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It's Game Day! (Here are some pics)

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I don't get to play Talisman in person very often, so I get excited when Game Day rolls around.  Since I've dragged everything out of the closet, I figured this would be a good time to show off how we store all of our cards.  Please note that we have the Dragon expansion, but we're not playing it today.


NOTE: Yes, the pictures are big.  I wanted to make sure that you could see detail without squinting.  As such, I put all of my commentary on the pictures in "quote" boxes so that they stand out more.



This photo shows the whole game set up.  Likely you've all seen something like this before, so nothing really new here.



Here's a closeup of our Adventure Deck.  My wife cut up cereal boxes to make cardboard holders for all of the various decks.  We put the Terrain Cards on the side of the Adventure Deck for easy storage and easy access.  The Spell Deck is next to it in its own box.


The Warlock Quests, Quest Rewards, and Talisman cards are all in one box, with the Talisman cards in the middle, all separated by cardboard dividers.


If you look back at the first picture you will notice two similar boxes on the right-hand side: one with five divisions and one with three.  The one with five divisions is for the City.  It has all of the cards from the various shops in it, along with the Wanted Posters.  The other box has the Purchase Deck, Stables Deck, and Alignment Cards (in the middle) in it.


Every player gets two dice: one regular and one red.  The red die is for enemy rolls, so every player rolls both for himself and for his enemy.  This also ensures that everyone has two dice for instances where two dice are needed (such as the Temple).



Here is the Dungeon deck with Treasure cards on the side.



Same concept, but with the Highland deck and Relic cards.



Here are all of the Strength/Craft/Life/Fate/Gold markers.  (Yes, I realize that there is a Dragon token in the Fate section.  I found it long after I took the picture.)  The box is from one of the small box expansions.  Again, my wife just made dividers from a cereal box.  It keeps everything in one neat, tidy spot.  We just put the lid on when we're done and it stores very easily.


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These were my wife's original design, even if this design resembles something that someone else came up with.


I made boxes like that myself but never thought of combining them together :).

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