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A Big Fat Hello From Sanctuary Gaming Centre

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Hello guys,


Rich here from Sanctuary Gaming Centre in Nottinghamshire England, we are currently building an FFG Living Card Game community here and would invite all players to check out our Facebook page to share it and like it.


We have a growing 40K Conquest, AGOT 2nd ed and Star Wars player base and we support and stock all FFG games. Our Organised play events are growing in numbers with cheap entry fees and a spacious gaming area.


We are proud to be hosting a Star Wars LCG regional and we aim to host regionals for other systems if our application is successful but we would hope the community supports us as such as we support the community.


We hold regular casual club nights for people to playtest their builds and help players improve their game ready for the big tournaments.


Here is our Facebook page, please like and share https://www.facebook...ryGamingCentre/


Here is our FFG Living Card Game Group https://www.facebook...35004836692861/


Cheers, Rich.


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