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Edmonton, AB Canada Warhmammer 40k Conquest Regional Tournament @ Warp 2 Comics & Games

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Warp 2 Comics and Games
12863 97 street, Edmonton, Alberta T5E 4C2


Date: July 16th, 2016; 11AM Start

Entry: $25

Pre-Registration available in store or over the phone

Bring your Constructed Warhammer 40K Conquest Legal Deck.

Also please bring all tokens/markers needed for the game as the venue does not have extra available for use.

Tournament Structure: As Per Conquest Tournament Regulations Advanced Structure

First Place: Regional Champion trophy and one card granting the winner a first-round bye at a country’s National Championship.

Top Four: A double-sided, spot-glossed warlord card featuring Nahumekh.

Top Eight: An imposing Regional playmat featuring a nightmare phalanx of Necron Warriors and Lychguard.

Top Sixteen: One pack of acrylic Necron damage tokens.

Top Sixty-Four: Receive one copy of the alternate art card Mandragoran Immortals.

Note: High Competitive-level Event.


For more information on our Regional or local events see WarpComics.com or events on out Facebook Page.

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