding plan set up by the Imperials as an ambush. While the premise is okay, the actual battles as written are very poor and will likely lead to a TPK.


Rating: Poor (1.0 / 5.0)





Source: Far Orbit Project


Synopsis: A landing party is sent to Brentaal IV to locate a Rebel contact and acquire a data disc. Cover identities and false flight plans must be filed. Once on Brentaal, the characters discover that their contact has been arrested. A new contact sets up a meeting, but the ISB arrives and attempts to arrest the nest of rebel conspirators. The characters must then run a gauntlet of TIEs, Arakyd Hunter-Killer Probots, and a Golan space platform to escape Brentaal.


Location: Brentaal


Hook: PCs are sent to make contact with a local operative on the planet’s surface.


Good for: pretty much any party doing a retrieval.


View: I like the simple outline, but there isn’t much content here.


Rating: Below Average (1.5 / 5.0)





Source: Far Orbit Project


Synopsis: Far Orbit (PCs) is hunting for an Imperial Star Galleon and is knocked out of hyperspace by an Interdictor cruiser. Crew only has minutes to recover before the Imperial starship opens fire. The Far Orbit must destroy, evade, or capture the Interdictor before imperial reinforcements arrive.


Location: Anywhere


Hook: PC Ship is pulled out of hyperspace in a battle with a large Imperial ship.


Good for: This is a single space encounter, so anyone


View: Small encounter, fairly boring.


Rating: Poor (1.0 / 5.0)





Source: Far Orbit Project


Synopsis: Far Orbit (PCs) plans a second ambush point for the Emperor’s Will, an Imperial Star Galleon. Once the attack is launched, the characters must contend with an Imperial Nebulon-B, and anti-pirate systems aboard the star galleon. The Star Galleon’s internal cargo pods are jettisoned, and its hyperdrive unit activates. The Far Orbit only has a short amount of time to locate the pod and capture the treasure before Imperial reinforcements arrive.


Hook: Hijack the cargo of an Imperial Star Galleon.


Good for: Any PCs interested in piracy (edge of rebels)


View: Short encounter with two Imperial ships. Not much to leverage for other games. This does, however, have a list of gem types found in the Empire, which could be good for building rewards in the future.


Rating: Poor (1.0 / 5.0)


Far Orbit Plot Hooks:


Tracking Devices – if the PC sare doing enough piracy to be put on radar, Imperial Intelligence schemes to slip tracking devices into cargo that the PCs seize. As a result, an imperial special agent codenamed WRATH, tracks the ship across the galaxy. These guys begin hitting places that the PCs have been recently visiting. PCs will realize this information and must lure the Imperial special agent into a trap.


Never Raid an XTS freighter – The Black Sun, a shadowy organization that many consider a myth, is run by Prince Xizor, a Falleen noble who is also a close confidant for Palpatine himself. One of his front companies, Xizor Transport Systems is a shipping concern that operates throughout the core worlds. If the PCs attack an XTS craft, bounty hunters and teams of assassins will be searching for the PC vessel, and the Imperial Navy will be spurred into action by the Emperor himself. Black market contracts will begin to dry up, and shadowports will refuse business, all in a matter of weeks.


Price of Success – as the PCs infamy grows, the privateer crew faces a new threat – bounty hunters, assassin droids, and contract killers.

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And here are the notes from Politics of Contraband. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. There is a lot to work with here, even if you don't like them as written. I'll definitely be using Free Time in my campaign some place, and a few of them will also be used with some additional massaging, particularly Politics of Contraband (first half), Right Place (the bar and potentially the plot hook), and Easy Money (the whole thing, but will need some major rework).




Source: Politics of Contraband


Synopsis: PCs are sent to Giova to deliver a special mixed load of holotapes and exotic spices and smuggle around prohibitive local import duties and repressive local standards.


Hook: PCs are given the cargo by an untrustworthy, no-good trader. A typical smuggler. Characters are extremely short on cash and needed the credits (no choice but to take the job). Upon arriving with the goods, their ship is impounded.


Good for: Smugglers or most EotE spacers.


View: Short, fun adventures to be used at the beginning of a campaign. The plot is simple – PCs are set up by a seedy trader to move goods but then try to avoid paying them. With the help of the New Republic, PCs bring down an Imperial-sympathizing planetary governor. This adventure will need a bit of work to make it fit an EotE timeline, where the rebels are less in charge. The locations on Giova also need some more background info to be interesting.


Rating: Good (4.0 / 5.0)





Source: Politics of Contraband


Synopsis: A crimelord comes into the possession of a personal shield generator, one of the greatest modern technological developments, and plans to auction the prototype aboard the Stellar Mermaid, a luxury liner famous throughout the galaxy for its comfort.


Hook: At a spacer bar, the PCs are offered a job to transport cargo to the Kwenn Space Station six days away to be loaded for transport on the Stellar Mermaid.


Good for: Smugglers or most EotE spacers.


View: This one misses the mark a bit. The initial customs search could be fun, but the auction aboard the Stellar Mermaid falls a bit flat. The whole “auction with interesting set of never-do-wells” is a good shtick, more care needs to be put into it to make it entertaining.


Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)





Source: Politics of Contraband


Synopsis: The PCs are doing an easy passenger transport over to a near deserted planet and have eight hours to kill. During that time, they are approached by an old acquaintance, who offers them a job. The PCs are then thrust directly into the middle of a rebel / imperial plot.


Hook: PCs are approached by a Zarian con man named Woetar with a chance to make some easy credits in a short amount of time for another quick “milk run.”


Good for: Any EotE campaign with the PCs have a ship.


View: This is a very good one-shot EotE adventure. It’s made for a bunch of low-life spacers like a typical EotE crew. Woetar is a great NPC and has potential to be a recurring, untrustworthy character in the PC’s lives. There is also a chance to introduce an Imperial that may feel like she owes something to the PCs, or as a villain that the PCs may run into again (with the added flavor of the PCs once accidently saving her life…)


Rating: Great (4.5 / 5.0)





Source: Politics of Contraband


Synopsis: PCs are in a bar on Celanon and are targets of an elaborate ploy by infamous smuggler Vohrkrewel. The PCs are mistaken for Vohrkrewel by Imperial Stormtroopers and must fight their way off planet.

Hook: PCs are approached in a bar. The neat twist on the normal hook is that the pirate pretends to already have a deal with them, as one of the PCs is “Vohrkrewel”


Good for: Any EotE campaign where the PCs have a ship.


View: Fun adventure using the mistaken identity trope in a better way than it’s typically done. The end needs a little work and is too rail-roady. Here the PCs jump to the Isen sector, where they run in with an Imperial Star Galleon. Just before the PCs are blown up, Vohrkrewel shows up, destroys the Galleon, then boards the PCs ship. PCs don’t take things like this lightly, and they will fight like hell to jump to hyperspace away from the Imperials. My recommendation is downgrade the Imperial ship, make it a close fight, and have Vohrkrewel show up a little bit earlier. There needs to be a reason why the PCs can’t jump to hyperspace, and there should be some expectation that the PCs get into a firefight with Vohrkrewel’s Blood Hawk. The PCs may fight to the death during a boarding action, as well, which will further complicate matters.


Rating: Good (4.0 / 5.0, held back by the end)





Source: Politics of Contraband


Synopsis: Players are transporting droids to a crimelord on a seedy jungle planet. One of the droids secretly has information on Imperial movements, which has a lot of value to interested parties. The PCs are stuck between a four way battle: rebels hiding in the jungle, the original crimelord employer, another crimelord trying to muscle in on the first crimelords turf, and an ISB agent trying to recover the stolen info.


Hook: PCs are delivering droids to the jungle planet of Seikosha


Good for: Any EotE campaign where PCs have a ship.


View: The idea is a good one, but the execution is a bit poorly. PCs never do well with having their starship shot down. The premise here is good with multiple parties, all at least somewhat interesting, working for the same droid. This adventure would need a lot of work to get something that could be run well for PCs.


Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)

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Here are the notes from Instant Adventures. There are a few real gems in here. Heavy Lifting is a good early game if you ever need to make a Hutt ally. Argovia Strike is a solid adventure that can be used during the early days of a rebel game, maybe after Arda I. Into the Heat of Battle has a nice plot to it, but I have a feeling it will run much worse than it reads. Celis Mott is a good outline but will need a lot of additional help to make it usable.





