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DIY Talisman Case / 'Ultimate box'

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It has been talked about many times, here in the fora: 
An 'Ultimate Box' for Talisman, one box to guard them all ! (rules, figurines, boards, rules, tokens, ..)


As I don't want to 'pollute' another one's posts, I start my own post about this topic ..

I started the design phase of a box / case  .. but it still needs some more thinking .. and maybe some input from other people, is always a good idea ..

Anyways, I started the design of the 'case', taking in account:

- Everything should fit inside 1 case
- The DIY boxes I made earlier. (https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/130376-diy-card-storage-system/) should fit inside.

- The figurines would be 'displayed' (visible) .. eventually with leds under bezel.
 To 'stand strong' I made my figurines 'magnetic'. (https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/218227-magnetic-figurines-diy/)

- Separate storage drawer for rules, boards, cards & tokens, figurines

- Be as compact as physically possible

- The case should be labelled with Talisman logo and decorations (dedication to the game!)


Here are some 'WIP' pictures:





Box dimensions are D=30Cm x W=32Cm x H=24Cm. This is close to the original carboard-box.

For the logo's to be transferred I'm thinking of using a product called 'Medium Gel' (Acrylic).
Many brands out there, I'm going for Liquitex.

It's pretty easy, as long as you prepare your prints well. (mirror-view, size, details, ..)

Here are the logo's I can use for this: (Original art, courtesy of: 'the Talisman Gods')



Here are some results of the test-transfers I did .. 


Removing the paper when dried out.


Almost cleaned logo.



Looks like it's an usable technique Indeed.

So that was it for now .. WIP .. any input/remark in the early stage is appreciated ! :-)


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lol .. weeell, yes indeed, the chance is, let's say 'probable'  ..
rules, boards and figurines won't be a big problem, but if more card-decks were to be added .. it is screwed, you are right there.
So, I'll make some more room .. a slightly wider drawer can hold many more card-decks.
I'll take that in account, thanks for the input!

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For the ones interested, I made the box this weekend..
Here are some pics:


All the pieces .. fresh from the saw .. right before sanding



First Drawer:



Times four ..



Knobs placed (they do remind me the fate-tokens .. that's part of the reason why I chose these ..)




The slot is made for the top-window ..



Painted the case, and made the bezel for the hole on top ..



And here it is finished (well.. sort of) .. don't mind the tape ..



And filled it up with the game ... I'm so proud of the result [i'm no woodworker] .. I won't put the 'labels' on it (Talisman logo) as it's too neat as is in plain black. I might add some handles (treasure-chest style) on the sides.



Here is the Sketchup file, for those who want to reproduce .. ;-)



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