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Naming convention (What do we call new and old poe?)

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Well now we got Poe Dameron pilot skill 8 from the core set who was a monster to deal with but for another 2 points you get Poe Dameron pilot skill 9.


Either way we got all these Poes I think we should pick some nick names for the two to let confusing enter NEVERMORE! (Sorry couldn't think of any witty puns)


So here is a list of what I got (to shorthand just remove the name Poe)

  • Old Poe & New Poe (too obvious)
  • Poe 8 & Poe 9 (possibly too generic)
  • Blue Poe & Black Poe (could be misrepresented) 
  • Core Poe & Hero Poe (just name him after the sets I guess)
  • 8oe ("Boe") & 9oe ("Poe")   ;)
  • Peight & Pine  :)
  • Slow Poe & Pro  ^_^  :unsure:
  • Poe Dameron (1) & Poe Dameron 2 (Vassal Designations)
  • Other*

*Other as make up a new name. Poe and Other Poe will be more confusing than Poe Dameron & Poe Dameron.

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8Poe and 9Poe, I guess. Or Core Poe and Hero Poe, but that's just going to get word-salady in the end.


RebPoe and ResPoe? Could do the same for the Falcon pilots.


(Anyone else feel that this whole thing could've been avoided if they'd just waited for the movie before printing the ships for it?)

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