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Vixen Icaza

Imperial ordinance list what would you take?

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ok so i have been playing around with a bomber strike list for imps. Until Vets comes out i only have 3 bombers so thought i would try this.

Scimitar Squadron pilot 16 x3

Guidance Chimps 0

Extra munitions 2

Torp or Rocket < 5pts

Carnor Jax 26

Royal Guard 0

Auto thrusters 2

Stealth Device 3

Push the Limit 3

So i have 12pts to spend on ordinence. first feeling was Cluster missiles, second was Plasma torps. 3rd was to drop the AT on Carnor and do 2 x Adv. Proton Torps 1 x X33 thread tracers.

How would you finish this list?

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Have the inquisitor instead of carnor

TIE Avanced Prototype: · The Inquisitor (25)

Push The Limit (3)

XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1)

Autothrusters (2)

TIE/v1 (1)

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I've had an amount of success flying:

Gamma Squadron pilot 18 (x3)

-plasma torpedoes 3

-extra munitions 2

-guidance chips 0

Black squadron pilot 14 (x2)

-draw their fire 1

Puts you at 99 points, everything shoots before scouts. Can add thread tracers to a bomber if you want to spend the last point.

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I personally have been juggling with this idea:

Captain Jonus
-Extra Munitions
-Concussion Missiles
-Guidance Chips

Gamma Squadron Pilot x3
-Extra Munitions
-Cluster Missiles
-Guidance Chips
(24 x 3)

The idea of throwing out six dice with four rerolls and chips on three ships is impossibly amusing. A first volley of 22 dice if all ships are in range feels incredibly satisfying.

Alternatively, swap out Clusters for Concussions or anything else at your leisure.

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I love my Tie bombers and even the two punishers I have but I never really have any success with them.


At PS2 (and even 4) they can't get the lockons required to spend their ordanance.  The next round the would-be targets zoom up to clos range.  The upcoming long-range sensors will definitely help but at the cost of running Guidance Chips.


I have had a little luck flying a Black Squadron tie fighter next to them with Squad Leader.  His job (at 16 points at PS4) is to spend an action to give his action to a nearby bomber, giving them TL+focus.  Maybe the Fleet Officer and the upcoming Systems officer.




swx52-long-range-scanners.png swx52-systems-officer.pngfleet-officer.png

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