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very rare items at character creation?

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At character creation any character can requisition up to their influence bonus items at up to scarce rarity (IE: three combat shotguns)

Adeptus Administratum characters count items as one step more available when requisitioning

Poor quality items are one step more common


Can an Adeptus Administratum have poor quality light power armour at character creation? (very rare)


thanks in advance! :)

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Technically yes but think of what poor quality light power armour would be like. It would probably have a terrible power source that would only last a few hours, if that. Plus it's probably falling apart at the joints and would look like it was put together by an Ork. Would you want that sort of power armour?

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Consider also how this will influence subtlety. I doubt it will be "overpowered" to have, considering the big obvious drawbacks that it has. The GM can still emphasize the poor quality aspect if it's too much.

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Rulewise, yes. But if your GM allows it... consider leaving that game.

And if one of my players asked, I would consider slapping them. 



I still think there are better ways than that. GM vetoing stuff that RAW is valid should be kept to a minimum (remember the GM's rule of thumb to respond with "Yes, but..." so your players don't feel restricted). This one of those cases that you can perfectly get around by thinking about the possible ingame consequences, so no veto required imho. You might even do some story weaving around it that will lead to the Power Armor, thanks to the Adeptus Administratum player's info, rather than just handing it over. If the Power Armor becomes too much of nuisance, just roll to potentially make it malfunction at times or tip enemies off so they'll arrive in greater numbers or have the necessary weapons to take it out. The point of the RPG is to have fun, if your players want to go in that direction then let them, instead of potentially killing their fun.

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Rulewise, yes. But if your GM allows it... consider leaving that game. 


Depends on the context and so many other things.

Like...creating a character with 14 000 xp would be quite likley to get a power armour at character creation.

Or a special context of mission.


Or a special backgournd that is quite legit and the rules even permit it anyways, so better of two worlds.



In the end, it's not saying no or yest that is bad or not. It's why and how.

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From the phrasing of his question, and the way he tried to justify it I took it as the usual "I want to see if the rules let me get Power Armor <chuckle>" approach. Sorry if I'm jaded after watching so many rookie GMs crash and burn from allowing such things.

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Rulewise, yes. But if your GM allows it... consider leaving that game.

And if one of my players asked, I would consider slapping them. 



I still think there are better ways than that. GM vetoing stuff that RAW is valid should be kept to a minimum (remember the GM's rule of thumb to respond with "Yes, but..." so your players don't feel restricted). This one of those cases that you can perfectly get around by thinking about the possible ingame consequences, so no veto required imho. You might even do some story weaving around it that will lead to the Power Armor, thanks to the Adeptus Administratum player's info, rather than just handing it over. If the Power Armor becomes too much of nuisance, just roll to potentially make it malfunction at times or tip enemies off so they'll arrive in greater numbers or have the necessary weapons to take it out. The point of the RPG is to have fun, if your players want to go in that direction then let them, instead of potentially killing their fun.



Agree - it's all about the fun; but having a player who demands RAW, and rules-lawyers everything so they can "win" is pretty much the antithesis of fun, IMO.


That said; my group pretty much only look at the rules when all else fails (we're VERY big on GM fiat). I can see that kind of playstyle driving some people nuts as well. 

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Agreed. Ultimately, if they want it, let them have it, but make sure they fully understand the problems associated with it - the complete lack of subtlety as a group, complete lack of stealth, the lack of combat endurance due to power armour's 1D5 hour power cell  (poor quality stuff won't have an astartes-style sustainable power pack, will it?).


Ultimately, yes, you're in power armour. Go for it. Having the one suit hidden away somewhere for Iron Man style dramatic rescues is cool, and provided you apply the downsides too, not too disadvantageous. After all, a '10' will still wing you through it, even with stub gun fire.


Remember, this guy is looking at low quality armour, and is going to be administratum - meaning he's going to be very short on actual combat capability. Essentially, we're talking Tony Stark; a cocky, completely non-combatant who's somehow acquired a high-tech battlesuit and thinks he's going to be the Emperor's Gift to combat. Any GM can have great fun with this...

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I'd let the player have the armor, accounting for the drawbacks as others have suggested. However, don't be so harsh on the player that it feels like punishment, as that's a good way to ruin the player's experience. If you make sure the drawbacks of decreased Subtlety and short power cell life come into play when appropriate, you can create some memorable moments in your games.

Also, power armor does not turn a player into an invincible Space Marine. There are plenty of ways for enemies to counter a power-armored soldier if they are expecting them (and if the player uses the armor in public, their enemies WILL hear about it). Manstopper rounds, hellguns, web grenades or even simple thrown nets can all reduce the effectiveness of armor, and haywire grenades can potentially shut down the armor entirely. A poor-quality suit is unlikely to have any protection against photon flash grenades. Cunning use of the environment, such as luring the players over a bridge that can't support the weight of a walking tank, can also turn the armor into a hindrance. Try not to overuse these tools, but use them to keep your players on their toes and remind them that they are still mortals.

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Keep in mind that players can burn influence to automatically get things, as well as use their Inquisitor's influence.
So you could deny them that toy at character creation, but if they have their sights on something and want it bad enough they will get it.  I agree with the others saying you should be roleplaying drawbacks instead of just saying no--your story shouldn't derail from just one suit of power armour!  If these things were in the game just for NPC's we wouldn't need it in the armoury eh?

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At character creation any character can requisition up to their influence bonus items at up to scarce rarity (IE: three combat shotguns)

Adeptus Administratum characters count items as one step more available when requisitioning

Poor quality items are one step more common


Can an Adeptus Administratum have poor quality light power armour at character creation? (very rare)


thanks in advance! :)

The adeptus administratum works as you say, but quality doesn't so a starting character can't start with light power armor unless your GM agrees to it. Quality provides a bonus to influence roll to requisition only. With your scenario you could get it as a rare item with a +10% bonus to the roll, but that would be after play starts. Your GM can always bend if you come up with a good story or are starting with additional xp for more advance play.

