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Krassis/Inquisitor/Omega Leader

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99 points



Krassis Trelix (43)
Firespray-31 (36), Heavy Laser Cannon (7)

The Inquisitor (30)
TIE Advanced Prototype (25), Juke (2), TIE/v1 (1), Autothrusters (2)

“Omega Leader” (26)
TIE/fo Fighter (21), Comm Relay (3), Juke (2)


Hey guys.  I really want to get my Firespray into more lists.  Here's an idea I tossed around.  What do you think?  Have any suggestions?  I'm open to pretty much anything, so long as it's Imperial and includes a Firespray.  Thanks

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Okay, well I tried to use Krassis' ability a little more with this. The Clusters allow you to hit things hard that get within R1 of you. This is at 100pts, but it would be great if you could find a way to free 2 points up to throw a Systems Officer (not yet released) on there and get your free target locks.


Krassis Trelix — Firespray-31 36

Heavy Laser Cannon 7

Cluster Missiles 4

Extra Munitions 2

Guidance Chips 0

Slave I 0

Ship Total: 49    


"Zeta Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter 20

Juke 2

Comm Relay 3

Ship Total: 25    


"Omega Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter 21

Juke 2

Comm Relay 3

Ship Total: 26

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