Source: Instant Adventures


Synopsis: Four to six rebel agents (the PCs) must infiltrate and destroy an Imperial sensor net complex so that a Rebel convoy carrying much needed supplies can slip through an Imperial blockade. The characters travel to Argovia and look for their contact who can get them inside, however they must first rescue him from a pair of loan sharks. Next, the characters must overcome a number of obstacles to gain access to the sensor net complex, and the central computer core. They plant the explosives and plan their escape.


Hook: PCs are sent by the command of their rebel cell to blow up the sensor complex.


Good for: Rebel agents. Its straight forward nature makes this adventure ideal for one of the first of a rebel campaign.


View: Fun little rebel operative adventure that’s a straight forward infiltration. It has a bit of the feel of disabling the shield generator on the moon of Endor to it, too. This adventure could be particularly fun if you tie it to whatever base the PCs are currently working out of, to make the mission even more important.


Rating: Above average (4.0 / 5.0)





Source: Instant Adventures


Synopsis: The group of rebel operatives (PCs) is assigned to find a fellow operative, Agent Nallok, who disappeared on a backwater planet. The characters reach an abandoned salt mine and search for it, encountering a booby-trapped droid, which reveals Polag’s treachery. Two squads of storm troopers, tipped off by Polag, enter the mine and try to capture the characters. The characters then return to the settlement to confront Polag and rescue Nallok.


Hook: Ps are send by rebel command to find agent Nallok on a backwater planet.


Good for: Rebels, though the staging tips provide options to make this adventure suited for all types of characters.


View: Boring with little action and no meaningfully interesting hooks. A definite pass.


Rating: Poor (1.5 / 5.0)





Source: Instant Adventures


Synopsis: The characters are contacted by a Klatooinan and asked to help him and his boss off-planet as soon as possible. During the bargaining process, a group of mercenaries attack. The characters then meet Nawnam the Hutt and try to steal a repulser-truck to sneak the corpulent hunt to a waiting ship. The characters are discovered by mercs and bounty hunters and chased through the busy streets all the way to the spaceport. Prior to making the jump to hyperspace, the PCs must make it through a small blockade of Starfighters.


Hook: PCs are approached in a bar.


Best for: Freelancer EotE types.


View: I really wanted to like this adventure because the premise is great. PCs hijack a repulser-truck to move an incapacitated Hutt to their ship to sneak him off world after an assassination gone bad. I was looking for more from the truck heist and there was no detail on moving the Hutt. If I were to develop this adventure, I’d make the hijacking a more involved matter, and I’d detail a full chase scene with the mercs riding swoops, attacking the truck mid-transit, with the PCs firing out the back. Lastly, I think that this would be a great adventure to create a Hutt ally / patron and a terrific tie-in to Tempest Feud.


Rating: Average (3.5 / 5.0)





Source: Instant Adventures


Synopsis: After their freighter is shipjacked by a pirate gang, the characters are ejected in an escape pod in the midst of a space battle. They emerge from the pod in a dense jungle, only to be harassed by Imperial scout troopers seeking rebel survivors from the battle above. The characters discover a downed X-Wing fighter, shot down in the battle. As they follow the pilot’s trail, they run into some of the jungle’s denizens. The characters find the rebel pilot in the hands of imperial troops and free the pilot. After a long jungle trek, the characters and rebel pilot come across a small pirate encampment. PCs have a chance to free rebel prisoners and steal their ship back.


Hook: Big time railroad. PCs awake in their escape pod with pirates commandeering their ship. Moments later they are accidently jettisoned to the surface of a jungle planet.


Best for: Smugglers but could basically be any group with a freighter.


View: I can’t get over how railroady this adventure is. The hook is terrible and the PCs won’t get over how forced the hook is. PCs are not separated from their ship easily and will be singlemindedly focused on getting their ship back. A nice touch in the first act is where the PCs either end up getting two speeders (for four people) which drops the maneuverability of the speeder by one, or can run the native b’aerlak (snake cows).


Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)





Source: Instant Adventures


Synopsis: The characters are approached by a Gran poet who needs help rescuing his fiancée, Cera. The characters are also approached by Cera’s brother and warned to leave the planet. Undaunted, they arrange to infiltrate an elite party in hopes of rescuing her. At the gala, the characters locate Cera, discovering that she wants to go, but that she can’t get away at that moment. She says that she will contact the characters and arrange a more opportunistic rendezvous. Cera’s brother interrupts the conversation with some “friends.” The characters flee with Cera’s brother at their heels. Later, Cera’s valet droid informs them that Cera is ready to be rescued. Characters go to the estate, rescue Cera, then race to ship for a quick getaway. Cera’s father appears at the starport to beg his daughter not to go.


Hook: The characters are approached by a Gran poet who needs help rescuing his fiancée, Cera.


Best for: works for pretty much any adventuring party with a ship.


View: This adventure is pretty meh. It’s a very stereotypical starcrossed lovers story that feels very off message for Star Wars for some reason. One fun tidbit that could be worth salvaging however – when Cera is escaping from her famiy’s compound, the high maintenance Gran refuses to leave without her things. She insists on throwing *12* bags down to the PCs. Any failed check results in breaking of valuables, and could be a fun scene depending on your PCs.


Rating: Poor (1.5 / 5.0)





Source: Instant Adventures


Synopsis: The rebel characters receive orders to acquire coolant hydro-valves from a nearby Imperial supply depot. The characters must then enter the depot and obtain the parts. Next, on their way back to the rebel base, the characters encounter a lone heavy assault Starfighter in orbit. Once inside the base, the characters must prevent themselves from being trapped. As the characters attempt to install the hydro-valves, a squad of imperial assault troopers attack.


Hook: PCs receive emergency orders to obtain 30 hydro-valves.


Best for: Rebel crews


View: This is a fun little romp. Characters conning their way onto a Imperial supply depot is a nice little scene, especially when the alarm goes off and the huge magna-seal doors start to close, which requires some fancy flying. There is a little too much combat in this one, so it probably makes sense to eliminate Episode 3 all together – simply replace the attack fighter with an Imperial probe, which will have the same effect.


Rating: Average (3.5 / 5.0)





Source: Instant Adventures


Synposis: A rebel contact stowes the characters aboard a freighter bound for an Imperially blockaded planet, where they are to meet other rebels for their initial assignment. They are stowed aboard a freighter in the cargo hold, and must either evade or shoot Stormtroopers searching the hold once they land at the starport. Then they must find their local contact at the local spacer’s bar. The characters meet their rebel contacts, who give them their assignment before heading off to one of the larger Rebel training centers: pick up cargo of weapons and bring them to a transport ship hidden in the forest outside the starport. Unforeseen events cause a confrontation and chase with imperial forces. Obstacles facing the characters as they race through the forest include TIE fighter patrols overhead, teams of imperial biker scouts, and an AT-ST on patrol. The characters must pilot the transport and x-wing fighter escort themselves. They must evade TIE fighter attacks and an Imperial Star Destroyer before jumping to light speed.


Hook: PCs stow away to sneak onto a blockaded planet to join the rebel alliance


Best for: Designed for characters seeking to join the Alliance


View: This one is a bit run of the mill, but it has a number of star wars staples that makes it somewhat interesting as an intro adventure including a speeder bike chase, some AT-STs, and fighting TIEs as the PCs escape off planet.


Rating: Below average (2.0 / 5.0)





Source: Instant Adventures


Synopsis: An old acquaintance, Marka Durn, drops dead at the characters’ feet, whispering vital clue about the lost treasure of Celis Mott and a strange warning with his dying breath. The characters must then fight off the pirates who shot Durn. The PCs follow-up the clue at Durn’s starship, deal with a difficult droid, recover the clue, and elude more pirates. Xishel, a Falleen pirate lord, approaches the player character with a deal to split the treasure. After the group refuses, they are chased by pirate ships as they leave the planet. The players locate the hidden treasure of Celis Mott in an uncharted asteroid field. Unfortunately, Xishel’s ships arrive. A chase through the asteroid field ensues.


