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Beginner needs help with 100pt squad list.

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So as the title states I'm an x wing beginner and looking for help setting up the best 100 point squad possible with the ships and cards that I own. I will be buying more ships over the months and the more I get into it. Looking to play as the rebel alliance.

The ships I own are:

Core set

Force awakens core set

X-wing expansion

E-wing expansion

M3A interceptor(I know it's a scum ship, but maybe some upgrade cards will help)

Also if you could help with what future ships I should get.

Look forward to your guys lists and tips.


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my advice. choose a faction. looks like u have more rebel ships than imperial so go rebels. you have the cards to play rebel aces with poe/x-wing/corrin right now. tbh u dont have many options with these ships. im more a scum/imperial player even tho i have a ton of rebel ships. this game makes u buy expansions to get the upgrades u need to make a super competitive squad, for example to get 2 autothruster upgrades u will need to buy a starviper.

to play corrin at full strength u will need Fire Control System and Veteran Instincts. Unique pilots are very popular right now but once u have more ships you can play rebel swarm lists like XXZZZZ or even AAAAA. Y-Wings with Twin Laser Turret are very good support ships also.

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so using what you have, and sticking to rebels since you want to fly them i'd recommend try flying this, It's not a competitive list but it uses all the ships you got with out proxying.


Biggs helps your squad stay alive, you point all your guys at the enemy and shoot. also can help you practice flying in formation with out bumping or landing on rocks which is a very important part of the game.


Fly this then try out flying some of the "elite" pilots and you can proxy some of the upgrade cards or just print out the list your going to use. For casual games I have found thats totally fine. don't even need to take the cards out just have the print out and the shield tokens on it.


Rookie Pilot (21)
R5 Astromech (1)
Biggs Darklighter (25)
Blue Squadron Novice (24)
Weapons Guidance (2)
Knave Squadron Pilot (27)
Total: 100

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