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Peter Egham

Signs of Carcosa - Biggest Production Error So Far?

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Ignore the title - I realised this was just a complaint forum, and that's pointless. Changing this to a more humble request. Could someone please post the items each SoC investigator starts with? I have their stats and abilitys, but not their starting items. Thanks, and sorry for the title.

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Michael McGlen
London, UK
1 Tommy Gun Asset

Jenny Barnes

The Caribbean (Space 8)
1 .25 automatic Asset

1 Fine Jewelry
1 Ship Ticket

Dexter Drake

Tokyo, Japan
1 Binding Spell
1 Arcane Assistant Asset


Wendy Adams
Eastern Russia (Space 16)
1 Elusive Condition
1 Clue


Let me know if you want their crippling injury and psychosis stuff too.

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