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Does this game need tournament software?

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Hey Organized Play folks! I'm not really familiar with this game, but I'm going around asking if there is a need for software to run events. I wrote Cryodex for X-Wing and have recently expanded it for Armada and Imperial Assault. I built it to be easily expandable to other games and I'm now ready to onboard any game that is in need of software. 


So a couple questions if you think your game could use it...


Can you give me a simple run down of the tournament rules/structure?

Is it similar to other FFG formats that I've already implemented?

Any special requirements your game would need?


Also, shameless plug... I've put together a little GoFundMe to get a new coding machine so I can keep doing this quickly and efficiently. If you're able to help, hurray. If not, I still appreciate the support. Check it out! https://www.gofundme.com/263kycs

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