Hook: PCs run into an old friend who dies at their feet.


Good for: basically anyone who wants to get rich and has a star ship. Great for EotE types.


View: This is a strong, straight forward treasure romp. Xishel, the Falleen pirate, is a cool NPC and could be recurring. If used, the GM should definitely replace the intro NPC (Durn) with a character from one of the PC’s pasts to make it more memorable. The battle through the asteroid field is a suitable ending.


Rating: Above Average (4.0 / 5.0)





Source: Instant Adventures


Synopsis: Rebel commandos must paraglide through a treacherous canyon. Once through the canyon, they must establish a staging area for a rescue operation to recover a downed Y-Wing pilot. The rebels must then stage an ambush for a squad of Imperial Storm Commandos that are seeking the Y-Wing pilot. The characters must retrieve the pilot and make their way to the extraction point. Unfortunately the characters have been spotted by aerial surveillance and must fend off more storm commandos and an imperial flying fortress.


Hook: Rebel SpecOps team is assembled at the rebel base that the PCs are currently assigned to.


Good for: Experienced Rebel SpecOp infiltrators


View: Decent, straight forward SpecOps adventure. Get in, retrieve the operative, get out, with a small handful of encounters. Probably good for an early on adventure in a SpecOps campaign.


Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)

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We're quickly getting to the end of my handwritten notes :) Here's the feedback from Mos Eisley adventure set. As you can tell, I wasn't a fan...





Source: Mos Eisley Adventure Set


Synopsis: Characters are asked by a dock worker to kidnap a friend to stop him from going to meet someone who is blackmailing him. Turns out the girlfriend is actually one of Jabba’s agents and is trying to get the customs agent to flip sides.


Hook: A dockworker approaches the PCs for no reason and asks for help.


Good for: Anyone


View: This adventure was super uninteresting and didn’t make any sense. The simple idea of Jabba trying to blackmail a customs agent is a good one, but that’s where the good part ends.


Rating: Terrible (1.0 / 5.0)





Source: Mos Eisley Adventure Set


Synopsis: Characters are asked by a cantina patron to buy some hot cargo. Turns out he doesn’t have it. Once the PCs meet the crew of who does have it, they learn the captain of the smugglers is locked up in the Mos Eisley prison waiting to be transported off planet. The PCs then stage a rescue to get a cut of the loot.


Hook: PCs are approached in the cantina


Good for: Any EotE crew


View: Another poor showing. Just as in the first adventure, not sure why the PCs would engage here. Seems very railroad-y. Nothing really happens except for staging a robbery (in about as boring of a way possible). Not much to take from here either.


Rating: Poor (1.0 / 5.0)





Source: Mos Eisley Adventure Set


Synopsis: PCs are deputized by local law enforcement as extra help during the Harvest Day celebrations. The goal of the adventure is to have a number of different encounters to give the PCs a feel of Mos Eisley.


Hook: PCs are approached by local law enforcement and asked to stand in as militia during Harvest Day celebrations.


Good for: Anyone in Mos Eisley, particularly the good guys


View: The premise is super forced, and probably not a great adventure, but some of the individual encounters could be taken from here and used elsewhere. For example – a swoop bike race through the crowded streets that cause Rontos to get spooked and the jawas to get upset. Overall, seems like a dull session.


Rating: Poor (1.0 / 5.0)





Source: Mos Eisley Adventure Set


Synopsis: Mos Eisley has been destabilized after the death of Jabba the Hutt. Other criminal organizations have moved in to take over Jabba’s empire.


Hook: Characters are in the Mos Eisley cantina when a swoop ganger comes by, throws a fire bomb, and leaves a ransom note.


Good for: Basically good guys who are in Mos Eisley.


View: Another poor one - seems like a trend from all of the adventures in this book. If I were to borrow from this adventure, I’d basically use the premise that after Teemo died in Long Arm of the Hutt, which then created a power vacuum. So the next time that the PCs head to Mos Shuuta, there has been a swoop gang war that the PCs could be caught up in, and perhaps make a return trip to Teemo’s lair. The interactions at Jabbas palace are pretty good (the droid, the escaped animals).


Rating: Bad (1.5 / 5.0)

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Here are the notes from Galaxy Guides 6: Tramp Freighters. I really enjoyed this book, and I wanted to like the adventure path, but there wasn't enough meat on the bones for me. Ultimately, I think the best adventure here was the hooks about the race to deliver goods. 





Source: Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters


Synopsis: The player characters all start on Travnin, and the ship is docked at the starport. Starting from the point when the adventure begins, the ship begins accruing docking fees. During this adventure, the PCs will begin their career star-trading by having them make a single trade run to Gerasil. The first trip will not be made on speculation, which can be somewhat complicated, but will be a commissioned cargo.


Hook: PCs are starting out with a stock freighter.


Good for: Tramp freighter EotE campaigns


View: Not much to this shell, but could be a decent “small beginnings” start to a campaign. The character Neena the lounge singer has the ability to become a fun recurring character for the PCs.


Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)





Source: Galaxy guide 6: Tramp Freighters


Synopsis: While the ship is in Adarlon, the PCs are offered a three month contract to carry a small travelling circus to every planet in the Minos cluster (they were recommended by Neena from Getting Started). This circus will use the freighter as both transportation and home base. The circus folk are very exotic, talented, and can perform all sorts of interesting tricks, but the group is secretly a group of rebel spies who are desperately looking for their cell leader, Drun Cairnwick. The rebel organization in the cluster fell to shambles when Cairnwick was arrested.


Hook: Good for any freighter crew where you want to introduce the rebellion


View: Decent concept and fun way to introduce PCs to the Alliance. Unclear where to slot this in during a campaign arc as you want to give the PCs enough time to be smugglers, etc. before pushing them towards helping the rebellion.


Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)





Source: Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters


Synopsis: The Imperials are engaged in a massive hunt throughout the Cluster for someone very special, someone so important that they have brought in reinforcements from other sectors. When the PCs land on Adarlon, they are introduced to the Rebel leader by their friends with the circus, who ask them to transport a cargo to Eliad and back, who turns out to be a Princess Leia. On Eliad, their goal is to convince the powerful nobles there to dedicate their resources towards the rebellion.


Hook: PCs are asked by the Rebel leader to transport Princess Leia to Eliad.


View: Decent ideas, poor execution. I like the idea of the PCs being sent to nobles to help incite rebellion, but doing so at a dinner party is sort of weird and anti-climactic.


Rating:  Poor (1.5 / 5.00)





Source: Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters


Synopsis: The rebellion finally learns what happened to Drun Cairnwick, discovering that he is imprisoned on a prison asteroid in the Gesaril system. They ask the PCs to attempt a rescue, for without Drun, widespread rebellion in the sector is impossible. The PCs must gather all of their friends and acquaintances to attack. This adventure is about setting the stage for the following adventure.


Hook: No hook given


View: This adventure is really just build-up of the PCs gathering allies without actually detailing any of those events.


Rating: Poor (1.5 / 5.0)





Source: Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters


Synopsis: Along with all the ships that the PCs could muster, the PCs must attack and defeat the Imperial fleet at Travnin before they can be reinforced by the Imperial fleet. Characters must infiltrate the Imperial stronghold, find weaknesses, and report those back to the rebel fleet to be exploited.


Hook: A continuation from the previous adventure


Rating: Poor (1.5 / 5.0)



Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters plot hooks:


There are five light freighters, all at the starport and their crews meet eachother at the Grand Design spacer bar on Travnin. There they get into bragging and insult contests and generally having a good time carousing and trading information. Then a local merchant makes a secret proposal to each of them in private. He sells each of them the same cargo, a load of exotic fruit bound for Mestra. The PCs get a full load at a cheap price, and through the work of some of the merchant’s accomplices, get conned into thinking that it’s great cargo. However, when they take off from Travnin, the other ships follow them. Subspace chatter reveals that they are all carrying the same cargo, and the traders’ experience suggests that whoever gets to Mestra first will get the best price. It becomes a race to the finish, winner take all…


The traders are given a chance to win the imperial contract for supplying the prison orbiting Gesaril. The contract requires them to make one run every 50 days, carrying 100 tons of goods from Travnin to Gesaril, for which they would earn 3K credits per run. On each run, the PCs are accompanied by an Imperial official, who may be escorting a prisoner to or from the asteroid and who ensures that they do not break into the cargo and steal anything. This contact provides excellent opportunity for the traders to get in contact with members of the rebellion inside of the prison by passing messages via the prisoners that they carry.


