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Talisman Stones from the Heavens: 7000 BC discovered in Poland

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I recently discovered this amazing game and i am already working toward a home brew of my own (I plan to play the game some first however, I do not yet own a copy). I would have loved this game as a kid but for some reason never knew of it. As a long time student of religion and myth, an avid fantasy fan and video gamer, Talisman is masterpiece of story and fun. I have rule preferences, as everyone does, so I will incorporate those into anything I publish. I have also been working on a related game for sometime and Talisman has renewed my drive to produce it in some form.


I wanted to post this article now (others may have already, I do not know). The trinity, stones, and heavenly rocks held as sacred to the ancients is ubiquitous (lots of amazing megalithic discoveries in recent years around the world), but this find seems right out of Talisman (the Warlock's own cave!) and the Legend of Zelda. FF might consider adding this to the game somehow, in a classic version with retro fantasy art perhaps. But it is easy enough to do with Strange Eons. Finally, the article. I will post the image of the Talisman stones in my gallery, if I figure out how to do it? Please share:


Talisman made from a 9,000 year-old METEORITE found inside a prehistoric shaman's hut
  • Researchers in Poland have found a prehistoric meteorite in a hut
  • The 9,000 year-old object was believed to belong to a stone-age shaman
  • Found along with other objects associated with magic such as an amulet
  • The small meteorite was shaped into a cylindrical and porous object
  • And the researchers suggest the humans knew it fell from space

By Jonathan O'Callaghan


'Archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology in Szczecin, in north west Poland, found the meteorite fragment inside the caveman house by lake Swidwe in Western Pomerania during excavations.

The object was a natural pyrite meteorite fragment, pyrite being an iron sulfide mineral often referred to as fool's gold owing to its yellowish appearance.

This meteorite, which measured eight by 5.3 by 3.5 centimetres (3.1 x 2.1 x 1.4 inches) has a cylindrical shape and was porous, with a corrugated surface on its side.' . . .article-0-1F7B013300000578-857_634x334.j


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