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A new challenger approaches!

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Heya!  I'd like to announcing the opening of my painting commission site.  We're new in the market (though not new to painting minis) and hopefully offering something a bit different than your standard x wing painting services.  We are hoping to specialize in producing minis that look a bit different from whats out there in the xwing world.




Feel free to click on the link and take a look around.  Ask me any questions or let me know if you want to book something.  We're a small operation, at 1-2 people, located in British Columbia, Canada.  We pride ourselves on producing one of a kind paint jobs that you won't see elsewhere.  Given our small team, work we take on will be fairly limited.


As a note to the admins, I hope this is OK that I post this here.  It seems like the best spot for exposure.  The painting forums are still a bit empty while it picks up steam.

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Cool stuff.  Regarding the rules.  I had a quick look and found the below.  Bit hard to work out where you stand to be honest, but it's not like you are trying to sell muscle enhancements.  I'm sure it will be removed if it's an issue.  I moderate a very large site and the issue with things like this is that one or two a week are fine, but if all the sudden everyone in the world that does commission work starts making threads on here, that's an issue.  So they might have to take the hard line, just so they don't set a precedence.


"Provided you abide by the Terms, FFG grants you permission to access the FFG Website for personal use and/or limited commercial use as expressly permitted herein."


  • "You will not spam (including commercial solicitation, except as expressly provided herein, political campaigning, chain letters and the like) other users.
  • You will not use the account for commercial purposes, except as expressly provided herein and/or with express written consent from FFG."

"FFG has no control over and assumes no responsibility for any product, service or event offered by a third party through the FFG Website, including Organizations. FFG recommends using your best judgment and to exercise caution where appropriate."

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