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All Yun-Seong Deck

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Attacks; 15

3 Turn Thruster 4/2 Mid+1 (All/Order)
4 Tandoya 5/3 (All/Order)
4 The Boot 4/3 Low+1 (All/Order)
4 Pommel Smash 3/3 (All/Order)

Foundations; 40

4 The Strength Within 1/5 Mid+2 (All)
4 Ancient Fighting Style 1/4 Mid+4 (All)
4 For the Money 2/5 Mid+3 (All)
4 Sacrafices for the Cause 2/5 Mid+3 (All/Order)
4 Financial Troubles 2/5 (All/Order)
4 Battle Tested 2/5 (All)
4 Unrefined 2/5 (All)
4 Controller of Souls 2/5 (All)
4 Looking for a Thrill 2/4 High+3 (All)
4 Needs a Challenge 3/5 Mid+3 (All)

Assets; 4

2 Path of the Master 2/5 Mid+2 (Infinity)
2 Wonderworld Comics 2/5 Low+3 (Air/All)

Pretty much staight forward here; use Yun-Seong's Form to abuse Unrefined (as well as everything else), and then go to work. Plenty of draw power, commital, some negation, protection from discard, etc.


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It has virtually no blocks, and while yun seong with unrefined is nice, you still have to get his attacks to not be block, and youre only running 15 in the deck, but i would have to play it to get a better view, it could be pure genius which i just havent recognised yet.

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To be honest, I was never convinced that the kill would work, one of the problems I have with All. I was thinking maybe an Order build would fare better (with discard built in) as I can still use most of those cards there anyway. How about this;

Attacks; 17

3 Nimbus 7/3 High+1 (Order)
4 Tyr's Warding Smash 4/3 High+1 (All/Order)
3 Assassin's Secret 4/3 High+2 (Air/Order)
4 Pommel Smash 3/3 (All/Order)
3 Fire Shadow 3/3 High+0 (Order)

Foundations; 36

4 Hope for One's People 0/5 High+3 (Order)
4 Cursed Blood 1/4 Low+3 (Order)
4 Together Again 2/5 Mid+2 (Order)
4 Sacrafices for the Cause 2/5 Mid+3 (All/Order)
4 Contemplating 2/5 (All/Order)
4 Financial Troubles 2/5 (All/Order)
4 Relentless 2/4 (All/Order)
4 To the Ends of the Earth 3/5 Low+3 (Order)
4 Meditating in Battle 3/5 (Order)

Assets; 6

2 Path of the Master 2/5 Mid+2 (Infinity)
2 Gianzende Nova and Frischer Himmel 2/5 Mid+2 (Order)
2 Paul's Gi 2/4 Mid+2 (All/Order)

It's based more off of weapon attacks and discard, plus I get to use Assassin's Secret with Yun-Seong.

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i am actually going to go for an air build i have a few ideas but i will have to see, but we are so going to be doing yun v yun lol

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 I like pairing Yun-Seong up with a ton of Paul's stuff.  Rivalry with a Bear will either get you +3 damage or give you foundation destruction, and getting to use it twice a turn is just plain awesome.  The same goes for Bloodline Rebellion to give all your Tekken attacks +1/+3.  I also simply adore Lunging Brushfire for it's shot at getting double the momentum, and clearing your card pool.  Lastly, Alphard Malaki and Over the Shoulder both offer up a fantastic way to guarantee getting some damage lumped on.  I also like Hoping for a Challenge in Yun-Seong, especially paired with Lunging Brushfire or Designer Clothes.

Lunging Brushfire + Yun-Seong E + Hoping for a Challenge = 3 momentum for re-readying damage/speed pump foundations plus an empty card pool for the next attack.

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