Pirates – either attacked or pursued by pirates. Allow PCs to use cunning to avoid confrontation.


Mechanical difficulties – if the ship is overdue for an overhaul, or if some components were used before they were installed, or if the ship is simply very old, there may be some mechanical breakdown.


Damaged cargo – something happens to the cargo; maybe part of it spoils, or a few crates break open during takeoff. Perhaps there is something else interesting about the cargo.

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R2Builder - Elusive from No Disintegrations is definitely an adventure to include. Racing on the back of a large flying cow to infiltrate a floating pleasure barge above a sporting event (and perhaps interrupting the sporting event) is pure gold. That's one I'm going to work out detailed encounters into a full length adventure at some point.

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I've been doing a bit of skipping around recently -- read two of the FFG adventures that have been converted by Kayla in Rendezvous at Ord Mantell and Tatooine Manhunt as well as started through some of the mini-adventures from Scum and Villainy (with Fell Star still to come). As an aside, I really enjoyed the write-up on Point Nadir. It's a great location and has a wonderful SW feel. Working that into a campaign / adventure would make for amazing tales.




Source: Standalone, converted to EotE by Kayla


Location: Ord Mantell, but could be any fringe desert planet in the Galaxy


Synopsis: The PCs are asked by a “damsel in distress” to help her recover her ship. The PCs backtrack her escape route, only to find that her ship has been hauled off by local raiders. They follow the raiders back to their lair, defeat the raiders, and recover the sensitive info. Afterwards, she divulges that in addition to being a scout, she is a recruiter for the rebel alliance, and offers the PCs a job.


Hook: Renci Tosh, a freelancer scout, approaches the PCs in the cantina and asks for their help. Soon after, a few thugs of a local crime lord interrupt and attack.


Good for: any EotE fringers, particularly those you’re looking to move into a more rebel-focused game


View: Clean, small adventure that could be played in a single evening. I like the potential future hook that could get the PCs to join the rebels, but there could have been more here. Overall, decent adventure.


Rating: Above average (3.5 / 5.0)





Source: Standalone, converted to EotE


Synopsis: A group of rebels must go to Tatooine to search for a presumed-dead hero of the Old Republic, Adar Tallon. The rebels must pit all their skills against remorseless, relentless bountyhunters from all over the galaxy. These hunters all seek Tallon, under the orders from Imperial Command to capture him alive, while killing all who get in their way.


Location: Starts on Kwenn Station, then moves to Tatooine


Good for: Rebel characters, also potentially bounty hunters and other fringers


View: Great, fully fleshed out adventure with a strong Star Wars feel. This adventure is great to run off the shelf and ready for any set of Star Wars adventurers. Potential to turn it up a notch would be to incorporate villains from previous adventures into the plot. Same Star Destroyers, Imperial Captains, and Bounty Hunters (particularly the droids from Bad Debts) would make it that much more enjoyable.


Rating: Very Good (4.5 / 5.0)





Source: Scum and Villainy (d20 Saga Edition)


Synopsis: During the Clone Wars, countless ships on both sides of the struggle were blown to pieces and left adrift in space. Larger ones were towed out of spacelanes to minimize the danger of hyperspace travel, but every so often an explorer or smuggler comes across some wreckage. Often, the drifting hulk is too damaged to be useful for anything other than scrap, but sometimes the derelict proves to be veritable treasure trove of salvageable goods. One such derelict, a large chunk of the Starworm (a trade federation Lucrehulk-class battleship) was recently discovered by a smuggler named Vordell, who sold the coordinates to his friend, Sude Raalo, a Neimodian gunrunner and veteran of the Clone Wars. Based on the scans that Vordell showed him, Raalo guessed at least one hungar bay was more or less in tact, and that, amid the wreckage, he might find a remote processor – which could be worth as much as a million credits. The PCs must go as fast as they can, as the smuggler may have sold the coordinates to multiple parties.


Location: Tatooine, then anywhere in space, but could be fit anywhere


Good for: Any EotE game


View: Great little adventure to be used in the beginnings of any EotE game. It’s a straight forward salvage job where the PCs race to the wreckage before other scum and villainy can get there first. This adventure could really shine if combined with the Treasure of Celis Mott because both compliment eachother well. To finish this adventure off, the PCs off, making the PCs then have to properly fence their newly found treasure (sending them off to the Wheel, Kwenn, Nar Shuuda, or Point Nadir?)


Rating: Very Good (4.0 / 5.0)





Source: Scum and Villainy (d20 Saga Edition)


Synopsis: The heroes hear that a smuggler has come into some “non-manifest” cargo that he needs to unload, and he’s looking for a buyer. The smuggler, Vordell, has a dozen crates of assorted detection and surveillance gear – 150 units in all, worth 58,000 credits in total – and he is looking to trade for weapons. Conveniently, the heroes know of a shipment of Imperial blaster rifles that got routed to Barab I by mistake. Unknown to the heroes, the Empire has been tracking Vordell, and shortly after the heroes make arrangements to meet him, Imperial customs officers arrest him on a separate charge. Desperate, Vordell convinces the officers to drop the charges against him if he helps them recover a shipment of stolen blaster rifles. Intrigued, the customs officers agree to escort Vordell to his rendezvous on a small moon known as Phinel’s Folly. There, a number of customs agents hide around the rendezvous site, and wait for a signal from Vordell to pounce.


Location: Barab I and Phinel’s Folly, but could fit anywhere


Good for: Any EotE campaign, particularly for smugglers


View: Fun little three encounter adventure path that could fit in between other adventures. This one has a great feel – a standoff during a cargo exchange, being boarded by an imperial customs vessel, negotiating a price for gun purchase. Like the above, if the PCs win, they’re going to have their hands on 58K worth of imperial blasters and another 50K worth of surveillance gear, and will then need to fence the cargo, leading to another set of adventures.


Rating: Very Good (4.0 / 5.0)





Source: Scum and Villainy (d20 Saga Edition)


Synopsis: The heroes are contacted by Imperial Governor Zerex of Ord Acinorr, a snow-bound planet in the Merridian Sector. Zerex tells the heroes that he needs their help in a confidential matter involving a traitor to the Empire, a flight academy instructor who might be funneling information to the Rebellion. This instructor, Captain Bythen Forral, has had more students defect to the Rebellion than any other instructor, and if Zerex can bring him to justice, it will help Zerex’s forthcoming bid to become an Imperial Moff. Anyone who helps him in this endeavor would not only be richly rewarded but also have a Moff indebted to them. Captain Forral will soon travel from the Vensenor Flight Academy on Arkanis to Bakura to speak at a recruitment drive for new flight candidates. Because it will skirt the Unknown Regions, Forral’s Corellian Corvette – the Gallant – must make several stops to check astrogational data; each stop should take less than ten minutes. Governor Zerex wants the heroes to obtain a copy of the Gallant’s flight plan, determine where the ship will stop, and board it. Once on board, the heroes are to capture the ship, destroy the astrogation computers, and send it on a one-way course into the Unknown Regions to be forever lost.


Location: could be placed anywhere


Good for: EotE campaigns where the PCs are fine doing jobs for the Empire


View: This one was merely “ok.” The boarding action encounter could be used modularly at any time, which provides utility, but the overall adventure is lackluster.


Rating: Below Average (2.5 / 5.0)





Source: Scum and Villainy (d20 Saga Edition)


Synopsis: In the wake of the exposure of Bythen Forral as a rebel sympathizer, Governor Zerex is able to take credit and parlay his sudden popularity into an appointment to the post of Imperial Moff of the Merridian Sector. To celebrate, Zerex invites several of his closest supporters, including the heroes, to a farewell dinner at his home in Ord Adinorr. However, Zerex leaves one supporter off his list: Draba, the Hutt crime boss who had introduced Zerex to so many of his contacts in the criminal underworld. Zerex feels it would be inappropriate to be seen socializing with a known gangster, so he cut off all relations with the powerful Hutt. Draba, however, has invested a great deal of money and resources in getting an Imperial Moff in her debt and she is not pleased with Zerex’s sudden, but hardly unexpected, betrayal. Knowing that the heroes are attending the party, Draba requests that they help her extract vengeance on the newly appointed Moff. Draba specifies that the heroes cannot harm Zerex or expose her connection to the Moff, in fact, if possible, the heroes should try to get leverage against Zerex, in case Zerex should ever again forget his obligation to Draba.


