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My 10 Cents

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Having finally got my copy (the Welsh wastes take a while to reach) and having read through I have to say that i like what they have done with it gamplay wise.

Quick rant first. I know there was a lot of chat about it being a board game, but lets face it that was just over the top slagging off when people didnt know what they were talking about yet. In fact even the owner of my LGS told me he would prefer to play Descent than the new eddition WHFRP even though he had yet to read it. Luckily I didnt listen to those people.

What FF have done is taken away all the numbers and rules that needed to be put in tables and on GM screens and replaced them with a clever system and set of accessories that help streamline and smooth out the Roleplay experience. They have even got rid of THE GRID SYSTEM! So all those wispers of "booardgame" were unfounded. Its an intuative system that fits the setting well and I cant wait to get down to it.

Now what I am a bit peeved over is how they have sold it. I admit I got an extra set of dice and a nice letter telling me that the original dice (which were also included) were not up to standard so its obviouse that FFG have taken care over the product and thought about it long and hard. I just think they made some bad descisions along the way.

1. The books, My biggest Gripe! Softbound thin roleplay books with regurgetated and edited art do not do it for me. For that price I want a hardback with everything under 1 roof.

2. The Box, Made as a big advertisement to draw in gamers that wouldnt normally buy this sort of thing and who pays for it .... we do. The flappy open from sleeve makes the price higher and is only aimed at a minority. Minor quible tho really.

3. Lack of usefull pieces in place of tracking chits, What would have been more usefull than lots of counters (lets face it most of that is easily kept track of on pen and paper) would have been a GM screen or some quick refrence sheets for the GM and players. I think that was a big miss but then they are selling this as the starter pack and expect you to buy the GM pack separate.

4. Last one, but important none the less, limitations to play with whats in the box. I have never ever bought an RPG that limited how many people could play, Thats just freaking scandelouse and a bit penny pinching.


Good game and nice system, just a pitty that FFG focused on so much crap to go with it that wasnt really needed. But what do they care? Ive bought it now and they have my money :P


By the way just in case FFg do care and listen, I would like to suggest something thats made this game difficult for my group. As a new Gen of roleplayers we like to play over the internet as it saves us having to arrange meeting up and we can play more often and for longer. With all the cardboard extras needed for the game this is a bit troublesome so my suggestion is to FFG to release an online pack with just the stuff you need to run the game (cards, Initiative trackers etc) and mabe even an online dice roller for the special dice. Dont have to include the rules or anything, that way you still need th core set to play.

And I want to see some of the money my idea generates ;) (im off to the patent office)

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