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Pretty Baubles Among the Gold?

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First off, this is mostly a modeling question, and there will be some model-talk rambling, so I'll apologize for that, from the get go, especially I your appreciation for 40k does not extend into that arena, but these are the people who know Rogue Trader well, which is critical to the mini, and so I'll ask you.


So, some to most of you know of my silly Rogue Trader, Aedan Qel-Drake. I am endeavoring to represent him, in 40k miniature, and I need some help. The mini, itself, will be complicated for me to build, based on my current skill level (he's going to be my first foray into using Greenstuff, among other things), but simple enough, on paper. He's also going to have a showy "display base", that his infantry base will fit inside; he'll look nice with the other minis I've done, and be playable, on a table, if I ever wanted to (his stats are a bit high-end, but an Inquisitor is pretty close, and has a lot of the same stuff). His base, as I'm planning it currently, is going to be him standing on a mound of gold (what I assume Thrones look like, but I don't know), with some jewels, mixed in, to give it flare. Thing is, this is a Rogue Trader we are talking about; a man with the resources to operate a roughly military-grade cruiser, and run a sector-spanning dynasty. I want to sneak a small assortment of other small, "precious treasure" doodads, and loot, into the coin pile, representing some of the other things he's found. What I need is some other ideas of small, preferably hand-held-size objects, that might be littered among the gold you can see, to make it look more fancy. What other little trinkets could I scatter among the dragon's hoard he's standing upon, that I might be able to model? I'm trying to sort of skip weapons, mostly because he already has an inferno pistol, and a banshee sword, but also because they often have a hand molded on the grip, and that would look sill, as well as they might take up too much room.


Any ideas would be great. If you were going to describe to a party, upon them entering a messy treasure vault, what all might you describe as strewn out, upon the floor? Thank you so much for any ideas, and again, apologies for this not really being involved in the game, in question, but it's the easiest way to ask the people I know, who know a lot about 40k, and Rogue Trader. Please have a great day.

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I can point out that there are plenty of weapons without hands on them but that's a bit beside the point since your not looking for that. Below are links that might help:


Reaper has plenty:













Otherworld miniatures isn't without either:




and then we have Ristulus:






Personally I'm not too fond of Frostgraves treasures but maybe:



There are of course plenty of more if you search around but these should be more than enough I think.

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I frequently joke that the 40Kverse is really Star Trek's 'Mirror Universe' 38,000 years into the future; since you say your Rogue Trader is 'silly', Venkelos, it might be funny to model a Classic Trek tricorder lying among the treasure, representing an archaeotech auspex...

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