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Deathwing Terminator

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Hello fellow Deathwatch fans!


I have a question about the Dark Angel advanced specialty Deathwing Terminator. Assuming that a Dark Angel meets the requirements to become a Deathwing Terminator but does not have 60+ renown (Famed), does the character still get Terminator Armor? Can the character select from the full range of terminator weapons, like an assault cannon, or must he choose from only weapons he has the renown rating for?



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Excerpted (with a bit of format re-arrangement for clarity) from First Founding:


(Deathwing Terminator) Requirements:

 ~ a. Dark Angels only

 ~ b. Rank 4+

 ~ c. Terminator Honours (the Crux Terminatus)

 ~ d. Cost: 3,000 XP


Deathwing Terminator Wargear

 ~ a. Deathwing Terminators gain a suit of Astartes Terminator Armour.

 ~ b. The Battle-Brother must select at least two (2) weapons with which to equip the armour, chosen from the Terminator-Compatible Weapons list on page 164 of the Deathwatch Rulebook.  These may be requisitioned or selected from the Battle-Brother's Signature Wargear (where appropriate) in any combination.



1. As it says, the Deathwing Terminator gains a suit of Terminator Armour as their Standard Wargear.  So the Renown Rank: Famed is bypassed, even if the Dark Angel has not yet reached Famed.

However, as it says nothing of the like towards the two (2) weapons to equip it with other than the Dark Angel player must indeed equip the Terminator Armour with, so this is the real point of contention.


2. The key factor, though not necessarily 'hard rule' here, is whether the Dark Angel player has earned the Crux Terminatus by Class Rank 4+, and his Renown Rank at that point.

It is unlikely, at least thematically, that a Crux Terminatus would be awarded to anything less than Renown Rank: Distinguished (renown rating: 40-59), if more likely higher.  Remember: Even the most "generic" Terminator is supposed to be a veteran &/or hero of his Chapter (or the Deathwatch).  I would find it unlikely that a Dark Angel Space Marine of Renown Rank: Respected would be awarded the Crux Terminatus.


3. A "generic" Terminator's standard weapon configuration is a Storm Bolter (respected) and Power Fist (distinguished).  So the latter also implies a minimum Renown Rank: Distinguished by the time any Space Marine is able to gain a suit of Terminator Armour using this Advanced Speciality.


4. So for an overall ruling, I would say it is a split of both...

  ~ a. The Deathwing Terminator bypasses the minimum Renown Rank: Famed requirement for gaining Terminator Armour as Standard Wargear.  As a side note, the Dark Angel player also still has his standard Astartes power armor available as well for Standard Wargear, having to choose between either for the Mission at-hand.

 ~ b. However...  The Deathwing Terminator must still meet the minimum Renown Rank requirements for the two (2) weapons to equip his Terminator Armor with.  And the Deathwing Terminator is still limited to equipping Terminator-compatible weapons.

 ~ c. The Deathwing Terminator's weapons may either be from the 40 points that is included with Astartes Terminator Armour's (100) Requisition cost, or from Signature Wargear weapons (but must be Terminator-compatible, as it says above).  Or a combination of both.


For example, a Deathwing Terminator with enough rank/XP to spend can arm with...

If the Deathwing Terminator is, somehow, only Renown Rank: Respected when you are Rank 4+ and earned the Crux Terminatus...

 ~ a. Storm Bolter (20 requisition, respected)

 ~ b. Power Sword (20 requisition, respected)

{But personally- & GM-speaking, if your Dark Angel is still only Renown Rank: Respected by Rank 4+, then something is either terribly lacking or has gone terribly wrong with the Dark Angel and he probably should NOT be eligible to become a Deathwing Terminator, regardless of the Rules.}


OR, if you emulate a "generic" Terminator...

 ~ c. Storm Bolter (20 requisition, respected)

 ~ d. Power Fist (20 requisition, distinguished)


  OR, if you have the rank and renown for it...

 ~ e. Signature Wargear (Hero): Master Crafted Storm Bolter with Fire Selector (for 180 shots) & Motion Predictor sight

 ~ f. Chainfist (40 requisition, famed)


Hope this helps.

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