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Professor Tanhauser

Deathwatch: By the rules or cinematic?

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OK, kind if annunspecific question here but you'll see where I!m going with this.

When running dw, do you go strictly by the rules or do you sometimes say ''forget the rules, I'm doing something that's cool!'' Or ''Bob had a great idea but there really aren't rules for it, but I think I'll let it work just because it's so cool and seems to fit the 40k setting really good!''

One idea might be while fighting necrons. The DW let's loose with an awesome fussilade of fire that cuts down the grand necton poobah's warrior squad, but the lord is still standing and raises his ressurection orb, which begins pulsing with eldreitch green light, and slowly his fallen minions begin to regenerate their damage. Even tho it's not in the turn sequence a player says he's going to try to shoot the orb out of the lord's hand and destroy it.

Sounds cool, sounds like something that would be in a 40k story. sure there isn't a rule for it over sex the RO isn't listed in terms of armor and hp, you can extrapolate it's size at about a human head or so for size mod. So do you let him go a it regardless of the rules because it's cool or sick to the rules?

Now I'm not likely to let this go to far. You're generally not going to take out a Titan with a bolter no matter how dramatic it would be. But if someone we're to, say, make a called strike to a necron's neck (no pun intended) and roll a great his with like power weapon and sever it, then say he furiously kicks the head away before it could reattsch to the body, or he jams a grenade into a nids wide open mouth then rolls away I might let if work if he rolled pretty good and spent s fste point.

So how do you feel on frbdibg the rules for the same if good story, dramatic action or just because t 'feels' like 40k.

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