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Black Crusade: Dark Heresy 2.0 Edition

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Hey there heretics. I've been running a Dark Heresy 2e campaign for a decent bit now and Black Crusade seems like a possible game my group might get into next. However I found the character generation system and chaos god based affinity less than appealing.


So I thought about things for a while and wondered, why not just play Dark Heresy 2e only with a few of Black Crusade's archetypal rules stapled in? This is particularly tempting as my entire group would want to play humans anyway, not traitor marines so that saves me from having to wrestle with making space marines playable in 2e Dark Heresy.


Basically this means the corruption system would be added as well as minions and be replacing influence. Chaos psychic powers seem easy enough to transfer over as well.


The biggest issue I saw is that Chaos would have relatively few backgrounds for characters who didn't start out imperial. But looking at the existing backgrounds it seems easy enough to make relatively balanced new backgrounds.


Background concepts I currently have going are...


Apostate: Devout worshiper of the dark gods or full time member of an actual church to one of the dark gods (or both)

Cold Trader: Interplanetary black marketeer 

Occultist: Gatherer of forbidden sorcerous lore, possibly an apprentice of a sorcerer or even a daemon they can contact from the warp

Space Pirate: They're like pirates, but in space! (yarr!)

Warband: Member of a chaos warband (duh), from a small free company to a full blown army of chaos


Naturally all imperial backgrounds could be valid to represent traitors of the Imperium and the Heretek, Mutant, and Outcast background are all perfect for Black Crusade. The exorcised background feels a bit odd to me and even more so in Black Crusade where I have a hard time seeing daemons being exorcised from folks by their fellow Heretics.


I can also see a Possessed elite advance being hilarious.


Feedback on these background concepts is greatly appreciated and crunch for them is soon to come!

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I think it could be more easy to go with the archetype system. Faster and Easier. Only Thing to change is the affinities there are plenty of variations for that in this very forum site if you take your time and start digging... Of course you can change some rules, combat and maybe skills and talents. Basically I suggest drop the backgound system If not necessary. But If that badly needed change all of the archetypes for one.  

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