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I'm a William Gibson. Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash), Bladerunner fan from way back.

I enjoyed Cyberpunk 2020 RPG series from R Talsorian, and similar rule systems from Steve Jackson Games.

I played the original Netrunner game from WotC back in the late 1990's.


I was pleased to see FFG pick up on this and breath new life into it, along with the creation of Android.

I enjoy the blog entries and videos with the designers.

I've read the half-dozen fiction books written in the Android universe and enjoyed them for the flavor - if not the plot & characterization.


So when The Worlds of Android was announced it especially caught my interest.


But it's impossible to obtain a copy.

My local retailer - Game Empire in Pasadena CA - ordered 2 copies that sold out immediately.

It's not available anywhere on Amazon.

Nor does FFG have in stock.


Why is this?

What a disappointment.


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