Location: Moff  Zerex’s snow palace on Ord Adinorr


Good for: Basically anyone looking to blackmail the Moff (EotE or rebels)


View: There isn’t much to this adventure hook. The PCs are asked to try to catch Zerex doing something shady, but are completely left to their own devices. I don’t think many PCs would come up with a plausible plan and would be pretty lost by this. I do like the idea of the PCs attending a dinner party for an Imperial Governor, though, so it may be worth trying to come up with a new adventure around that plot. Additionally, I liked the guest list included here.


Rating: Below Average (2.5 / 5.0)





Source: Scum and Villainy (d20 Saga)


Synopsis: A Hutt crime lord named Draba contacts the heroes about some valuable documents that she would like stolen from an Imperial bureaucrat named Narp Pilyev, who himself “appropriated” them from the Imperial Navy. These confidential documents are worth millions to the rebellion; since Pilyev cannot contact the rebel alliance himself, he is trying to sell the documents to Draba. His asking price is a bit steep, though, so Draba just feels that she could acquire them more cheaply through burglary. Draba tells the heroesthat Narp lives on Coruscant, and the Hutt suspects that Pilyev is keeping the documents hidden somewhere in his penthouse apartment, in a part of Coruscant popular with mid-level Imperial officials. Unfortunately, she does not know this for sure, and she needs the heroes to locate the documents, and quickly. Pilyev has stated plainly that if Draba is not willing to meet his price within five days, he is going to offer them to another buyer. Draba can keep Pilyev on the hook for a while, but she needs the heroes to complete the job before the deadline. Pilyev’s penthouse has a high level of security, including alarms, droids, and private security guards. Although the heroes can probably storm the place, blow open the safe, grab the documents, and disappear into the depths of Coruscant before the police arrive, Draba needs them to be more subtle. Draba does not want Pilyev to discover the theft until he opens the safe to retrieve the documents. She is so adamant that the heroes handle the burglary delicately, in fact, that she says if Pilyev ever connects the theft to her, she will put a high price on the heroes’ heads. If the heroes can pull off the job in the next five days, Draba agrees to pay them 250,000 credits.


Location: Coruscant


Good for: EotE games


View: This is a pretty good heist location with decent background information. This adventure, similarly to the snow job hook, is very open ended and difficult to manage as the GM. With some massaging and fleshing out of the researching the infiltration, this can make for a fun adventure to slot into a broader campaign. The PCs are bound to blunder the infiltration in some way, angering their patron, which can then lead to a whole nothing set of adventures.


Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)





Source: Scum and Villainy (d20 Saga)


Synopsis: Draba the Hutt has had numerous mutually lucrative business arrangements with Moff Zerex, but she had learned that the Moff has plans to “crack down” on racketeering once he becomes a Grand Moff. This could just be a politician’s empty promise, except for the fact that Draba knows that Zerex himself is a racketeer, hiding behind the “law and order” political image while simultaneously using his political connections to conduct his illegal business. As a Grand Moff, he will be able to threaten Draba – if not have her arrested – and the Hutt cannot allow that to happen. She offers the heroes 50,000 credits to assassinate Zerex before he becomes Grand Moff.


Location: Could be any Imperial-allied world


Good for: EotE games, particularly hired guns


View: A good ol’ assassination adventure. The lead-up / planning stages will need a lot of work and the GM will need to do meaningful planning in order to prepare for all of the different paths the PCs could go down (poisoning? Bomb? Sniper? Full on assault? Get a job at the hotel?). There are some little touches that are great and should also be highlighted such as the PCs should get false identities given the number of background checks that they will go through, etc. Overall, a good capping to the Draba the Hutt plot arc.


Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)





Source: Scum and Villainy (d20 Saga)


Synopsis: The law has finally caught up to the heroes, and they have been sentenced to years of hard labor in the spice mines of Kessel. The work is grueling and the conditions intense – and things are not improved by the fact that one of the other prisoners, a Ubese bounty hunter named Solvek, has a history with the heroes, and does his best to make their lives miserable… if not get them killed.


Location: Kessel


Good for: Any group that could have been imprisoned at some point


View: This mini adventure is a prison break from the spice mines of Kessel! What more can one want? This adventure should be in the back pocket for every GM to react to what happens if the PCs are ever botch a mission and get caught by imperial authorities.  To make this adventure playable, there needs to be more build-up and NPCs (other than Solvek) need to be detailed. A few smaller encounters should also happen before the PCs start developing the jail break plans. If I recall, there is an adventure for Traveler that fits this build as well, and would be worth mining for additional ideas (pun intended).


Rating: Very good (4.0 / 5.0)





Source: Scum and Villainy (d20 Saga)


Synopsis: The heroes receive word that Draba the Hutt is offering 100,000 credit reward for the capture of a thief named Pol Virten, who stole an ancient artifact from the Hutt gangster. Unknown to either the heroes or Draba, however, Virten is not a human, as he appears, but a Clawdite shapeshifter – and a Sith. Virten wants the artifacts to strengthen his dark side powers, and he hopes that Draba sends bounty hunters after him so he can try out his new abilities. To that end, he has seen to it that word has spread that he is on Nar Shaddaa, “hiding out” in as casino known as the Kessel Club.


Location: Nar Shaddaa, but could be anywhere.


Good for: Any EotE group, particularly bounty hunters


View: This one seems a bit dull to me. This is a straight forward go capture a bad guy, but this baddie happens to have a few sith artifacts that grant the mark some dark side powers. I don’t particularly see using this one, but the modular nature of it provides additional value.


Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)

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Source: Scum and Villainy (d20 Saga)


Synopsis: The heroes are contacted for potential employment by an Anjiliac Hutt named Prellio. Prellio has lost one of her prized employees, a Balosar thief named Barin Irevina. Besides being a skilled cook, Barin also possessed valuable information. Despite her best efforts, Prellio cannot locate Barin. She does not know whether Barin has gone into hiding, been kidnapped, or killed. She is willing to pay good money to see him returned to her unharmed. The heroes’ investigation of Barin’s disappearance takes them to several locations in Mos Eisley and eventually leads them off world to the mysterious shadowport of Point Nadir. Can they find Barin before it is too late and recover the artifact known as the Fell Star from the bowels of Point Nadir?


Location: Tatooine (but could fix for anywhere), Point Nadir


View: This is a full-length, linear, follow-the-leads module where the PCs follow the bread crumbs through three locations on Tatooine, then to Point Nadir. None of the PCs or locations particularly stand out, but the simple plot does get the PCs to experience Point Nadir as well as interact with some of location’s key sites and affiliations. It’s worth working into a campaign, but the patron needs to be carefully chosen. The Fell Star is a powerful and valuable artifact; players will be reluctant to turn over the device, which may make an enemy of their potential patron.


Rating: Good (3.5 / 5.0)

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I guess my request would be if we could put together an index listing with the titles, source, rating, and where we can find the review, all into a single location.

Some of these sources are ones I don’t have, and it would be nice to know which sources might be good to acquire — for example, if they have good adventures in them.


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Thanks Themensch.


Now you guys are all caught up with where I am. Any pointers on something that I should read next? Or requests?


I like what Brad's suggested - this is pretty freakin' awesome and I'd love to have it run through some data science.  Tags, crosslinks, all that good stuff.  


You've done a great service to this community, Aurin.  Thanks!  

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Thanks gents. I'll start consolidating into an excel file of some sort. I've been keeping loose notes on how a full-length, episodic campaign would go in order and tying some of the NPCs and leads together, but it needs a bunch more work.


I think up next is going back and reading the CRB again cover to cover (which may take some time given the density and length).