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My thought, if you worry about getting to have ANY chance, later, of having access to something you want, you might take it, even in bad shape, to ensure you ever can get it. In Rogue Trader, sometimes it seems better to take a bigger, even if junky, ship, because what's the likelihood you'll find one just waiting to be bought, later, and they're a pain to purchase, anyway. I could see the same with Power Armor; where do you requisition PA, during a game? A Forge World? The Guard don't have any, the PDFs don't, and the AdMech don't often like to share, but if you start with it, you don't always need a good excuse to find some, and you can work on fixing it, rather than getting a new one. all together. One opinion, anyway.

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Here's a suggested concept from Mutants & Masterminds...


Fine your players wants this or that to START OFF with


Then make sure you append some sort of Drawback to that Player:


Example - I want to star off with really good Power Armor - ok - I consider that a "Greater" advantage and thus would assign a single "Greater" Drawback or Two Major or Three Minor (like; Addiction to the Machine Spirit <minor> + Ascetic <minor> + Half-Deaf <minor>) - these Drawbacks being associtaed to the Power Armor exclusive - if the player abandons their armor or it gets destroyed remove all the drawbacks and play as normal.



GRANTED - what you'll find below has not been converted into 40K format and was derived from WHFRP + White Wolf + Etc...


Addiction 1 to 5 PPs (Minor, Lesser, Major)
Your character is addicted to some kind of drug, either legal or illegal, and must part-take in it on a regular basis.
A 1-point flaw could be something as minor as a tobacco addiction, a 2-point flaw would be a hard drug such as alcohol. A 5-point flaw is always something addictive.
The character gains the regular benefits or failings from using the drug. Failure to indulge in her addiction will lead to withdrawal symptoms such as a temporary Derangement, penalties on dice rolls, or other problems. They may spend a Action Point to resist the effects of withdrawal for one scene. Addictions can be cured, but only by long-term treatment to be determined by the Storyteller. Once every three months, make a Willpower roll to determine the progression of the character's addiction.

Failure means that the character must increase the frequency of "hits," and treatment becomes more difficult.

Aged (Middle) 1 Points
You begin play with an age range between 30 to 45 years old. Only mental based statistics can be improved during this part of a character’s life, all physical attributes no longer are able to be improved via character PP expenditures.
Note: Prime aged characters between the ages of 15 to 30 may only improve physical based attributes.

Aged (Old) 2 Points
You begin play at an age greater than 45 years of age. Characters who are old no longer are able to improve any physical attribute metrics via PP expenditures. Each year after the age of 45 reduce a single physical statistic of your choosing until character death or age 60 – whichever occurs first.

Note: Only a character from ages 45 to 60 may improve mental based attributes – but after age 60 their mental stats begin to fall into decline until age 75. Each year after 60 reduce a single mental attribute by one point.

Age (Youth) 1 Points
You begin play at an age range between 12 and 15 years if age, all attributes are reduced to 2 to 12 due to immaturity.

Amnesia 1 Points
You are unable to remember anything about your past, yourself or your family. Your life is a blank slate. However, your past may someday come back to haunt you. Over the course of the story, you and your character will slowly discover them.
Your origins and the circumstances behind your amnesia are for the Storyteller to determine, and they are encouraged to make it as interesting as possible.

Antisocial 1 or 2
You have difficulty getting along with others. Perhaps this manifests as shyness, troubled speech, discomfort around people, or even bouts of depression. Whatever the symptoms, you find it hard to communicate your feelings properly or withdraw from contact with others.

Moderately Antisocial: 1 points. All social skills gain 1 Bane dice.
Extremely Antisocial: 2 points. All social skills gain 2 Bane dice.

Ascetic 2 Point Flaw
You aren't interested in material wealth or temporal power, glory or gaudy fashion. This world is only a transitional place between one reality and the next, and you have passed beyond the need to cling to it.

Ascetic own one set of Peasant Garb, one Cape or Wrap, one pair of Sandals, one Belt, and their Bag/Pack. Ascetic scholars own one set of Peasant Garb, one Cape or Wrap, one pair of Sandals, one Belt, and a pouch full of scrolls. Maybe - maybe - they own a hat.

These are the only material objects you will ever own. You are unconcerned with Glory, but Honor is still very important. After all, a liar is concerned with the immediate consequences of his actions, and thus, clinging to a material world.

Barbarian 1 Point Flaw
Characters with this Flaw grew up outside of city life and find it difficult to interact with city-dwellers.
The character is uncultured and has no understanding of Lore or social mores. They may not have any points in Knowledge Skills.

Bards Tongue 1 Point
What you say tends to come true; you can't control this prophetic ability, and the compulsion to speak an uncomfortable truth is often very hard to resist, though you may attempt to do so by spending an Action Point.

Bitter Betrothal 1 Points
Your character is betrothed. Unfortunately, the marriage is not destined to be a happy one. Perhaps your spouse-to-be is a member of an enemy house, clan, or tribe. Maybe he or she is just an arrogant, obnoxious boor, or you're in love with someone else. Whatever the case, your family has plans for you to marry and expects you to submit to their will. The wedding is planned sometime within the next year, and you do not look forward to it. What's worse, your intended isn't fond of the idea, either. At best, you're doomed to live in a cold and bitter home, shackled by a political marriage. At worst, your spouse may be a spy, and your marriage may be part of a greater plot to weaken and destroy your family from within. The exact details are left up to the GM.

