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A Seneschal's Tale

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Unlike my previous voyage I arrived at Askelphion Secondus only with the exhaustion that is common to all travelers. I quickly secured micro quarters in one of the caves on the capitol Moria. Having never been to a “pleasure world” I could see why it is kept away from the majority of the Imperium. The forests and steep mountains were stunning as I sat enjoying a much needed amasec in the cantina at the mouth of my dwelling block. There I gathered from a very helpful bartender what things I needed to stay alive. Now that shelter and food were satisfied. I needed camouflage, Imperial camouflage. So the **Data Corrupted** after moving to another inexpensive site. I found a shop that caters to the needs of the nobility, Nobles who need one thing more than any. Staff. I quickly had the clothing for a delivery person as well as workskins common to most service industries here. I also located the Kolachi residence here. And the next big problem appeared. It was not only on the other hemisphere, it was on the opposite side of the world as well. Now it was not just a villa, it was the entire subcontinent. One that they had also converted to a rather exclusive resort for the surrounding subsector’s nobility to play for**Data Corrupted** years at a time if they so desired. I had to get there but knew that just sending a message for the family suborbital shuttle to come to Moria and come get me would be like throwing a Genestealer claw or two on my back and walk on the beach naked. It would get noticed. But I decided that sailing there for four weeks while less expensive, might make me be a bit tardy as well.


** She is very perceptive I am learning, a worthy opponent **

So a trip back to the spaceport was in order. Trying on my slightly used workskins, twenty percent off too thank you very much, I blended in with the night shift change taking place. Finding a transport that was shipping live slig meat fresh from nearby Fervidius, this was perfect for my needs. Despite the smell and being locked up with these vile creatures for over a day would definitely require a cleanup when I got there, if I got there of course. I had brought my bag with my things, so I made some food purchases, swiped five suborbital pads from an open box outside a nearby warehouse as the transport did have a fresher, but I was not in a position to use it freely. From a nearby local vomitwagon feeding the port workers I found Waterpacks, the local variant of stimjuices, some bar rations that looked suspiciously like corpse rations, no matter what the label said, They were offering up a nice slig cutlet sealed in a quick heat bag I couldn’t have warm food smells wafting **Data Corrupted** cockpit now could I. A nice low fog began to settle over the port making it quiet. Getting onboard the shuttle proved to be anticlimactic. The loaders were only slightly less sedated than the sligs themselves. I quickly found a partially blocked bulkhead and a cloth tarp within it. To say the next thirteen hours was a high point of my pleasure world experience would be a lie of Chaos proportions. But we arrived at Guanno Terminal without an incident larger than having to try to change soiled pads under a tarp as slowly and carefully as possible. The problem now was that it was dawn and the sligs were restless. Food and drink had been dispensed automatically but the creatures were travel weary too. As their individual crates were loaded on the ramps for delivery to the Go Placid Resort, my ultimate destination as well, I grabbed my tarp and bag cleared my wrist for potential action and while the loaders weren’t looking wedged myself between two crates. I soon discovered two problems with this plan of attack. One I became apparent upon contacting the bottom of the ramp down from the craft. When both containers compressed me. I was rolled automatically onto a flatbed jitney. I felt the wet snap of a rib breaking sending the fires of agony flame up my chest for foolishly forgetting that crates compress from the top down on a slope meeting a flat surface. I was fortunate that the bulk of the tarp folded over my head saved it from being crushed. And while waiting in agony **Data Corrupted** the stifling stench of weary animals, the slig behind me discovered my presence as her new neighbor and then began to stretch their tongue in my ear as some sort of slig universal friendship gesture. The fact that I could be midspire on Malfi living comfortably on the funds provided for me only to find myself crushed, stinking, in desperate need of a fresher, in agony with every breath AND with a very wet tongue in my ear would definitely challenge my dignity for a very long time. The only thing that saved me from that unique shame was when the jitney started forward the driver lurched the torque converter. Fortunate for me because almost in unison the sligs started to bray their displeasure, not only ending the warm greeting that was moistening my collar and shoulder in grassy spittle but it also drowned out the scream of agony between clinched teeth on a fold of a foul tasting smelly tarp.

The curvy five kilometer trip to the back of the resort allowed me to punch out the tarp and get my head and torso free of its ever shifting prison. And despite the pain, I drew the tarp over me as I laid flat on the cages, Evidently sligs are telepathing as now I was trying to ignore the various parts of my body were now being greeted by the sligs onboard. Seems by some common mental conclusion, I was now officially part of the herd. As the jitney pulled into the loading area I waited for the driver to walk away from the controls. I rolled to the opposite side and jumped down with only an inhalation of pain. I ran hunched over to a nearby landscaping feature, the very act of walking **Data Corrupted** form of torture. I needed another inspiration and frankly I was running low on even reasonable thought. So if in doubt, go the straight path I thought as I started to undress.

The front desk attendant stiffened at the masked sight before him. I had disposed of all my clothing pinning my now beloved tarp over me like the finest courtesan in Lord Hex’s court, however it was obvious that nothing was underneath that rustic cover. I spoke in my most arrogant and refined voice.

“I have leave to converse with Lord Emil Kolachi and his personal vizier Taelor Corilin, immediately, if you do not comply he will have you killed before the end of the day of this I assure you.” His overseer quickly looked up from his back desk and considered me for a moment. His confusion and disgust was clear as both of us turned our attention back to him, one with confusion and mine with steady clarity. He stated back to me that I looked a fool and needed to leave immediately. I flared my hand and aimed my needle pistol at him, and spoke as loud as a commander,

“My name is Kariann Harisson of the Lord Harisson family of Malfi, a sworn oath Seneschal of the Kolachi Family and this weapon will lodge a poison dart through your eye and into your brain so that unlike your drone here, you will die in the next ten seconds. Now make the comm.”

**All true**

His only response to after the call was made to offer me a chair in the waiting area for staff, as my station warranted. As he readied to leave I asked for a double amasec from the bar with a selection of food suitable for this time of the morning and to have it here in less than seven minutes. I heard his running footsteps as the three others here appraised me and my livery with a range from horror to amusement. I just turned to them and said,

“Truly . . . A terrible flight in.”

**End of text**

**At this point the codes themselves were changed to another master key pattern, we are currently adding my two most able adepts to assist in further decryption. We have to take extreme care with this data as it resists copy and is easily corrupted. It is now obvious to me that she was already functioning fully or in part in a seneschal’s capacity for the Kolachi family far sooner than previously though which explains many subsequent facts that eluded explanation before. This decoding will continue as this could well be our only data on many issues that are still withstanding. We will send the remainder of the data as it is decoded**

By the Emperor’s Light

XXXXXXXX XXXX, Inquisitor Ordos Xenos




Well I hope you have enjoyed.  Please let me know what you think and if you would like to hear more. . . .


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