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Phew, that's what happens when real life gets in the way from your hobby! Well, I just read the CRB again - the rules are quite elegant but there are a lot of small ones that I still seem to forget, so I'm glad I did the re-read. Here are my notes for Trouble Brewing, the adventure in the back of the CRB.




Source: Edge of the Empire Core Rule Book


Synopsis: The PCs decide to visit the local cantina. On their way, they discover a battered droid, wrecked beyond repair with only a few dwindling signs of function left. He is able to tell the PCs that a friend of his has been abducted, apparently on the orders of a local smuggling boss. At the cantina, the PCs learn more about the smuggler, a violent Aqualish named Bandin Dobah. They find out about the bounty on his head, and they become entangled in a brawl.

Whether the PCs intend it or not, the brawl escalates into a violent confrontation with Daro Blunt, a smuggler who works as part of a network connected to Dobah. The PCs may find their way to Blunt’s safe house, where they are able to recover the missing droid.


Several clues lead the PCs into discovering Dobah’s whereabouts, and help from the NPCs and the promise of reward should encourage the PCs to hunt him down. This leads to a confrontation on a large asteroid within the Kessel Run itself, and the PCs could further enrich themselves by recovering contraband.


Should the PCs prevail, all that remains to them is to collect their reward, which could lead to a tense encounter with agents of the Empire of an ambitious Hutt.


Location: Formos, but could be relocated anywhere near Hutt Space / Kessel


Good for: Any EotE fringers, particularly bountyhunters, particularly those early in their career.


View: This is the best bounty adventure that I’ve read yet – a simple follow the bread crumb trail after an Aqualish pirate. The little details make this adventure shine, such as having two options to potentially collect the bounty. Further, there is a little something for everyone with some social, a couple of combats, and a little starship action. If I were to use this adventure in conjunction with other published modules, I’d probably alter the hook so that the PC’s patron sent them to Formos to apprehend Dobah. Once on planet, the PCs could learn that there is potentially a much greater reward if they choose to instead deliver the Aqualish to the Imperials on Kessel. Overall very solid and worth a play.


Rating: Good (4.0 / 5.0)

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I think I'm going to tackle the rest of the FFG material next, unless I get distracted by the Dawn of Defiance pdfs that I came across...




Source: Standalone EotE adventure


Synopsis: The PCs are invited to Cloud City to discuss a highly promising job prospect with Arend Shen, a made man with well-placed contacts in all strata of Bespin society. The Jewel of Yavin is to be auctioned off at a high class gala in the Figg & Associates Art Museum. The PCs are to slice into the Cloud City Central Bank and divert the winning bid into Arend’s account and then steal the gem displayed there later that night. First, though, they’ll need to win the Cloud City Grand Prix cloud car race in order to secure an invitation to the party and manufacture a bidding war to maximize the Jewel of Yavin’s worth. Only after they’ve pulled off the heist does Arend reveal his duplicitous nature, and the PCs will have to try to escape to the clouds with both the gem and their lives.


Location: Cloud City, Bespin


Good for: Thieves and fringers of all sorts. Can be an introductory adventure or a business venture arranged by any number of seedy middlemen.


View: I’ve read a lot of Star Wars adventures and this one is definitely the best so far. JoY not only captures the Star Wars feel, but also provides a much different set of encounters than the typical pre-written module, making the adventure feel very fresh and exciting. The highlights include a very interesting race mechanic during Bespin’s Cloud City Grand Prix, an Ocean’s Eleven-esque heist of the jewel in its carefully guarded museum, and a slicing showdown with Lobot. There is something for everyone in this adventure and one that your players will talk about for ages. The only thing that prevented Jewel of Yavin from receiving a perfect score in my book was the ending chapter – the final showdown with the Winged Guard and the other various parties seemed forced and a little dull. Further, why would the PCs go out looking for their benefactor to try to seek revenge? If they’re sitting on a priceless gemstone and 250K credits, I’m willing to bet most groups will be trying to make it out of the Bespin system in a hurry. If I were to implement this in a campaign, I’d make a few changes: (i) have the PCs seek out the heist on their own, to pay down a bunch of obligation, making this module a good transition from EotE to AoR (PCs wiping their debts clean before moving on to things larger than themselves), (ii) I’d cut out or heavily modify the Jedi plotline to streamline the adventure or make the character more seedy. Plus, this character redundant with the Jedi from Dawn of Defiance, so really not needed, (iii) rather than introducing another Hutt, I’d make Kaltho a character the PCs have met before, (iv) I’d insert an interaction with Lando either at the gala or at one of the casinos, (v) cut most of the third act and simplify into a chase scene to the starport and the PCs blasting off chased by cloud cars. Overall, my critiques are minor and this is a must-include in EotE campaigns.


Rating: Exceptional (4.75 / 5.0)

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More of the EotE adventures. These were both even better on a re-read.




Source: EotE Beginner Game


Synopsis: This adventure takes place in Mos Shuuta, a small city on Tatooine. As the story begins, the PCs are attempting to escape the servants of the ruler of Mos Shuuta, Teemo the Hutt. Each of the PCs is in trouble with Teemo the Hutt for one reason or another. The only way to get off planet and escape Teemo is to steal a ship and fly to safety. Fortunately, they’ll get the opportunity to do exactly that, by stealing the Krayt Fang from a Trandoshan named Trex.

Location: Tatooine


Good for: EotE fringers of all types. Best used to kick off a campaign.


View: This adventure both teaches the players the mechanics of Edge of the Empire, but also perfectly captures the Star Wars feel. Through seven brief encounters, the PCs get to do a little bit of everything – combat with some Gamorrean thugs, negotiate to purchase a starship part with a junk shop owner, sneak into the spaceport to release the docking clamps, run in with a few Stormtroopers, steal a starship, and then blast their way through some TIE fighters before they hit hyperspace and escape to freedom. This adventure, followed by Long Arm of the Hutt, is a great start to an EotE campaign.


Rating: Very Good (4.5 / 5.0)





Source: Standalone EotE adventure


Synopsis: This adventure takes place immediately after the escape from the Mos Shuuta spaceport. As the PCs make for the planet Ryloth, they have time to recuperate and explore their newly acquired ship. Between data logs on the ship’s computer and discussions with a captive on board, the PCs learn that Teemo is about to make some very aggressive moves towards controlling ryll mining operations on Ryloth. In the meantime, Teemo is furious that the PCs have managed to escape. He hires a band of bounty hunters to track down and capture the fugatives. Once on Ryloth, the PCs are faced with an ambush by Teemo’s bounty hunters, then tasked with liberating a Twi’lek mining community from Teemo’s thugs.


Once the dust has settled and the injured have licked their wounds, the PCs are approached by a Bothan with some interesting news. Teemo is stockpiling equipment, which he plans to employ in a bid to wrest control of Tatooine’s criminal underworld from his rivals. He has been dealing with a Geonosian faction in order to facilitate this. Teemo’s dealings present a real threat, but shortcuts and hasty arrangements have left a window of opportunity that the PCs may be able to exploit in order to get to the Hutt.


The PCs return to Mos Shuuta. Teemo’s palace is heavily guarded and fortified, and if the PCs were to attack it head on, they would soon be disintegrated. However, Teemo is left vulnerable after the events of the previous actions. Armed with the knowledge they won from the Geonosians and the allies that they made on Ryloth, the PCs may be able to sneak into the palace and lower its defenses. If all goes well, they may finally be able to rid the galaxy of Teemo the Hutt.


Location: Ryloth, Geonosis, and Tatooine


Good for: EotE fringers, particularly those who just finished Escape from Mos Shuuta.


View: This adventure, like Escape from Mos Shuuta, perfectly sets the tone for any Edge of the Empire campaign. This adventure closes the loose ends from EfMS and completes the Return of the Jedi-esque story arc as the PCs return to Teemo’s palace to exterminate the Hutt menace. There isn’t really any weak spots in this adventure, so it can be pretty much run as written. The one thing to lookout for is that if the PCs aren’t paying super close attention (or if the GM isn’t actively pushing the clues to the PCs), the players are unlikely to get the big reveal that Teemo is planning a coup on Jabba. The adventure has the opportunity to introduce a number of recurring characters / contacts for the PCs. Duke Piddock, in particular, makes a great arms dealer for the PCs in the mini-adventure Smuggler’s Rendezvous (detailed previously).