Blind 5 Points
You cannot see. Characters can compensate for the loss of vision by becoming more sensitive to other sensory input, but visual cues and images are lost to them. Actions involving hand-eye coordination are very difficult to perform, especially under stressful conditions.
Difficulties of all Dexterity-based checks increase by a margin of two steps to -5.

Brash 1 Points
Characters with this disadvantage are hot-headed. They seek to avenge any slight on their honor; they must make a Willpower roll vs. their Disquiet + 10 in order to keep control.

Cat’s Paw 1 Point
You've done the dirty work for someone high up in the city's hierarchy in the past - the sheriff, the mayor or even the prince. However, instead of granting you favour, your deeds have made you an embarrassment or a liability. For the moment, your former employer's concern is to keep you quiet. In the long term, it's to get rid of you.

Chemical Dependency 1 Points
This character is addicted. The two most predominant addictions in the Grim are alcohol and poppies. He needs to feed his addiction on regular intervals or he loses a AP from their Combat Pool which can’t be recouped via rest, only through their chemical of choice.

Child 5 Point
The character is young, enough that their bodies and minds are not fully developed and most look down at them for perceived inexperience. The character is very young. Adults look down on them and they suffer a penalty in social rolls involving interactions with adults. Most Children have are Small and/or Unskilled.
You gain a bane Dice to your Fortitude and Willpower Savings Throws.

Compulsion 1 Point
You have a compulsion of some sort, which can cause you a number of different problems. Your compulsion may be for cleanliness, perfection, bragging, stealing, gambling, exaggeration or just talk too much.
A compulsion can be temporarily avoided at the cost of a Action Point, but it is in effect at all other times.
Compulsive Speech (aka Big Mouth) (1-2) (S): For whatever reason, you have difficulty sticking to the rule, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all." 1 point makes you talkative and a bit blunt; 2 points makes you a complete prick.

Compulsive Judas 1 or 3 Power Points
The character seems doomed to betray those he holds dear. At 2 points the character is merely untrustworthy. S/he does not put enough stock in personal reliability or trust, and so often fails to come through on promises or contracts when it comes to the crunch.

At 3 Points the character seems to be cursed to betray or otherwise sabotage any relationship they enter into. The cause of this curse may be supernatural or psychological: perhaps they have abandonment issues or problems fully trusting people, or perhaps greater forces are at work. Whatever the cause, they end up stabbing those they love in the back.

Conditional Ownership 1 to 5 Points
Something (from a home to a weapon) belongs to an organization or individual which can be withdrawn at any time.

Confused 1 Points
You are often confused, and the world seems to be a very distorted and twisted place. Sometimes you are simply unable to make sense of things. You need to roleplay this behavior all the time to a small degree, but your confusion becomes especially strong whenever stimuli surround you (such as when a number of different people talk all at once, or you enter a tavern with loud music).

Contrary 1 Points
A player character with this disadvantage may not remain neutral about anything. He does not have to act, but must have an opinion about each and every thing he encounters. This means that the player must take a side in every dispute, seek to solve every problem (even if he can't), and never settle to stand by idly while others do things.

In game terms, this means that he must make a Willpower roll vs. a TN determined by the GM (commonly between 10 and 19) to avoid acting in tense situations. Should he fail the roll, he must do something decisive, regardless of the consequences.

The character longs for wealth, luxury or some form of material possession, and will go against their better judgment in trying to obtain it. Perhaps they are miserly and wish to accrue as much money as possible, or perhaps they desire a complete collection of Hummel figurines and are willing to kill to get it.

At -5 points the character will not go against their greed easily. They may spend an inordinate amount of time ruminating on the fixated object, and will put up a protest when deprived of it.

At -10 points the character's desire goes nearly unchecked - they will not willingly give up the thing they want without putting up a great deal of resistance. If confronted with the object of their desire, they must make an EGO check to resist trying to possess it, even if the only way to possess it is to steal it.

At -15 points, the character's lust for the fixated object is uncontrollable. If presented with an opportunity to obtain it, they will go to any lengths, harming others and selling out their friends to satisfy their greed.

Covetous differs from Ambitious in that covetous characters are not necessarily concerned with power or influence, nor struggling to achieve any significant sway in the world. They simply want to have some materialistic desire satisfied, and do not care about anything else.

The character delights in causing suffering. If character is simply cold-blooded and unconcerned with causing pain and suffering to others, then they are a Sociopath. Some people, however, are perfectly normal and nice most of the time, but when angered or given offence, make their enemies pay, and love doing it. This disadvantage has two levels of intensity; at -5 points, the character would never contemplate hurting a friend or loved one, but would gladly go to any extreme in punishing their enemies. At -15 points, the character is a genuine sadist, and never passes up the chance to inflict pain on others when the pretext exists for doing so, no matter how close the connection to their victim might be.

A Cruel character need not be into whips and chains; malicious gossip, workplace conspiracies and petty acts that bring harm and pain to people are just as effective as physical violence.

Cultist 2 Points
Cultists are obsessed with the power that can be drawn from other worlds or planes where all kinds of powerful and horrific beings reside. They are met with such fear, loathing and mistrust. Cultists spend the majority of their time hiding from Witch-Hunters, Templars, and almost everyone else.
Cultists frequently receive “gifts” from their dark masters in the form of mutations, making it difficult for them to move around freely. They also are often driven mad by the voice to which they communicate.

These disadvantages may be purchased separately. Often they will be hounded from town to town and eventually killed by the local populace. Like Necromancers, Cultists are never able to reveal the source of their power or the nature of their work else they would be killed.

