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Question about fiction included in War Packs

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Hello all!


I recently got into this game when a friend was getting out and he gave me his collection. It included 2 core sets and 1 each of the first set of War Packs. I ended up buying the Tyranid box and all of the War Packs for the Planetfall cycle.


The game is awesome, and I'm having a blast, but I had a question. I noticed in the Planetfall War Packs, they came with a leaflet with some fiction and some updated rules. Were these leaflets also packed with the Warlord War Packs as well? My friend only gave me the rule books that came with the core sets. If the War Packs came with the leaflets, is there any place online that I can read them? I like the lore flavor that comes with these leaflets, and I'd hate to miss out.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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