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The Chains That Rust

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Oh, yes. We need much more, imo. It would help to increase the variety of monsters too. I could name some, but first I'd have to think how it would work on descent. A short sample, tough: lycanthropy. You should test something at the end of the quest and if fail, you becomes a lycan and turns against your group. An specific overlord card should also put this in test once used, at any point. The hero should be defeated and then revived to get back to normal. Something like that.


I like your idea on Lycanthropy, but instead of it being a condition, I say make one specific Hero:


Fenris The Cursed

Human looking Picture


Attributes: 4 Speed. 10 Heart, 5 Stanima, Grey Die

Strength:2 Willpower:3 Awareness: 5 Knowledge: 3


Ability: Whenever Fenris the Cursed obtains any Heart, put a Moon/Beast Token on Fenris the Cursed. If Fenris the Cursed has 6 Moon/Beast Tokens, flip Fenris the Cursed's Hero Card. Remove any Moon/Beast Tokens if Fenris the Cursed is defeated.

Heroic Feat: Immediately Gain up to 6 Moon/Beast Tokens. Put a Hero token on this sheet as a reminder that this feat was used on this encounter.


Flipped Hero Card


Fenris The Unshackled

Picture of Werewolf like creature snarling.

Class: Scout

Attributes: 5 Speed, 14 Heart, 5 Stamina, Defense Black Die

Strength: 5 Willpower: 1 Awareness: 5 Knowledge: 1 


Heroic Ability: Fenris the Unshackled may only use melee weapons. Add 1 Red Power Die to attack Rolls. Fenris the Unshackled must spend 1 Moon/Beast Token to perform an action. If Fenris the Unshackled has 0 Moon/Beast Tokens, gain Fatigue up to Fenris the Unshackled's Stanima and flip over this hero card.

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So with scout -> healer (blue/green monk card) and warrior -> mage, what would be the two remaining combinations?

Obviously, they've left room for more hybrids in coming expansions.

Is it confirmed that battlemage is going to be Warrior -> Mage? I thought it would be the other way around, aka mage archetype hero picking warrior. If so, as the guy stuck playing as Overlord I can't say I'm looking forward to facing berseker/skirmisher Lysa or other deadly combination I'm sure is coming. If it's going to be warrior -> mage, I dread the tought of Alys or Orkell as a mage.

It is not confirmed which direction (M/W or W/M) battlemage is, we have not seen previews. It isn't confirmed that Monk is exclusively S/H- I made that guess a few pages back in the topic based on the starting card only allowing you to pick a healer deck- maybe a healer could be a monk with a hero deck, but I think that is less likely.

Mathematically, there are a few options for hybrids.

1) The max number of hybrids there could be is 16 because 4 archtypes squared. However, this includes W/W, which isn't much of a hybrid. There are 4 of those (one for each archetype).

2) If we remove the 4 "same" combinations, that leaves 12. This, however, assumes that W/M is different than M/W.

3) If order does not matter (M/W=W/M) then there are 6 combinations.

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2) If we remove the 4 same combinations, that leaves 12. This, however, assumes that W/M is different than M/W.


This is most likely, IMO. #1 is pretty much nonsense, and the rules we've seen really point towards #2. Also, if it was #3, they probably would have put all 6 in one expansion, or spread them over 2/3 with 3/2 in each, whereas 4 in Rust is confirmed, which lets them spread them over 3 expansions.


What do you think would be the best Monk combo? I'm thinking Tomble-Apothecary. You want to be close to your buddies anyway, to give them elixirs, so you get Tomble's bonus frequently. The bonus makes you basically untouchable with Vow of Freedom, and Openhanded makes Bottled Courage more reliable (all that pierce), and Bottled Courage gives another chance to proc the extra attack from Openhanded.

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Most likely we will see two more expansions with four hybrid classes  each  and possibly three more H&M too complete the first edition heroes (12 remaining).

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I cannot say for certain if the Terrify Condition cards will even be included in this expansion. They may very well be because of the monster contained in this Expansion being able to inflict the condition. If that's the case though, they will need to provide the tokens/ cards in this expansion for the purpose of it being played as it's own seperate campaign. While I plan to get both of these expansions, I would like to just point some cons out here:


-Each expansion (might) have sets of Terrified condition cards.

- Two Rulebooks- One Large Campaign ( or two small ones). 

-No heroes included in either expansion.

- Hybrid class cards that use previous classes in other expansions.

- 40 Bucks for each expansion.


I ask FFG to please never follow this format again. Either release a Big Box or a Small Box expansion. Include something for everybody. Because unfortunately this business model just makes it look like you're trying to do things half-A**ed while making us pay more for it. 


I kind of share your sentiment as a whole (I don't like this format), however there are a few facts that make me believe that this could've been more of a one-time move than a new format.


After the huge success of IA, they obviously needed to release some expansions as quick as possible. By the time they developed Mists of Bilehall and Chains that Rust, there was no big box expansion for IA and only one campaign for this game (a campaign with very little replayability because of "surprises"). So they had to get a big box expansion ready as fast as possible, most likely by shifting some resources and production potential from Descent to IA, because they know the IA big box needed to be a very good expansion, seriously 1-upping the base game campaign to not aliniate players, because it is highly unbalanced.


At the same time holding on to a big box expansion for Descent would've meant no new Descent content until 3Q of 2016, something they couldn't do, given all the "Descent is dead" sentiment after the Imperial Assault release and the fact that a constant flow of content is necessarly to keep the momentum of these kind of "dungeon crawlers".


So instead of making 2015 the year of no new Descent content, they effectivly cut the big box expansion in half and released one part in 2015 and the other part in 2016, to keep their enthusiastic fanbase entertained.


Now that they released the RtL app, this Chains that Rust expansion seems to be very costumerfriendly, because it's the only small expansion with 4 hero-classes, something that you can normally only get by buying expansions that come with much content you can't utilise if you don't play with a OL.



While I'm still kind of sad that they chose this format, I hope they won't stick to it and the small comfort is that the whole tainted card mechanism seems to be the most fundamental change in gamedynamic any big box expansion had so far, so I feel the value is there to justify paying a bit more.

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