Curiosity 2 Points
Your incredible curiosity often overrides your common sense. Resisting temptation requires a successful Wits roll, difficulty depending on the situation. A very bad flaw to take with certain evil sadistic Storytellers. A 3-point version in Bastet makes you obsessed with any mystery you come across, and you'll do anything to solve it.

Cursed 1, 2, or 5 Points
You are the recipient of a Supernatural curse. The strength and pervasiveness of the curse depends upon how many points you wish to incur. This drawback represents an adverse and chronic condition that ails you and hampers your life. A curse works like a feat or a power, but inflicts a negative condition rather than an advantage.

Dark Fate 5 Points (minor, major, greater
You are doomed to experience death or, worse, suffer eternal agony. No matter what you do, you cannot avoid this terrible fate. At some point during the chronicle, your Dark Fate will come upon you.
Even more ghastly is the fact that you occasionally have visions of this fate, and the malaise these images inspire requires an expenditure of an Action Point to avoid, or else you suffer a -/+1D6 penalty to all of your actions for the remainder of the waking cycle.
It is up to the Stotyteller to detetmine the exact nature of this Fate and when it will occur.

Dark Secret 1 Point
You have some sort of secret that, if uncovered, would he of immense embarrassment to you and would make you a pariah in your sect, guild, and or the local community. This could be anything from having murdered an elder to being a secret member of some sort of heresy either directly or not.

Deaf 2 Points
You cannot hear. While you may ignore (immune) some applications of verbal based attack/charm, you may not hear warnings, and you have great difficulty in normal communication. The difficulties of any alertness based attempts that involve hearing incur a triple stage penalty – while listen attempts may not be performed by such a character. Moreover you have trouble communicating verbally with others – the extent of which depending on when and how you are deaf. If the character is being created with the Deaf drawback – then they gain the Lip Reading as an assigned Skill. Otherwise if the character somehow becomes deaf – they will need a year in which to mature fully towards acquiring the skill in such a manner.

Death Scent 1 Points
You exude an odour of dampness and newly turned earth, which no amount of scents or perfumes will cover. People in your immediate presence become uncomfortable, so the difficulties of most social checks to affect people increase by a margin of magnitude.

Deep Sleeper 1 Point
Your character is a very deep sleeper and has trouble getting up at a moment's notice. They are groggy and disoriented if they don't get 8 hours of sleep, suffering a -1 penalty on all rolls until they have the rest they need. Thee character has trouble waking up fully, requiring a successful Willpower roll to act in the first round after rising.

Defector 1 Points
You are a known defector. You turned traitor to your former people, liege, post, and or patron and you still have much to prove before you are accepted by other cultures, societies, or groups with whom such things matter. Elders, merchants and even peasants treat you with distrust and even hostility, and your reputation might even sully those whom you regularly associate with.

Deformity 1 Points
You have some kind of deformity (a misshapen limb, a hunchback, whatever) that affects your interactions with others and may inconvenience you physically. The difficulties of all dice rolls related to physical appearance are raised by a margin of two.
Your deformity will also raise the difficulty of some Dexterity rolls by -2 (including Reflex Save), depending on the type of deformity you possess.

You have someone who is completely dependent upon you. Who it is (a child, grandparent, etc.) is up to you, but they are helpless without you. Good examples of dependents include small children and aged grandparents, but a naive spouse could also be included as a dependent.

1 point = Adult Dependent
2 points = Elderly Dependent
3 points = Child Dependent

This Drawback is required when choosing family as a Source of Stability.

Deranged 2 Points
Either a pre-existing condition or the trauma of damnation has sown madness in you. You begin play with a serious derangement that dogs you in your uncertain existence. It is possible for you to get over this madness in play (along and arduous task). Some characters may take this Drawback to represent an additional derangement beyond a singular malady.

Dirty Halo 2 Points
Buzzing harbingers of decay swirl around you everywhere. Their constant presence makes it difficult for you to interact socially and nearly impossible to sneak up on someone or hide effectively. The buzzing of the flies inevitably gives you away.
- Character cannot purchase ranks in the Move Silent Skill

Disbeliever 1 Points
To you, the Gods have forsaken man. They were slave masters, and their disciples are nothing but a hopeful parable. In the Grim such thoughts are practically treason, as they go against the Fact itself. You may or may vocal about what you think; in fact, you must try to avoid religious discussions at all costs, lest your true feelings be discovered. But remember, no matter how quiet you are or how well you lie, some say those thoughts are going to get you in trouble...

Discipline 1 Point
The character has a student they must train.

Disfigured 1 Point
The character was horribly disfigured in some event in the past, making you ugly to look at. This hideous disfigurement makes you strange and easy to remember.

Disturbing 1 or 2 Points
Characters with this Flaw make others feel uncomfortable. It is difficult to interact with others socially.

Displaced 1 Points
Once, you held near-absolute power in a city, but those days are gone now. Perhaps you stepped down, perhaps you were deposed or perhaps your city fell; it matters little in your reduced state. What does matter is that the leader in the city where you now dwell is aware of your prior employment, and has concerns that you might be trying to make a position for yourself. If this leader sees an opportunity to get rid of you he just might take it.

Driving Goal 1 Points
You have a personal goal, which sometimes compels and directs you in startling ways. The goal is always limitless in depth, and you can never truly achieve it. It could be to overthrow the Church or achieve total enlightenment. Because you must work toward your goal throughout the chronicle (though you can avoid it for short periods by spending Action Points), it will get you into trouble and may jeopardize other actions. Choose your goal carefully, as it will direct and focus of everything your character does.

A character who is Driven has a single goal that he will sacrifice anything to achieve. He will turn his back on his friends and family; even sacrifice his honor to gain his goal.

