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Armada Trade Thread MK 2

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I'm starting a new trade thread as the other is a few pages deep, and it's already buried. 


Pretty straight forward rules, post your needs and your haves. Bust a deal, face the wheel, serious offers only and post good or bad deals.


When you trade wipe your post as "trade complete" to keep things clean.



Need: 6 A-wing squadrons, 1 x flight controllers. 

Have: X-wing squadrons, several card doubles, like named ships, admirals, lemme know what you're looking for and I'll check through the pile. 


USA Only

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Need: Armada Box; Major Rhymer Card (just the card, don't need the bombers)

Have: X17, TRC, ACM; 2 squads of B-Wings; extra speed/command dials; 1 Medium Base; 1 Small Base (with arch support, not post)

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Have a huge armada lot, looking for a Star Wars Destiny lot, I have the following: USA only


* 2 cores

* 1 Victory Class Star Destroyer Exp

* 6 Corellian Corvettes (4 NIB)

* 2 Gladiator-class Star Destroyers

* 2 Rebel Squadron I Packs  

* 1 Imperial Fighter Squadron

* 1 Imperial-Class Star Destroyer

* 1 Home One exp

* 2 Imperial Raiders

* 2 Rebel Transports (1 NIB)

* 1 Imperial Fighter II Squadrons (NIB)

* 1 Rouges and Villians

* 1 Dice Pack

* 1 Interceptor Promo card

* 8 Turbolaser Reroute Circuit promos

* 4 XI-7 Turbolaser promos

* 5 Engineering acrylic tokens.

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