Rating: Excellent (5.0 / 5.0)

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Rolling through the FFG material...




Source: EotE Gamemaster’s Kit


Synopsis: Bargos the Hutt is a middling crime lord on the Outer Rim who has fallen on difficult times. Unfortunately for the PCs, they owe Bargos some obligation, and he has called on them to perform a small favor for them. Recently Bargos won a game of sabacc and earned an oridium mining operation located on Gavos, a small planet just coreward of Hutt space. Bargos wants the PCs to travel to the mine and assess its worth. The previous owner assures him the mines still contain tons of oridium, and while technically true, the remaining ore is widely scattered and deeply buried. As such the mines are not as productive as they outwardly appear.


This is not the only problem Bargos faces. First, he is short on funds, and owes 250K credits to a fellow Hutt. He has also fallen behind on providing adequate payment to members of his own entourage. His employees include a large cohort of Gamorrean thugs, a number of whom have become violently dissatisfied at Bargos’ inability to pay their wages.


Secondly, a full-scale rebellion has just taken place within the mine. Many of the droids in the mine have been neglected and misused, and rose up against the sentients who worked along side them. The leaders of this droid rebellion plan to take their message of violent revolt and spread it through the galaxy. With remaining miners trapped underground, nobody else knows about the droid revolution. Only intervention from the PCs can avert disaster.


Location: Bargos is located wherever convenient for the adventure. The mine is located on Gavos, but could also be anywhere.


Good for: All fringers. Hook is for PCs with an obligation to a Hutt crime lord


View: This is a bit of a horror / dungeon crawl adventure that could be completed across one to two five hour sessions. The plot is straight forward – go to mining facility, explore rooms, fight the bad droids at the end. While I found the module interesting, I don’t see a long-term nemesis coming out of it like the splash page totes. The module is good to go as is, but I’d make a couple of minor tweaks around Bargos. I’d remove the subplot about Bargos being short on cash and making his Gamorrean minions angry with him. It seems like just an excuse for another combat, so I’d remove the Gamorrean Rumble encounter.


Rating: Good (4.0 / 5.0)

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I’d remove the subplot about Bargos being short on cash and making his Gamorrean minions angry with him. It seems like just an excuse for another combat, so I’d remove the Gamorrean Rumble encounter.



Yeah, I think this was the third or fourth time I'd ran EotE when we got to that scene. It almost killed the party, a bunch of Gamorrean rivals with vibroaxes (the PCs were all hopeless with brawling weapons, so they pulled blasters and vibroswords, and the thugs responded. Oops!)

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While I found the module interesting, I don’t see a long-term nemesis coming out of it like the splash page totes. 


Luckily for my group they failed on a lot of points pretty miserably and allowed the main ringleaders of the droid rebellion to escape. It's meant that I've been able to take advantage and get people with cybernetics involved and have them suspecting it's part of the droid revolution. If the mission goes according to plan I think that aside from the droids rights concept you wouldn't necessarily have the nemeses option

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Coyote - completely agree! I'm willing to bet that most PCs act the same way... when fights break out, they quickly switch to lethal weapons and escalate the situation. I don't see a reason for that encounter.


Lanky - I think that it's possible to manipulate the encounter to get the two Droids to escape. My question was around - why? What sort of adventures have you crafted as follow-ups? I just don't find the hook compelling enough to create a story arc around it. I like the adventure as is, and it fits well in developing the PCs relationship with their Hutt overlords, but I don't see using the Droid revolutionaries going forward.

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Read Lords of Nal Hutta cover to cover for the first time. It's a great book full of useful information. It's definitely required for anyone running an EotE campaign with Hutts as a major theme / patron. In addition, the authors put together a few nice modular encounters in the back of the book that I've written up my notes on (found below). I'll go out of my way to include Rubbering Slippery Elbows into a campaign, with Welcome Aboard and Deal Gone Wrong likely finding a place somewhere along the way. Dead Road and Toydarian Grocery Shopping are probably not worth writing in for me, but could definitely have a place depending on your game and worth having in your back pocket.





Source: Lords of Nal Hutta (Modular Encounters)


Synopsis: While traveling through Hutt space, the PCs enter into a deadly game of hunter and prey with a group of pirates intent on robbing them.


Location: Space (anywhere)


Good for: Any spacefaring PCs


View: This is a modular pirate attack. This modular encounter has a number of nice little touches (good uses of advantage / threat, astrogation, etc.) and covers a boarding action well. Further, Giddeon, the Devorran pirate captain, is a great character and could be used as a recurring villain if he gets away.


Rating: Good (4.0 / 5.0)





Source: Lords of Nal Hutta (Modular Encounters)


Synopsis: The PCs become embroiled in a hunt for spice-producing mushrooms in the deadly swamps of Toydaria.


Location: Toydaria


Good for: Any PCs on Toydaria


View: This one is a decent side quest for the PCs but nothing particularly interesting happens. I also don’t see this adventure slotting well into a campaign through normal course, and this one isn’t compelling enough to make a detour.

Rating: Average (3.0 / 5.0)





Source: Lords of Nal Hutta (Modular Encounters)


Synopsis: A deal between a band of smugglers and a weapons dealer on Nar Shaddaa turns a marketplace into a shooting gallery, and the PCs are caught in the crossfire.


Location: Nar Shaddaa (or any other shadowport)


Good for: Fringers at the wrong place at the wrong time


View: Great little scene where the PCs get caught up in a firefight during a weapons deal gone poorly. There is a lot of flavor and background here and the modular nature provides all of the details. My one gripe is I’m not sure that there is enough here to get the PCs to jump in and pick a side. Why not just jump for cover?


Rating: Good (4.0 / 5.0)





Source: Lords of Nal Hutta (Modular Encounters)


Synopsis: The PCs are invited to attend a Granee Noopa, or "Grand Dinner" on Nal Hutta. The Granee Noopa events are organized by Hutts in which the invitees compete against one another to earn fame and fortune.


Location: Nal Hutta, but could be any place where the Hutts own a palace.


Good for: Any group of spacers that have caught up with the Hutts


View: The premise alone makes this encounter a high priority addition to any EotE campaign where the PCs are mixed up with Hutts. The purpose of the Granee Noopa is for a Hutt patron to validate his underlings to test their worth. Rubbing Slippery Elbows is a great insert into the midpoint of a campaign where the PCs move from minor Hutt pawns to doing more important Hutt missions. I’d insert this either on a standalone basis for a one-off game night or add this to Tempest Feud when Popara hosts the PCs at his spire on Nar Shaddaa.


Rating: Very Good (4.5 / 5.0)





Source: Lords of Nal Hutta (Modular Encounters)


Synopsis: Tales of long-abandoned Hutt throneworlds are nothing new, but when a grizzled spacer asks the PCs to accompany him to the location to a hidden Hutt palace, the race is on to be the first to claim the treasure.


Location: Any Hutt throneworld


Good for: Any MacGuffin searching crew


View: This is a short dungeon crawl adventure in Hutt Space that’s along the treasure hunt theme of PCs find a map, follow it to a Hutt lair, go through the traps / hurdles / battle droids, find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Rating: Above average (3.5 / 5.0)

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I was inspired by Lords of Nal Hutta and also read Tempest Feud again this week. As you can see, I'm a big fan. I feel like I made real progress over this week (also rate Crate of Krayts, to come) so down to just the last few EotE modules...




Source: Star Wars d20 Standalone Adventure


Synopsis: In Act One, the heroes encounter Popara the Hutt, the leader of a powerful Hutt clan. Popara wants the heroes to perform a mission of mercy, running medicinal spice and emergency supplies to the planet of Endregaad, which is suffering from a virulent plague. An ulterior motive clouds Popara’s altruism: his youngest child, Mika, is trapped on the planet at risk. Popara wants the heroes to run the quarantine blockade set up by the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) and rescue Mika.

During the audience with Popara, the heroes meet two other important Hutts. Popara’s eldest child, Zonnos, makes it clear to the heroes that if Mika doesn’t come out alive, he’ll reward them. Vago, an officious aide-de-camp, provides the heroes with the information and equipment that they need.