Dubious Relations 1 Points
You have some sort of intimate connection with a member of the opposing sect or inimical clan. You may have a lover, a child, a friend or a contact working the other side of the fence, but regardless of politics you retain a friendly (or more than friendly) relationship with your putative foe. Your close ties to someone on the other side would be regarded as treason by your superiors and or authority, and if you are discovered the penalty will surely be death.

Enemy 1 to 2 Points
You have an enemy, or perhaps a group of enemies, who seek to harm you. The power of the enemy depends on how many points the player wishes to spend. (Five points indicate the wrath of the Fact high command, or perhaps an arch-magi or some other potent supernatural foe)

Fascination 1 Points
The character has a fascination with something - music, horses, ancient history - and will go to any length to learn new things about it. A character with a fascination for spellcraft might resort to stealing scrolls from other scholars. Someone who has a fascination with horses would go to any length to purchase (or otherwise obtain) one of the finest steeds of the steepes, or someone who was fascinated with history would leap at the chance to travel into the forests, searching for ruins, even if the forest was crawling with monsters.

Fault Honest 2 Points
A character with this disadvantage just can't tell a good lie. Whenever he tries, he fails. The party listening doesn't even need to make a roll.

Frail Mind 2 Points
Whenever you are the subject of a magical attack, Bluff or Charm roll, or any other task that would test your Willpower, the attacker gets to roll two rolls and take the higher result.

Greed 1, 2, or 5 Points
You've spent too much time watching the caravan masters, and not enough learning their ways. For each Point of Greed, your enemies get a Staged bonus on all bribery attempts they make. You may not make a Willpower roll to resist bribery attempts.

Gullible 1 Points
You have a soft spot in your heart for sob stories. You believe almost everything anyone tells you if they are convincing enough. The TN to convince you of anything is a 5, regardless of your Passive Insight score.
The character is very suggestible and naive, and is easily deceived by others. Perhaps they have lived a life shielded from the duplicitous nature of the modern world, and as a result they have trouble perceiving any lies they are told.

The character is the kind of person that believes the pitch of every salesman that comes their way, and is disappointed when the products they buy do not live up to the advertising. This disadvantage cannot be combined with the advantage Intuition or the disadvantage Cynic.

Half-Deaf 1 Point
You can barely hear things around you – this would be called tinnitus in the modern day. Tinnitus is not a disease, but a condition that can result from a wide range of underlying causes. The most common cause is noise-induced hearing loss! You suffer a double stage penalty to all listen attempts and whispering doesn’t work on you!

Hatred 1 to 2 Points
This character has a burning hatred for some political / social group or form of monster. The character will be hard-pressed to control themselves if they finds themselves confronted with this type of foe. Note that they may not automatically realize that they are dealing with their particular hated foe. Once they have made this discovery, the character must make a successful Willpower check, difficulty based upon the danger of the situation, or attack the target immediately.
Willpower verses DC 10 or Higher

Haunted 1, 2, or 5 Points
You are haunted by an angry and tormented spirit, most likely the ghost of one ot your victims. This spirit actively attempts to hinder you, and it does its utmost to vent its anguish upon you and anyone in your presence. The Storyteller determines the exact nature of the spirit, its powers and whether or not it can eventually he laid to rest.

You are haunted by the spirit of an ancestor who is not happy with you. He is distracting, insulting, and irritating, but he is also your ancestor, which means all you can do is try to do better.

1 point : The ghost only appears / shows up once in a while.
2 points : The ghost is a presence you can expect
5 points: the ghost has the ability to pose a physical threat

Home of Ashes 1 Point
Your immediate family lies dead, butchered by wrongdoers. Besides having no kin to speak for you or to call on for aid, you cannot use family as a Source of Stability, and have no lands or savings to attract a spouse.

Hunted 1 to 2 Points
You are pursued by a fanatic who believes (perhaps correctly) that you are a danger to their stability. All those with whom you associate, be they man or otherwise, may be hunted as well.

Inconvenient Alliance(1-3)(CL): You have an ally with someone who is discomforting to you and/or your circle, but can't easily get rid of him because of a favor owed, sense of guilt, or whatever. Level of flaw reflects how controversial or dangerous this ally is.

Impotent 1 Point
The character is unable to become sexually aroused due to some psychological or physical problem. In men this manifests as the inability to achieve an erection. In women it is perceived as frigidity and the inability to have an orgasm. This disadvantage may or may not be linked to Sexually repressed, as the character's spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak

Incompetent 2 Points
This character suffers from a condition in which serious mental disabilities notably mark their existence, which is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted interests and repetitive behaviour.
Social / Communication

Characters have social impairments and often lack the intuition about others that many people take for granted.
About a third to a half of individuals with autism do not develop enough natural speech to meet their daily communication needs.

Repetitive behaviour
• Stereotypy is repetitive movement, such as hand flapping, head rolling, or body rocking.
• Compulsive behavior is intended and appears to follow rules, such as arranging objects in stacks or • lines.
• Sameness is resistance to change; for example, insisting that the furniture not be moved or refusing to • be interrupted.
• Ritualistic behavior involves an unvarying pattern of daily activities, such as an unchanging menu or a • dressing ritual. This is closely associated with sameness and an independent validation has suggested • combining the two factors.
• Restricted behavior is limited in focus, interest, or activity, such as preoccupation with a single • book, toy, or game.
• Self-injury includes movements that injure or can injure the person, such as eye poking, skin picking, • hand biting, and head banging.

This character is unable to use / develop their Detect Lie, Haggle, Insight, or Sense Motive Knacks and Skills – additionally the character is unable to use Bluff, Blather, Disguise, Fast-Talk, and Gambling.

