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Assuming you have to build a 100 adventure cards deck, what's the ideal percentage of every card type (Enemies, Items, Followers, Strangers, Places and Events)?


And how the Enemies' card pool should be composed?



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really a matter of taste, I guess I'd prefer something like

50% enemies

10% low object/follower/gold

10% good objects/follower/lot o gold

20% stranger/place/event

10% bad stranger/place/event/objects/follower


enemies about 50/50 Strength/craft and fairly even number 1-7 w a few above that.

prioritize cards that allow player interaction like teleports. include items like amulet and wand that even playing field vs spellcasters.

most people dislike the cards that just waste or cost turns.


most decks/expansions have 33% enemies, highland/dungeon somewhat more, and stupid amounts of not very useful cards. upside to that is that even powerful characters need lucky draws to progress, downside is shitload of turns w no progression.


Important decision is access to gold and healing. depends a lot on how you feel about people dying^^

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