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Index of helpful Imperial Assault Links

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This is a list of helpful links concerning Imperial Assault: Imperial Assault Image DB:


ibsh's "Pre-assembled" skirmish maps: /


Fizzgrid™ Technology ... for your rules question needs:™-technologyfor-your-rules-question-needs/


Sorastro's Painting Guide: /


thereisnotry's Skirmish Map Puzzle Guides:


Index of Imperial Assault Skirmish Video Battle Reports:


Ability Resolution Order During Attacks (campaign-focused, still useful for skirmish)


Imperial Assault Dice Calculator:





Vader's Finest Imperial Assault Podcast:


Mandalorian Tactics Imperial Assault Podcast:


New Orders - IA Skirmish Strategy Podcast:


Imperial Assault Team Video Podcast @ Fully Operational: Imperial Assault Podcast:


The Jodo Cast Star Wars Podcast:



Team Builders


IA Army Builder:


Jedi Wars squad builder:





Modules: http://www.vassaleng...mperial_Assault


Skirmish Module Discussion: https://boardgamegee...ssault-skirmish


Campaign Module Discussion: https://boardgamegee...ssault-campaign



3rd Party Tokens


sixmillitoe's tokens:




Please help keeping this up to date.

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Line of Sight - Along an Entire Edge of a Space? -

IA Army Builder -
Pre-built squads -
From the above link, some people used https://www.pixartprinting.euto order from Europe but I think that VistaPrint should be fine.
Imperial Assault – Skirmish Strategy 101 – Weekend Warlords Blog

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