This character regains an Action Point whenever they behave in a way which does harm to themself but furthers the story in a significant way…

Examples: I.E. Autism
- Tells the truth to the guards looking for the PC’s friend who happens to be a wanted Smuggler…
- When in the middle of combat / the character stops fighting to save “all” the horses present – both friend and foe
- Starts hand-biting themselves after being instructed by their ally to go pick that guy’s pocket…

Indebted 1 to 2 Points
Someone did this character a favor in the past and could call upon her at any time to pay the piper. This could be something as minor as doing some errands (1 point) to carrying large gambling debts to gangsters who want their money back (3 points). This flaw is usually temporary, as after the debts are paid the flaw is gone. However, some creditors may feel that they can call upon the character repeatedly, especially those involved in crime.

Infested 1 Points
Some sort of creatures live on and or inside you. Exotic hermovores: chiggers, bot flies, gnats, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, leeches and unnamable fungal spores - consider the creases, folds and scaborous layers of your skin delightful. Your flesh continuosly twitches and you writhe from it, some of these living things burrow inside you, possibly even nesting within. Despite all your ingenious methods of discouraging them, this loathsome hosting will not dispense.
Insensitive1 Points
The three most important things in your life are your health, your welfare, and your wealth. You care little for the plights of others and don't make any motions to keep it a secret. You must spend an Action Point whenever you want to put yourself at risk for another.

Intolerant 1 Point
You have an unreasoning dislike of a certain thing. This may be an animal, a class of person, a color, a situation, or just about anything at all. Note that some dislikes may be too trivial to be reflected here - a dislike of Awlsman brew or papyrus paper, for instance, will have little effect on play in most chronicles.

Lame 5 Points
Your legs are injured or otherwise prevented from working effectively - which prevents you from running or walking easily. You are forced to walk with a cane or possibly leg braces, and you have a pronounced limp to your stride.
Your walking speed is one-half that of a normal human, and running is impossible.
In addition; All Reflex Saves gain 1 Bane dice.

Lechery 1 Point
Love making is more important to you than it should be to an adventurer. For each Point of Lechery, your enemies get a Stage Bonus to Charm skill rolls they make. You may not make a Willpower roll to resist seduction attempts.

Lost Love 1 Points
You once knew true love, and now it's gone. You tend to have fits of melancholy when you are reminded of your love. Whenever your love is mentioned, you gain a Bane die to all die rolls until you spend an Action Point to bring yourself back to the present.

Low Self-Image 1 Point
You lack self-confidence and don't believe in yourself. At the Storyteller's option, you may be required to make Willpower check to do things that require self-confidence, or even to use a Action Point when others would not be obliged to do so.

Low Status 1 Point
You are of lower class, a labourer or a peasant
Masochist/Sadist (1) (K:UH (Masochist), BOS (both): You either enjoy pain or enjoy inflicting it on others. In addition to the inconveniences this fascination may cause you, you may also be seen as sick (and, well you are), or even more sick people may use you for your obsession.

Meddler 1 Points
You cannot resist getting into other people's business. You always have an opinion and enjoy sharing it with others. You know what's best for everyone and have no qualms about telling them. This can get you in a lot of trouble. Some of the varied denizens of the Grim are a very private people, and meddling in another's affairs is considered an insult - it implies that they can't take care of their own house. Sticking your nose in other people's business could get it cut off.

Mistaken Identity 1 Point
You look similar to descriptions of another person, which causes cases of mistaken identity. This can prompt numerous awkward or even dangerous situations, especially if your"twin"has a terrible reputation or is wanted for some crime.

Monstrous 1 to 5 Points
Characters with this Drawback appear to be savage, disgusting, and or unsettling which garners fear and loathing in those who look upon.
Additional Ranks beyond the base are reserved for those truly different flesh then that of men.

Mutation (Obvious) 5 Points
You have a obvious mutation and it can’t be hidden. It is impossible for you to lead a normal life. You are forced to skulk from farm to farm stealing food and running from Witch-hunters. It takes all your will to prevent you from devolving into a slobbering monster which feeds on anything, even human flesh.
Every month of play you should roll a Willpower check. If you fail you must reduce your Intelligence by 1. This Drawback is not recommended at character creation, but could possibly be applied after serious exposure to Paradox or perhaps things from the Beyond.

Mutation (Secret) 2 Points
You have a minor mutation. This doesn’t affect your life much except if anyone from commoners to the authorities discovers your condition. At this point you will be killed or be perhaps forced into exile. The mutation will usually be easy enough to hide but you must be careful when bathing or being searched.

Mute 1 Points
You cannot speak. You may communicate with the Storyteller and describe your actions, but you cannot talk to player or Storyteller characters unless everyone concerned uses Language Skill Ranks to purchase a commonly understood sign language or you write down what you wish to say if not illiterate.

Necrophile 2 Points
No, you don't have sex with the dead, but you certainly enjoy their company. You are obsessed with dead bodies and "invite" them over to your residence. Your home is tastefully decorated with severed and mutilated body parts of all kinds. You talk to your dead friends, dance with them, make art out of them and entertain frequently. Most people especially those of particularly refined temperament may need courage to enter a room where you've left your guests and their accouterments.

Never Mounted 1 Point
You have never been on a horse, and don't know how to ride one. Even sitting on the back of a calm mare while traveling, you'll need someone to hold the reins and lead the horse for you. If you are mounted when fighting starts or something startles the horse, you are sure to fall off.

Nightmares 1 Point
You experience horrendous nightmares every time you sleep, and memories of them haunt you during your waking hours. Upon awakening, you must make a Will power check or lose an action die. A botched Willpower roll indicates that, even when awake, you still believe that you are locked in a nightmare somehow.
Notoriety (3) (most): You did something, or at least others think you did, that is frowned upon by your peers and elders. -2 dice to all social rolls dealing with your sect/chantry/etc.

