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My first Wave IX Wombo Combo

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"Quickdraw" 29


Fire Control System 2


Marksmanship 3


Throw on a shield upgrade to get the combo to proc more often. 4


38 Points!


Sidle up to some unsuspecting large base ship with low/no agility (Decimator or VCX-100 are prime candidates). Get it just right so you are not touching, but have the ship in both your primary and auxiliary arcs.


Take a Marksmanship action



Fire at PS 9, shooting from the front arc at range 1. Fire from the rear arc at range 1, now with a target lock from fire control!


Lose a shield from your 2 agility, and shoot again!


That's right, FOUR 3 dice attacks on one large base ship from one small base ship, 3 of which will be fully modified with the marksmanship action alone, and all four could be fully modified with a previous round's target lock.


Difficult to impossible to pull off? Probably!


Rage inducing if actually done? Certainly!


And the best part is, you could actually do it multiple times a game, since you do have 3/4 shields!

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