The heroes take a load of spice to Endregaad, fighting space pirates and dodging CSA forces led by a Corporate Security Representative named Angela Krin. They locate Mika the Hutt at a crashed starship and discover something new – a form of spice known as tempest, which has deadly effects on its users.


If the heroes rescue Mika, they earn the respect and debt of a powerful Hutt. Act Two begins with an invitation to dinner on Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler’s Moon. Popara claims to be concerned with the spread of the new spice known as tempest, but in reality he wants the heroes to discover who was responsible for several recent assassination attempts against his family. The dinner is cut short when Popara himself is slain and the heroes are blamed for his death.


Abandoned on the Smuggler’s Moon, the heroes must clear their name with the Hutts. This involves alliances with other Hutt familes, aid from Vago and Mika, the dangers of a Hutt bounty hunter, and possible encounters with the original inhabitants of Nal Hutta –the Evocii. On Nar Shaddaa, the heroes also encounter Angela Krin, who is searching for the source of the tempest; she attempts to enlist the heroes’ aid. With the information the heroes gain in this part of the adventure, it appears that Mika is responsible both for the new, deadlier spice and for Popara’s death. Vago disappears, apparently victim of Zonnos’ foul play as well, and Krin is captured. Only by launching an assault against the Anjiliac clan’s spire can the heroes prove their innocence. In the end, the heroes help destroy the spice-infected Zonnos and help install the surviving Mika as head of the Anjiliac clan.


In Act Three, Krin discovers the source of tempest, based on the nature of the original plague on Endregaad. It comes from Varl, the Hutt’s original homeworld. The heroes can break into a factory that holds the secret of the tempest spice. There they find Vago but discover that he is nothing more than a force controlled pawn of the true master of the spice – Mika. Mika is responsible for both the death of his father and the spread of the deadly spice, and unless the heroes stop him, he will be their end as well.


Location: Endregaad, Nar Shaaddaa, Varl


Good for: Can work for Rebels, Imperials, or Fringers with ease. Probably best suited for EotE spacers.


View: This adventure is truly excellent and is a perfect capstone to a Fringer’s relationship with its Hutt patron. Over the course of three acts, the entire hierarchy of the Anjiliac kajidic is destroyed and the PCs have fulfilled their obligation to the Hutt clan. There are a number of very exciting and interesting scenes, from running the CSA blockade to reach a quarantined planet, to later escaping the penthouse of a Hutt spire after being framed for an assassination attempt, to fighting three force witches during the Spice Lord of Varl’s last stand, this adventure is truly epic (reinforced by the whopping 130 pages of content). One other great piece of this adventure is the three acts are separated by 1-3 months each, leaving the PCs to conduct other adventures in between, creating the feeling of a living, breathing, universe. The adventure is good as written but does need a couple of changes. The adventure does assumes that the interactions with the Hutts (and Nar Shaddaa for that matter) are the first ones, so extra care will need to be taken (1) managing the PCs’ interactions with their Hutt patrons going forward (at least knowing the motivations of the different personalities), and (2) assumptions on how the PCs will react to certain things, particularly being framed for Popara’s assassination. Here, the PCs may have other contacts in Nar Shaddaa and will use to their advantage. Also, as I’ve written many times previously through my reviews, PCs do not do well with their ship being taken from them. They will immediately drop everything and do anything in their power to retrieve their ship, so a GM should plan accordingly. Lastly, there are way too many combats (typical of d20 adventures…) so I think a number of these can be removed to streamline. Overall excellent work by Jeff Grubb and Owen Stephens; I wish that Wizards of the Coast had done more adventures like these.


Rating: Excellent (4.7 / 5.0)


Very rough change notes:


-          Act 1

o   No changes

-          Act 2

o   Rodian delegation at Popara’s palace -> can make this a different group of mercs that the PCs know from the past

o   Parella -> replace him with something else? I feel like there are just way too many Hutts. Hate this guy and the PCs won’t take a Hutt in platemail seriously. Houk bounty hunter?

o   Connect the bars selling spice to places the PCs have been before in Nar Shaddaa

o   On the Trail of the Spice – Dark Melody

§  Swap out Parella with another bounty hunter

o   What’s the point of the Evocii / vrbrither encounters?

o   The PCs being separated from their ship -> they are going to do everything that they can to get back there and free the ship. They won’t leave it off planet.

o   Does Mika need to be a force user? He uses force powers in this act. Seems a little contrived. Perhaps connect with Fell Star.

-          Act 3

o   Seems like there are a number of additional combats that aren’t as needed.

o   Heavily insist that the PCs get the transponder moved to their ship so that they don’t fight the Hutt Patrols above Varl.

o   Simplify the encounters within / atop the mountain to one combat (if that). There are plenty of battles within the Tempest already.

o   Remove Mika’s force abilities; can buff up the force witch if needed. Maybe give the Fell Star the ability for Mika to control the twi’lek?


Adventure seeds from Tempest Feud (bolded ones are the seeds that I’d recommend using):


First intermission adventure seeds:


-          Deliver a message: The crime lord Nirama has been intruding on Skydove’s legitimate trading operations. The heroes are sent to deliver a request that he desist at once. The crime lord responds by sending his thugs after the heroes. If they survive, he informs them that he will grant Popara’s request.

-          Pick up an antique lightsaber: use this scenario if Mika encountered Jedi among the heroes in Act I. Popara has legally purchased something he refers to as an antique (a gift for Mika) and wants the heroes to pick it up. Do they find out where it came from or merely hand it over?

-          Escort Vago to a meeting: Popara is sending Vago to a polar planet to oversee delicate negotiations regarding a contract for a mining franchise. The heroes are hired to serve as bodyguards and escorts.

-          Ransom: spice pirates have captured one of Popara’s best smugglers. They are holding the smuggler hostage on an asteroid. Popara sends the heroes to pay the ransom but wants the pirates “taught a lesson.” Gross carnage is encouraged.

-          Anytime the heroes ask anything of Popara, Vago asks if he should present the request as “Calling in a favor” from the great Hutt.

-          Revenge of the Bomu: The Bomu rodian clan is large and diverse, and the heroes can run into members throughout the outer rim. They tend to pop up in the worse possible time with  a gun and an attitude. Bomu are best as an irritant, not a continual threat.

-          More tempest users: One or more thugs that the heroes encounter in an alley or a barroom brawl ae tempest junkies. Tempest users should be confined to the outer and mid rim and they are more likely to be found in or near Hutt space.

-          More Angela Krin: work her in as a potential competitor or patron somehow.



Second intermission adventure seeds:


-          Escorts: the heroes and their ship are hired to escort a Skydove freighter transporting legitimate cargo (gemstones, foodstuffs, etc.) to a system outside of Hutt space and is threatened by pirates. Mika has alerted the pirates to the PCs to try to sneak a second freighter with a load of tempest through the back door.

-          Spice riots: an outpost of the Organium Group is under siege from tempest addicts on a remote world. They have roused the population against the Hutts and are burning their warehouses and factories.

-          Vago sightings: Vago is someplace that causes the PCs to go investigate. Of course he isn’t there (because he’s actually been captured by Mika).

-          Parella’s Back: If the heroes did not defeat Parella, he’s back.

-          More tempest: Other small examples of where people are using tempest, making it more and more prevelant. Perhaps make someone that they know a tempest user.

-          Working with Angela Krin: She’s on the case, but keeps hitting dead ends.


Additional adventure seeds:


-          Crush the Tempest Trade: You have crushed Mika’s tempest manufacturing ship, but there is still a lot of tempest in the galaxy. Angela Krin or Vago could sponsor the extermination of the remaining tempest.

-          Guard the Storm: As soon as it’s common knowledge that the PCs shut down the tempest trade, criminal syndicates might try to learn the secret of tempest production. The heroes could find themselves wanted by a crime lord for the secret of how to make the drug.

-          Save the Evocii: if the PCs helped the Evocii, the heroes may be called upon to help relocate the remaining Evocii.

-          Old Enemies: Parella, Lungru, and the Bomu clan may want revenge for their defeats the heroes handed them. Other groups such as spice raiders (Barbari Run) have long memories where the heroes are concerned.

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