Obsession 1 to 2 Points
The character becomes fixated on a goal or thing.

Obtuse 1 Point
You just don't get it. Poems are a meaningless babble of nonsense. Paintings are just something to cover holes in the walls. Music is a waste of time if you can't dance to it, and dancing is a waste of time unless you've drunk enough sake to drown out the music. Don't even start on that kabuki garbage. Your soul is unmoved by the finer things; even when you try, you just don't see the point. With the exception of Knowledge skills, Hunting, Investigation, Mountaineering, and Medicine, learning or raising any High skill costs double the normal amount.

In any social or courtly situation, you incur a two Stage Penalty. On the other hand, being numb to the finer things is not always a weakness. In the court, people tend to ignore you. They tried making fun of you for a while, but eventually, that stopped, too.

Other characters receive a Stage penalty to all rolls involving taunting, ridiculing, or manipulating your thick-skulled character.

Old Flame 1 Points
Someone you once cared deeply for is now an enemy. They still attempt to play on your sympathies "for old times' sake" while working against you. You most likely will not act against them unless the situation becomes life-threatening.

Overconfident - Greater 2 Points
You never retreat; never choose to fight another day. You are possessed of the youthful illusion of immortality. When faced with superior forces, you must make an Insight roll against your Disquiet + 10, failure indicates you stay and fight.

Overconfident - Lesser 1 Point
You have an exaggerated and unshakable opinion of your own worth and capabilities — you never hesitate to trust your abilities, even in situations in which you risk defeat. Because your abilities may not be enough, such overconfidence can be very dangerous. When you do fail, you quickly find someone or something else to blame. If you are convincing enough, you can infect others with your overconfidence.

Pagan 2 Points
You are either not a Factite at all, or you are a follower of one of the heresies declared anathema by the Fact, such as the Old Faith and other Paradoxical worship. Although Bani, Free States men and pagans are no strangers to the Empire, they are subject to various forms of oppression and social stigma in a culture that is unabashedly Factite. Many non-Factite curry on (and even thrive) by doing their very best not to antagonize the Fact community in any way. They practice their rites in private, find economic and social niches where they are tolerated or appreciated, and they watch tor signs of bubbling hate or resentment.
Not so you. Either because of past "offenses" or current behavior, you are permanently branded a heathen — somewhere between unsavory and evil in the eyes of the Fact majority. You regularly face discrimination, accusations and even outright persecution. Even among the undying, you carry a black mark, especially among followers of the Symmetry.

Probationary Member (3) (M3): You're not on the greatest terms with the group (tradition, clan, tribe, etc.) you belong to and are highly suspect of various naughtiness. You may not be privy to the normal priveleges of being part of your group, nor will you necessarily receive aid when you ought to, etc.

Proud 1 Point
You know that you are the finest in whatever vocation you had been tutored / trained for. Your skills are honed, and the fortune is on your side. It's not mere overconfidence - it's absolute arrogance. Nothing can stop you from fulfilling the destiny you're sure you have, whatever it is.
Obviously, it will be the grandest thing you come upon, and any who meet you should be informed of the caliber of person they are dealing with. One day, they will want to tell their children about you!

Prey Exclusion 1 Point
You refuse to hunt a certain class of persons or prey. You might refuse to slay peasants, women, priests or poets. If you accidentally harm such an individual you automatically lose an Action Point. Witnessing others molesting the object of your exclusion might also provoke a fight in you - resulthing in a Willpower check, at the Storyteller's discretion. Some may take this Drawback to represent an additional, self imposed prey limitation beyond that imposed by their acceptible cultural norms.
Lose an Action Point when you harm your Excluded Prey
Willpower save to resist provocation within

Repulsive 2 Points
With this Drawback, every natural animal you encounter is automatically and severely upset by your presence. This is much more severe than the unease: Creatures panic and flee, and some rare few attack. You cannot calm the creatures down.
Rival (1-5) (most): Someone within your own society viciously competes against you and tries to undermine your plans; really obsessive rivals may even want you dead.

Sensation Junkie (2) (B): You're addicted to sensation, and will do anything to find new means of stimulation. You must roll Willpower to resist taking the opportunity to try a new kick, difficulty depending on the situation.

Short 1 Point
You are well below average height — four feet tall or less. You have difficulty reaching or manipulating objects designed for normal adult size, and your running speed is one-half that of a normally proportioned human.

Soft-Hearted 2 Points
You cannot stand to see others suffer; perhaps you are very compassionate, or perhaps you simply dislike the intensity of emotion. If you are the direct cause of suffering, and you witness it, you will experience nights of nausea and days of sleepless grief. You avoid situations in which you might have to witness suffering, and will do anything to protect others from it. Whenever you must witness suffering, difficulties on all rolls are increased by a margin of two for the next hour.
-/+5 penalty on all rolls for a One Hour Period when suffering is beheld

Stubborn 1 to 2 Points
There is conviction of spirit, there is unshakable will, and there is just plain ornery. You fall into the last category. When your mind is made up, or when you are set on doing something, nothing can divert you.
For one point, you're "Set" in your ways, but a convincing argument will turn you around.
For two points, you're a regular "Mule", and nothing's likely to change you're opinion short of a catastrophe.
For three points, you'll not only defend your "Conviction" to Hell's door, you'll kick it in and argue with the Devil.
Forfeit an Action Point or make a Willpower check at DC 12, 15, or 19

Superstitious 2 Points
The character has misconceptions about the world around them. These irrational beliefs arise from ignorance or fear from an irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome. The character holds an erroneous belief that may inconvenience or cause them danger. More dangerous beliefs are worth more points.

