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Bonus Achievement Points and Lure of the Expanse

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I'm running Lure of the Expanse with my group, and I've run into an issue with the Achievement Points.


The whole campaign calls for 3000 points to succeed, with a bonus +1 PF per 100 points beyond 3000. Just going off of the possible point values written into the campaign, these numbers are very reasonable.


But then we add the bonuses from various Ship Components. My group would be getting a Theme bonus on almost every objective in the campaign, often amounting to much higher than the objective is even worth! In the Heathen Trail portion of the campaign, they're capable of getting bonus Achievement Points in excess of 2000. It's a little unbalanced.


Any ideas how to solve this problem?

I'm not just going to hand over the bonus points for free — they'll have to come up with a legitimate way to utilize the component that's going to give them the bonus — but I've learned to never underestimate the players' ability to do what it takes to maximize their rewards.

Maybe I should alter the values in the campaign? Or reduce the bonus from their components?


Has anyone else dealt with this issue?


NOTE: This is the first time I'm actually trying to utilize the Achievement Point system in Rogue Trader. In all previous campaigns, I tossed out that part of the system, usually due to lack of planning. I really want this to work, though.

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Some of us came up the concept that you cannot gain a max bonus in excess of the total PF reward for the adventure.  Meaning, at the conclusion of a +5 PF Grand Endeavor, the total bonus PF the PC's could net would be no more than +5 (for a Grand total +10).  This means they would have to seek larger endeavor's in order to gain huge rewards, instead of conducting Lesser Endeavor's all the time and coming out ahead. 


Others have thrown out the RAW Endeavors and substituted their own reward system, like what you mentioned.  What exactly those rewards and system is, is at the GM and players discretion.


With all this said, just because the PC's have a Barracks and a Cargo Hold does not mean they automatically gain a +100< bonus achievement points.  In my opinion, the PC's would have to had them stocked with the right supplies for the right audience (because what backwater feudal world Chieftain wants battery cells, cogitators, and/or copper wires he can't use).  So unless they did their research before hand, they might not get the total worth from that component.

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