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Deus ex Ferrum - Casting Time and Substained?

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Dear Battlebrothers,


As we have just started a new Campain: I have a new Iron Hands Libarian and i am planning to lear the psychic Power "Deus ex Ferrum".

The Text is:
Iron Hands Psychic Powers

Deus Ex Ferrum

Cost: 1000 xp
Prerequisite: WP 40+
Action: Full
Opposed: No
Range: 1 metre radius x PR
Sustained: Yes
Description: The Iron Hands Librarian focuses his mind and links his iron will to the strength of his augmetics, bolstering himself and his allies. The Librarian and a number of BattleBrothers equal to his Psy Rating within a number of metres of the Librarian equal to his Psy Rating gain a +10 bonus to both Strength and Toughness. This bonus is increased by +5 for every cybernetic possessed by the affected Space Marine (The Flesh Is Weak Talent counts its level towards these requirements). If used at the Unfettered Level, this Power is a Half Action. If used at the Push Level, this Power is a Free Action.


So at the start of my turn i cast the spell with Push Level. So does that mean that i have my complete turn left for action?
Or do i have to "spare" a half action up? (i hope not)

And does the spell keeps up until my next turn and THEN i may decide to spend a half action to substain the spell?
Is this all correct as i am new with Psy Powers?

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Your interpretation seems to be correct (it probably is correct, it's just 1 am here, and I can't be arsed to cross-reference everything) - you activate it in your round, spending a Full, Half or Free Action depending on the power level (so if you Push it, you still have the complete turn), and, at the beginning of your next round, decide whether to sustain it. If yes, it takes a half action.

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