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(Greater than)2 players?

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 I am seriously considering Tannhäuser as my next FFG purchase.  From all the promotional material I've seen I think I'd really enjoy this game; the theme, artwork and innovation all have me very much intrigued.  However, from what I've read - within these forums and elsewhere - the game is really suited for just two players, and the boast about the game supporting (up to) ten players is a falsification of sorts.  Although I haven't played the game, I think I probably agree.  Who wants to take charge of one character when there's the potentiality for the command of a 5-character squad?

So my question is this: has there been any rumor of an expansion which introduces another faction of characters - one which is in competition with both of the existing ones?  Those of you who are experienced in this game could tell me if this is even a possibility within the game's parameters.

The answer to this question could very well determine whether or not I purchase this game.  Thanks!



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There are 3 factions as of now.






No 4th faction as of now.


There are a few character expansions out now, the first board expansion Novgord introduced the 1st faction expansion (Matriarchy). 


There are plans for some new characters and 2 new maps as well as a rules update. Not date is given yet.

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