Polda's X-Wing Repaints - Image heavy

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Looks good. Could you describe how you did the cockpit glass?

To me, this is one ship that is begging to have more panels removed and piping and bits added to represent aftermarket and illicit upgrades `a la the Falcon.

Oh yes IT'S SO FLAT!

The FFG painjob is nice, plenty of colors there but the model itself is dull because of the top plating.

The nacelles almost do enough to offset it but fall just short.

I'll need to magnetize so I can show off the bottom which has vents under the cabin and other fun details.

Edit: might do a photo guide for the canopy. There is a basic description of it eithet here or my IA thread (see signature).

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Hot diggity dog, Polda! THAT is a good looking T-70. That wine/blackberry color looks so good, and it makes the blue cockpit just pop!

There's a lot going on here to like: the contrasting colors, the weathering and paint scratches, edge higlighting and the gradation in the cockpit glass.


If I had the funds, I'd have each unique pilot have a ship dedicated to them. So far, Poe is the only unique that I fly fairly regularly, but FFG saved me the trouble of painting the whole ship. I just had to give it some finishing touches.


Back to you: Beautiful work. Keep it coming!

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A T-70 for Nien Numb.




Yaaaaay! More of Polda's repaints!!


I have got to say I think that is my fav T-70 repaint so far. Just the right amount of everything.


Thanks always for the inspiration and your beautiful work, John.

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