True Love 2 Points
Finding true love in the Grim can be a painful experience. You will find yourself torn between your true love and your obligations, to your sect and or your family. Any character who takes True Love will find himself torn between his Love and his duty. Whenever he must choose between his Love and his duty to (and/or family, sect, patron, etc.), he must spend an Action Point to do so. Also, if he ever loses his True Love's favor, he may spend no Action Points at all until he can gain their favor back.
This Drawback is required of one of your Sources of Stability is your spouse, lover, partner, etc.

Twitch 1 Point
You have some sort of repetitive motion that you make in times of stress, and it's a dead giveaway as to your identity.
Examples include a nervous cough, constantly wringing your hands, cracking your knuckles and so on.
Ulterior Motive (2) (K:UH): You have more reason to be with your comrades than your like for them or for their common goals. Whether this motive is sinister or not, it's a secret for whatever reason, and if you are suspected of this motive, things won't look too good for you.


Minor: you have some trait that is more often than not considered a disadvantage when being considered for work.

Major: You have something about you that makes it almost impossible to find work most places.

Unhealthy 2 Points

A character with Bad Health has his Body Type lower by One Stage. This can only be selected by those who are either Fair or Fit.

Unholy 5 Points

Characters with this Flaw are clearly evil. They find holy ground uncomfortable as well.

Unlucky 1 to 5 Points

The character is marked by great misfortune. For more points, the bad luck can pass on to others.

A character with Bad Fortune puts his fate in the hands of the GM. The GM makes a secret roll on the table below (or just chooses one of the options). Some of the results are obvious ("evil eye," allergy, etc.) but others are less so. You may not take this disadvantage more than once.
Few of the outcomes on the list below have any effect on game mechanics, but all can cause roleplaying challenges. You have been warned!
Bad Fortune Table:

Someone is secretly in love with you and will go to great lengths to mess up your current love life (if any) to make room for their affections.

You have a disfiguring scar or birthmark: the mark of being born under a bad sign. Just touching you can cause bad luck. Good luck getting a massage.

You lack one item from your standard outfit.

You have an allergy to a common item. Tobacco smoke, sushi, silk, and cotton are all good examples.

You have the "evil eye" (one of your eyes is discolored). People tend to avoid your gaze and whisper about evil spirits as you pass by.

One of these days, one roll - a very important roll - is going to fail completely. You won't even need to make the roll. You won't get to use Luck or any other mechanic to salvage the situation. It's your destiny. Accept it.

You have an enemy in another Clan. You won't even know you've developed this enemy until it's far too late, of course.

Your father has accrued a great gambling debt that you will have to pay off. Soon. Very soon.

You just haven't gotten the hang of one of your skills just yet. All TNs for one skill are at +5. You may spend one Experience Point to get rid of this Bad Fortune.

Roll again twice on this table; ignore this roll.

Vanity 1 Point
You are gorgeous and/or brilliant - and you know it. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't seem to notice. You'd better make sure they know the quality of the person they are dealing with!

Vengeful 1 Points
You have a score to settle, incurred either during your early background or after you embarked upon adventure. You are obsessed with taking your revenge on an individual or group, and it is your overriding priority in any situation in which you encounter the object of your revenge. You may temporarily resist your need for vengeance by spending a Action point.

Vice 1 to 2 Points
This flaw represents an addiction, ranging from accepting dares or doing drugs to having sex with exotic creatures or taking debilitating drugs.

Weak Immune System 2 Points
A person with this has problems fighting off illnesses.
All Fortitude Saves gain 1 Bane dice.

Weak-Lunged 1 Point
Life gives all people their own burdens to bear. Yours is a deformity of the lungs, meaning that you become winded easily. Increase all difficulties by a margin of one sustained physical activity (running, prolonged combat, climbing, etc).
-/+2 penalty to all sustained physical activity

Weak-Willed 2 Points
The character has a will not as strong as others.
All Willpower Saves gain 1 Bane dice.

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That's a pretty large infodump to reference mechanics from several different games that don't appear in 40K? (I recognize L5R, White Wolf's Storyteller system, and something d20.) Plus it has the problem of a number of merits-and-flaws systems that engaging in the flaws is all risk and no reward to the player, since you can get only benefits up front but only drawbacks going forward in play that are very often completely orthogonal to the benefits. If you want to implement a meaningful downside to getting immediate access* to power armor, requiring the player to stick with a Poor Craftsmanship suit is generally fine. It'll still offer good benefits now (AP 6 + a few other things), and can be improved later to gain more benefit without too much issue.


*I say immediate access because Commerce is really valuable for pushing your ability to get better gear. Even if no one has selected the one homeworld that effectively gives +20 to all Commerce checks (the Oath Unspoken from Forgotten Gods), someone in the group can easily get Commerce at TN 50 right out of chargen. And unlike most earlier 40K RPGs, every DoS gives +10 to a subsequent Requisition test.

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I'm not looking at the book right now, but if I recall, RAW quality doesn't change the rarity, it just gives a bonus or penalty to requisition. 


So no, it would still be too rare.


If this is the case then the Adeptus Mechancius can start with three best quality cybernetics since they reduce them by two.

Also all characters would take best quality.


However I do agree that RAW it seems to read that the craftsmanship is irrelevant to your initial requisitions. 

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As I understand it the quality of an acquisition affects the rarity of the item.


Think about it. It's difficult to find/afford a supremely machined piece as opposed to a generic run of the mill average.

It affects the ability to acquire it but if it affected rarity they wouldn't say -30 for best, they would say move up two steps on the rarity. At least that's what I would do.

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I think that quality affects the rarity of an item because the cybernetic cerebral implants says something like a Hood quality cerebral implants becomea near unique in rarity.

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